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Are you interested in volunteering for CARA?  This will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!!  There are tons of ways you can volunteer for us.  We are always in need of volunteers to do everything from as simple as writing a thank you note, to as complex as planning a fundraising event.  Check out all the our options below and contact us today!!  Whatever your schedule allows, we have something you can help with.  No matter if you only have minutes, hours or days, your contribution is HUGE to us!!   We invite you to complete the volunteer form below and get started now! All new volunteers are asked to complete a brief volunteer orientation. Check the CARA calendar in the "Events" section of the website for dates of upcoming orientations, which are held every two weeks.  Volunteers can begin to help CARA as soon as they've completed orientation.
Don't have time to actually volunteer, but still want to help out? You can:

  • Help us get the word out by telling everyone you know about CARA.
  • Place our promotional materials in your place of business.
  • Be the proud sponsor of a CARA Donation Box.
  • Offer your business as a CARA drop off point for donated supplies.

Volunteer to Foster A CARA Pet: A foster home is a temporary home in which our pets can live like they are supposed to live – as our companions – until they are adopted.

Foster homes provide a safe and loving environment for animals in our care that are either waiting for their new families to find them, are seniors and need a more peaceful surrounding or are taking special medications that need to be monitored.  

Volunteer with CARA Community Council CARA: The CARA Community Council (CCC) was formed in an effort to gather volunteers from all over the community to support our great cause!

As a member of the CCC, volunteers participate in the following:

  • Fundraising Events;
  • Picking up items at drop off locations and taking to Shelter;
  • Generating Sponsorships;
  • Volunteering at the CARA shelter;
  • Volunteering at Adoption Events;
  • Transporting CARA pets to and from vets offices and events.

Contact Matthew Holmes for more information on CCC at --  holmes.matthew.r@gmail.com

Volunteer at the Shelter: The Shelter always needs volunteers to bathe and groom, answer phones, socialize the animals, help with laundry, and assist the Staff with their everyday duties of cleaning cages and kennels. No one younger than 8 can volunteer at the shelter. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or guardian with them on their first visit to sign a volunteer waiver. The parent does not need to stay with children 11 years and older but does need to stay with children ages 8-10.  Contact Melissa Barthold for more information at -- volunteer@carams.org

Volunteer for Fundraising for CARA: It takes approximately $1300 a day to operate the Shelter so we welcome ideas and volunteers for ways to raise money!!


CARA Puppy

Pet of the Week

Cat of the Week
Oreo is a female Tuxedo cat who is about 10 years old. She is very affectionate and loving. Oreo's main interest at the cattery is enjoying her favorite spot in the sun. If you are interested in adopting Oreo, please click on the link below.

 Dog of the Week
B.B. is a female Blue Tick Hound who is around 6 years old. This sweet girl is full of perseverance, hope and love. She plays like a young pup but can also be a giant sponge, soaking up love and attention. If you are interested in adopting B.B., please click on the link below.

MS Craft Show

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at the show. Our wish list includes dry dog food, dry cat food and cat litter.  We will have some adorable pups available for adoption so come on out and join us.

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This program has provided funds for over 60 animal organizations around the state of Mississippi, primarily with their spay/neuter efforts.  By promoting this fund, we are helping animals all over our state.  Click here or on the image above.