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CARA is asking you to help spread the word about the work we're doing for animals in Mississippi! There's no better way to help raise awareness about the plight of animals in our state, and to help us do what we do, than to tell other people about it!

So if you love social media, help us by telling your friends about CARA and asking them to do the same. Tweet, Blog, Connect and talk about CARA!

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Pet of the Week

Cat of the Week
Oreo is a female Tuxedo cat who is about 10 years old. She is very affectionate and loving. Oreo's main interest at the cattery is enjoying her favorite spot in the sun. If you are interested in adopting Oreo, please click on the link below.

 Dog of the Week
B.B. is a female Blue Tick Hound who is around 6 years old. This sweet girl is full of perseverance, hope and love. She plays like a young pup but can also be a giant sponge, soaking up love and attention. If you are interested in adopting B.B., please click on the link below.

MS Craft Show

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at the show. Our wish list includes dry dog food, dry cat food and cat litter.  We will have some adorable pups available for adoption so come on out and join us.

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Pet of the Week: Fridays at 12:30 WLBT-TV3:

This program has provided funds for over 60 animal organizations around the state of Mississippi, primarily with their spay/neuter efforts.  By promoting this fund, we are helping animals all over our state.  Click here or on the image above.