Read about our former furbabies who have found their fur-ever homes!  Many thanks to those who open their homes to these babies!

Happy Tails -- Keller

07/26/2015 -- I said before when writing his bio, a blind dog sees with his heart. And our precious Keller is certainly no exception to that. That big boy is nothing but love. Hubbard family, you are a blessing and an answer to prayer. We will be eternally grateful to you for taking this big baby and giving him the life we know he wished for, and the life that we prayed he would have. You have given him a new beginning, a reason to enjoy living. There could never be enough thanks for that. Keller, how about it, big boy? Your own home, your own loving family, a place to feel secure and safe. We can't even imagine just how wonderful that must feel to you. We only know how extremely happy we are for you.

Happy Tails -- Meghan

07/26/2015 -- Meghan is one of the litter that was abandoned by their mom under a vacant house. Luckily, someone found these precious babies and brought them to us. Meghan is the most timid of the litter, and although many people have met her, they didn't feel the connection they were in search of when they spent time with her. So, when this awesome young couple came to the shelter specifically to meet her, they were given a heads up that she would most likely not immediately be in their laps ready to bond at first meeting. They were not the least bit deterred, though, as they have a Border Collie mix at home that they adopted who suffered from the same issues, only worse. When the Reynolds met Meghan, they knew right then she was meant to join their home and family.

Happy Tails -- Jersey Girl

07/26/2015 -- Meet our precious Jersey Girl! Someone found her roaming and brought her to the shelter. We felt sure she had a home, as she was wearing a collar and had recently been given a summer cut. It was obvious through her behavior that she was just waiting and hoping for someone to come to get her. We tried every way we knew to find her home. We even made her Pet of the Week for Hollywood Feed, just hoping that someone who knew someone would see her and we could reunite her with her family. But, as the weeks dragged on, it became clear that was not going to happen. Jersey Girl is extremely timid and afraid and we feel like it is due to the circumstances. We knew it would take someone very special to take her home and spend the time and effort to gain her trust, to show her how much they love her and make her believe that she was finally safe and could let her guard down. That special someone came to meet her and take her home this weekend. Brigitte Shilling is that someone. There is no doubt that Brigitte is the person to love our girl and turn her life around.

Happy Tails -- Mr. B

07/26/2015 -- Whoop whoop for Mr. Bigglesworth!!!! Our big boy has gone to take his position in the family of Sheila and Raymond Rhodes! Looks like Raymond and Mr. Bigglesworth are going to be great friends!!! We are a firm believer that pets are important in the lives of children, as they learn so much from these experiences. Raymond, you and Mr. Bigglesworth have a great life together! We are so happy that you and your mom chose our big boy to join your family! Mr. Bigglesworth, you and Raymond keep each other out of trouble and be the best friend Raymond could ever have. Here's to hoping these boys have many, many wonderful years together!

Happy Tails -- Zane

07/26/2015 -- This adoption touched our hearts so deeply that it's almost hard to describe. This pitiful little angel was found by our receptionist last week. It's quite obvious that no one has loved or cared for this baby, probably ever. When she found him, we were just amazed that he had survived this heat, especially in the condition he is in. But this boy is so incredibly full of love and trust. The only thing in the world he wants is to love and be loved. Friday, we were visited by an awesome man who came to tour our shelter and just see how things are done at CARA. He certainly didn't come looking for a pup, but he also didn't come expecting to meet a dog like Zane. Their connection was very real, the immediate feeling of wanting to nurture and bring this angel back to life was ever present. For you see, that is how incredible, unbreakable bonds are formed. Yep, John McDonough stepped right up and into the position of being this sweetheart's guardian angel. This is the kind of human that takes our hearts by storm. The kind of human who reminds us that we do have help in this sometimes seemingly endless battle that we fight. Zane, who is now Baron Von Claushiem, has been named after John's mother, and what a high honor that is. Baron will be tended to do in the comfort of a safe, loving home and tons of tender, loving care that will, no doubt, take our boy to levels of health and strength that he has probably never seen.

Happy Tails -- Arthur

07/26/2015 -- We are thrilled that our little Dog of the Week, Arthur, went home to live with his awesome new family! Brian and Kerri Weeks and their precious daughter came to meet our little guy and fell in love instantly. Arthur (now Waylon) has gone from coming to us as an orphan only a few days old to taking on the role of important family member! Week family, we thank you more than we can say! Our little guy so needed his special place in an amazing family, and he sure got that with you. We are so happy that you took him into your beautiful family.

Happy Tails -- Tina & Tanya

07/19/20105 -- And what in the world can possibly be better than one incredible adoption? Well, of course, two amazing adoptions to the same fantastic family! Tina (left) and Tanya (right)!!!!! These girls are from different litters and about 6 months apart, but what they have in common is that they were both abandoned and unwanted at a very young age. Fortunately, their litters made it to us. Tanya is another one who has been to event after event. Many people have loved her and been interested, but no one came for her. We have been heartbroken time after time waiting for someone to choose her to love. Enter the Steel family. They have wanted a pair of pups for quite some time, but being the responsible family that they are, they chose to wait until they felt the time was right to take this important step. And this weekend was that time, and these girls were the pair they chose!!!!  

Happy Tails -- Romeo

07/19/2015 -- Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Well, we can answer that! He is at home with his new love and mom, Nina Moss! And we can also tell you that there is no question how he came about his name! Nina, thank you so much for giving him the love he has been searching for! He is such a great kitty, and is so deserving of your love. Romeo, your search for love is over, sweet man, for you have found it. And here's to hoping for many amazing years to follow. Love you, sweet boy.

Happy Tails -- Lisabeth

07/19/2015 -- Many of you may know the sweet face on the left. This is Lisbeth. Lisbeth was the last remaining of the 'box puppies' who were thrown over a bridge when they were just tiny babies. This girl has been out to so many events, and we have tried so hard to find her a home. We could never understand why she had been with us for nearly a year without being chosen to join a lucky family. At so many events, people would be interested in her, love her, but never come to officially make her part of their family. It was heartbreaking to us, as we knew what a perfect pup she was. Well, as we are reminded from time to time, patience is indeed a virtue. Sometimes these babies are just waiting for the right family to come along and scoop them up. I guess this was the situation with Lisbeth, because when her new family came and met her, it didn't take but a minute to know that they were the ones. Eileen and Melvin adopted Bourbon from us back in January, and they have given him an amazing home. This weekend they came looking to add to that sweet family, and finally, Lisbeth left to go home, to a real home.

Happy Tails -- Olive

07/19/2015 -- Well, it seems this was Olive's big week in more ways than one! Not only did she step into stardom on WLBT's Midday Mississippi on Friday, she also left us to begin her fabulous new life with her new dad, Donald Campbell! Donald saw her on her Facebook post, and he didn't let any grass grow under his feet before coming to the shelter to claim his new girl!

Happy Tails -- Tempest

07/19/2015 --Just so 'ya know, this is what 'just going to look around' will get 'ya! Just ask Arnold Morris! Yep, that's what he told Marilyn when he came to CARA this week. Little did he know that he would meet the girl of his dreams! Well, besides his incredible wife. Arnold came with a list of dogs he wanted to meet. But, when he met Tempest and saw her reaction to him, he knew that she was the one.

Happy Tails -- Dixie & Trixie

07/06/15 -- What a happy day this is!!! Our little angels, Dixie and Trixie, have finally left for their forever home!!! These little girls were adopted once before, and due to a life change with their adopters, they were returned. Because they are bonded at the hip, we knew we had to keep them together. And as you might guess, that makes it much more difficult to find a home. However, Amy Holloway and her 8 year old daughter were more than happy to give these girls a home together!!! And we are thrilled beyond words about that!!! Thank you girls so very much for choosing our little girls to join your family! We love these girls so much. No way to tell you both what this means to us. Trixie and Dixie, your wait is over, little angels! Nothing but blue skies from now on!!! Never, ever forget how much we love you and bring your mom and sister to see us sometime. Enjoy, baby girls. Your time has finally come.

Happy Tails -- Dawson

07/04/15 -- Great news, everyone!! Our precious little Dawson is spending this holiday in his new home with his new family!!! John and Mary Harmon saw our little guy on WLBT's Midday Mississippi yesterday, and they knew immediately that he was meant to join their family! And believe me when I tell you that it was love at first sight! Little Dawson now has an amazing mom and dad, a Chi sister, and a feline sister. Thank you, John and Mary, for choosing our handsome little boy to join your family! Wishing you many years of sheer happiness together! Live it big, little Dawson! What a wonderful new life you have! 

Happy Tails -- Maggie May

06/21/15 -- Maggie Mae went to her forever home with Kelly Phillips. Thank you Kelly for opening your heart to this special girl.

Happy Tails -- Bitsy

06/18/15 -- Melanie and Becca Costas made Bitsy's dreams come true yesterday by welcoming her into their family. What a great match! We wish them all much happiness in the years to come.

Happy Tails -- Rachel Ray & Bobby Flay

06/11/15 -- Okay. Drum roll, please!!!! You ready for this? The last of the Chow mix babies have gone to their new home! And the best part? They went together!!!! Yes! Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay have left the building, on to bigger and better things! If you remember, we were brought this litter while they were still nursing. Long story short of it, we got Mama the next day. What a wonderful family of puppies these babies were! And much to our surprise and happiness, Mama was adopted before all of her babies were. That is impressive because as many may already know, the moms are usually the last to leave the shelter, but not this time! Mama is happily living in Louisiana and we hope that her new mom will show her this post and let her know that her last remaining two children have left with an incredible new family. The Sanders family came and chose not one, but both of these beautiful puppies to join their family! Now folks, that is as good as it gets! As usual, we wondered why these two gorgeous babies had not already been snatched up. Again, we are reminded why. And their new beginning just couldn't be sweeter! Sanders family, you rock! These kids are going to have such a beautiful life, thanks to you guys! Thank you so much for giving them a fantastic home and family. Kiddos, how about this? You two get to stay together forever!!!! Life is going to be one adventure right behind another. This is the stuff dreams are made of. You and your mom and littermates have certainly been blessed, and we are so thankful. Caring for your little family has been so special to us. These are the happy tails we live for! We love you kiddos and don't you ever forget it!

Happy Tails -- Shorty

06/11/15 -- Oh, Shorty! What a good fortune you have had since you met the Peele family! Shorty was brought to us after having been hit by a car. Bless his heart. It seemed as if that cast and cone of shame would never come off. Our hearts broke for him the entire time. We felt sure that he thought the rest of his life would be spent that way. But, eventually the day did come when he was released from his misery. And what a happy day that was! However, the happiest day came when the Peeles came looking for a new family member and playmate for their girl! Wow! Amazing how things just go perfectly from the word 'go' sometimes! Yep, Shorty has his very own family now, complete with parents, little human sister, and an amazing fur sister! Oh yes! Our boy has hit the jackpot! Peele family, thank you!!! Thank you for giving Shorty an incredible home and family! You took away his doubts and showed him just how great life can be! Shorty, you have hit the big time, sweet boy! I know good and well that you never even so much as dreamed it could be this good! No cast, no cone, and a fabulous new home! Could a boy do any better? I think not! Happy trails, sweetheart! Enjoy every minute of your new world! Be sure to come and visit sometimes! Love you always, Shorty!!

Happy Tails -- Cara

06/10/15 -- And now, we want to share Cara's new beginning. Cara had a wonderful owner, one she loved very much. She was adopted from us by him, but as we all know, sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Her dad became very ill, and as hard as he tried, making a comeback was just not in the cards at this time. He brought her back to us, so that she could be cared for while he fought a horrible disease. Weeks became months, and Cara began to give up hope of going back home. Our hearts broke for this precious girl, as we can only imagine how she was feeling. Recently, the Carrick family came to the shelter, in hopes of finding the perfect match for their family. Cara caught their eye as they walked through the shelter. When they asked to meet her, we brought her up, but felt the need to share her story and tell them that nothing had been definitely decided upon yet, and that her dad may still believe he could become well enough to take her back home. The immediate connection this family had to this angel of a dog was outstanding, the kind of connection that we just can't take lightly. We decided after some time was spent by the family getting to know her, that maybe, just maybe, it was time to make that call. We had offered to introduce them to other pups, and though they were very nice about those offers, it was crystal clear that they knew in their hearts this girl was meant to be their baby. We made that difficult call, and after telling Cara's dad about this very special family, he decided that allowing them to give her a new life, a life that she desperately needed, was the right thing to do and the time was right. Oh, the joy when we shared this news with this sweet family! This was one of those moments when the knot in your throat is too big to swallow, and the steam in your eyes can't be controlled. David and Jennifer, my goodness, I wish I had words. Words to tell you how happy this adoption made us. Here at CARA, we definitely know that sometimes there are things that happen that come directly from Heaven. This was one of those times. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for giving this angel everything she was missing and so in need of. Cara, goodness, baby. Short of words for you, too. You were so deserving of this new love. I know that you may still wonder about your first dad, maybe even miss him, but my goodness, I know that you are so happy being with your amazing new family. You are one lucky girl to have been loved so much, not once, but twice.

Happy Tails -- Lucas

06/10/15 -- This Happy Tail story is for Lucas!!! This handsome young boy had a really tough start in life. He and his siblings were thrown over a bridge in a box when they were teeny tiny. Thank goodness, a worker found them and brought them to us. These puppies have been incredibly awesome, even given the horrendous start to life that they experienced. Lucas is such a love, impressing people at every event he was taken to. It remained a mystery why no one ever came to the shelter to take him home. Again, we are reminded that all things happen in good time. The Farve family was looking for an amazing young pup to join the ranks of their family. Lucas made a great impression and was quickly chosen to be their special new family member! Lucas fit like the last piece to a puzzle. Due to spending the first 11 months of his life in a shelter, he was a little on the timid side, as he had never been exposed to a 'normal' home environment. However, we have been told that he is fitting in just right and loving his human children. And for that, we couldn't be more grateful.

Happy Tails -- Duke

06/09/15 -- Next on our happy tail list for tonight is Duke! Duke was found as stray, and taken to a local vet's office, who then called us. We were happy to take this handsome boy and look for him a home of his own. He was adopted and later returned, due to a long story that we won't even get into. Needless to say, his world was crushed when he was brought back, as was ours. For a few weeks, he was depressed and had given up all hope, and there seemed to be nothing we could do to make it better for him. Enter the Andersons. This fabulous couple was looking for another family member and friend for their beautiful senior gal. And BAM! Another great match! They warned us that their girl could sometimes be a little on the Alpha side, but lo and behold, she and Duke hit it off great! And the humans? Well, Duke loved them from hello. This is called 'meant to be'. And we absolutely love when this happens! Andersons, this happy tail is so special to us. Duke is such a great boy, and he needed your family in such a big way. There are no words for how happy it makes us that our boy is finally where he was meant to be. Duke has had one dream, and one dream only. To be a part of a loving family, one that adores their pups. You guys made that dream come true for Duke. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Duke, guess what, buddy? You're home!!! Finally home!!! And how about that beautiful sister of yours? This must be more than you dared dream of, sweet man. We are so incredibly happy for you! Live it big, sweetheart! You have hit the jackpot! 

Happy Tails -- Kelly

05/03/15 -- Have we told you lately how incredibly much we love our adopters? Well, maybe that's because it's hard to find words to verbalize it. Meet Kelly. Upon leaving the shelter one evening, our employee, also named Kelly (go figure!), spotted this baby girl running through our parking lot. Luckily, she was able to catch her. As precious as this baby was, we just knew that she wouldn't last any time in the shelter. She lasted longer than we expected, but again, she was waiting for her family to come for her. Funny how these things work. When the Feemster family came and met her, we knew, we just knew that once again, our girl was holding out for the right family. So many times, our babies seem to do that. And as is clearly seen in these photos, this family was definitely the right family! What fun these two little girls will have together! Feemster family, you all are so right for our little girl! These little princesses will make beautiful memories together every day for many years to come. Thank you so much for coming to our shelter to look for a puppy. Kelly, wow!!! Just exactly what you needed! We are absolutely ecstatic that you have a sister to run and play with! How perfect for you! I'll bet you had no idea just how great life could be. Live it big, sweetheart. This beautiful new life is your new beginning. Hope to see you and your family for visits! Love you always, baby girl!

Happy Tails -- Lillie

05/03/15 -- Happy, happy, happy!!! That's what we are for Lillie! Lillie was found homeless and pregnant by one of our employees. She took this sweetheart home and fostered her until the babies came and they were old enough to come to the shelter. As is usually the case, the boys were adopted before mama. We all held out hope for her because she was just such a sweetheart. When Josh and Jenny came to look for a new pup, there was a special attraction between them and Lillie. After taking Lillie up to the intro room, I think we all knew she was the perfect match for their family. Lillie was such an amazing mama to her boys, and she so deserved a great, loving home herself. We just know that this is exactly what she now has. Josh and Jenny, thank you!!! Thank you for seeing the beauty and love in our sweet girl that we knew she possesses. Lillie, you had it coming, sweetheart! Yep, an angel pup like you deserves the best, and now you have it. Complete with a little human brother! This, sweet girl, is as good as it gets, and we are thrilled for you! Take care of that little brother and enjoy every day of the many years we believe you will enjoy with this great family. Don't be a stranger, though. We'd sure love to see you sometimes! Be sure that you took a piece of our hearts with you when you went to your new home.

Happy Tails -- Spanky

05/03/15 -- To say that we are excited for our Spanky, would be a huge understatement! Spanky and his litter were found in a very rural area by a very kind gentleman when they were teeny tiny. They were bottle fed and fostered by an awesome family. After coming to CARA, as hard as it is to say it, they suffered from the black dog syndrome. We hate saying that, because it breaks our hearts that this is even a reality, but it is. Spanky grew up here, but never lost his hope, and neither did we, that the right family would one day meet him and make all of his dreams come true. When the Andersen family met our boy, we knew those dreams had indeed come true. Spanky not only has awesome new parents, but an incredible little human brother to grow up with, making memories that will never be forgotten. Andersen family, you are top notch in our book and in our heart of hearts. We are so grateful to you for meeting and deciding that Spanky was the pup for your family. There are just no words. Spanky, so what do you think, sweet man? Is this the stuff your dreams were made of, or what? We are so incredibly happy for you, big guy! I guess all that waiting was just waiting for the right family to come along. And we are so eternally grateful that they did. Happy trails, sweet man! We hope to see you sometime in the future. Always, always tons of love, baby boy.

Happy Tails -- Roxanna


05/03/15 -- And yet another of our Chow puppies has gone to her forever home! Just can't say enough great things about this litter of pups! Meet Roxanna. This precious girl was welcomed into her new home and the open arms of Forrest Broadway. This man is a gentle soul if ever there was one. We have no doubt that this puppy will have a long, happy, healthy life with Forrest. Forrest, thank you more than words for taking our baby to join your household. We know we need never give a second thought to what kind of life she is having with you. Roxanna, you have hit gold, sweetheart! We are so happy for you! You and your dad come by to visit sometimes! Always know how much we love you, kiddo.


Happy Tails -- Angelina

5/03/15 -  Our beautiful Angelina will never wander lost and without a home ever again. This angel was found and brought to us by a good Samaritan. She was a love from the moment she came to us. And love is exactly what was felt when Mr. and Mrs. Waddell met Angelina. They knew immediately that they wanted to give her the things she had been without, a loving home and a family to protect and care for her. And you know what? We think Angelina knew what they wanted to give her just as we did. She was quite smitten by this precious couple. This is exactly the new beginning we were hoping for! Mr. and Mrs. Waddell, thank you so much for coming to CARA in your search for a new family member! We know that you are just what our sweet baby was needing. Angelina, look at you! No more dreaming for that perfect family, as you now have it! Wishing you nothing but happiness from here on out, baby girl. 

Happy Tails -- Chow Pup

5/03/15 -- Another of the Chow puppies has gone to a fabulous home! These have been the greatest puppies! When Joshua Starr met this girl, he knew instantly that she was meant to be his girl! Somehow, we just know that this baby will be a spoiled little princess, just as she deserves. Joshua, thank you for choosing our baby to be your best companion. We see many, many years of happiness ahead for you two. Jane, live it big, little girl! You have found your pot of gold, and we could not be happier. Bring your dad by to visit with us sometimes! We can't wait to watch you babies grow up.

Happy Tails -- Sierra

04/12/15 -- Meet our silly Sierra!! This girl came to us homeless and in need of a family. She is such a great girl, great personality and quite comical! Her new folks came to the shelter looking for a new baby to join their family. When Kenya and Andrew Rafferty met this girl, it was only minutes from there that she had been claimed as their girl! Sierra is a great match for this young couple, and we see many years of happiness ahead for these guys! She is young and energetic and should fit right into their lifestyle perfectly. Kenya and Andrew, we love that you came to CARA to choose your new family member! And we love that you chose Sierra! She fits you two perfectly! Thank you so much for visiting our shelter and falling in love with Sierra! Sierra, what a happy tail you have to tell! We have a feeling that your new life is going to be a blast, and we couldn't possibly be more thrilled! Enjoy it, sweetie! You have found your lucky star, and we love it! Be sure to bring your family to visit from time to time! Love you, sweet girl!

Happy Tails -- Joanie

04/12/15 -- Yesterday we were visited by one of our awesome former adopters. Sadly, they recently lost their pup to a rare form of cancer. Our hearts broke right along with theirs. This is always a very difficult thing to work through, but particularly when the pup is as young as Simone was. There is no way that we can express our sadness in this loss. However, we take much comfort in knowing that this incredible family made certain that our precious girl knew how important she was, and that she was loved to the moon and back, every single day of her life with them. There is no doubt that she has taken her place at the Rainbow Bridge and will be awaiting her family when that special day comes. The Horel family, being the strong, amazing family that they are, came back to CARA to choose another family member. After meeting several available pups, they unanimously decided on Joanie, a perfect little girl who has been waiting for her perfect family to come along and meet her. It was as if she just slipped right into that family position immediately, like it was undoubtedly meant to be. And honestly, I think it was. This is an incredibly great home for Joanie, and we know the very one she has dreamed of. Horel family, gosh. I'm really at a loss for words on this one. We love and appreciate you all more than we can express in mere words. This one is a hard one to write, but I'm pretty sure you know what is in our hearts. Thank you so much for choosing Joanie to be your new little princess. We could never thank you enough. Joanie, you hit the jackpot yesterday, sweetheart. Of that, there is no doubt. We are so happy that you were chosen to be a member of the Horel family. You will be their princess, that much is for sure. We look forward to seeing you visit the dog park with your big fur brother! Enjoy your amazing new life, sweetheart. You deserved every bit of it. See you soon, angel.

Happy Tails-- Stormy

04/12/15 -- Meet Stormy. This beautiful baby was found outside someone's home on a very cold night after he heard her cries. Thankfully, that angel brought her inside and warmed her up, as she had icicles hanging from her fur. How we would love to know how that happened with such a small baby. She was later brought to CARA, where we proceeded to spoil her silly. You would never have known that this little girl had such a rough start. She was a love from the word 'go', with so much personality! The Junco family came and met her, and the rest, as they say, is history. We were so pleased to see her go home with such an awesome family! Junco family, many thanks for choosing our precious baby to be a member of your family. She deserves the love and security that we know you guys will give her. Stormy, we are so happy for you! No more freezing nights, outside and all alone, ever! You are now a part of something big, where you have the love and security of a great family that will make that a priority. Enjoy your new life and family, sweet baby. You certainly deserved them and we are thrilled that they chose you. We love you, Stormy!

Happy Tails -- Sipsy

04/12/15 --Yesterday, our precious girl, Sipsey, finally met her new human. That is, the one who was meant and sent for her. Sipsey went to our adoption event at Hollywood Feed, and this is where her life did a complete turnabout. Phillip Dubose happened in to HF, and her happy tail unfolded immediately. Sipsey was an owner surrender, and we have tried so hard to find her new family. She is a perfect little girl and we have struggled with the why's of how it could be that she hadn't been chosen to be someone's baby. Yesterday, that all became crystal clear. She was waiting for Phillip. There was no doubt that Phillip was her new dad. Phillip, we are so happy that you went to HF yesterday and met Sipsey! She has waited for you for a while now. Thank you so much for choosing our girl to be your baby. Sipsey, how about this, sweetheart? Finally, your new dad came for you!!! Why didn't you tell us that you were waiting for him, silly girl? Enjoy every minute of your new life, sweet baby. It was meant for you and we just couldn't be happier. Lots of love from your CARA family, always and forever.

Happy Tails -- Boudreaux

04/09/15 -- What's better for a young, handsome pup like Boudreaux than to have a human sibling to play with? To have triplets to play with, of course! Yep, our sweet little man has an awesome family of his own to be a part of now. And that is thanks to the Parmelee family!! Boudreaux was found by a precious young family, and after attempts by them to find him a great home, they brought him to CARA in hopes that we could. And that is exactly what we did. This sweet boy will never roam the streets homeless and unwanted again, as he is now an important member of this great family! Parmelee family, thank you for choosing our little sweetheart to join your family! We think he knew immediately that he was meant to be with your family! Boudreaux, happy trails, sweetheart! This is exactly the stuff a puppy's dreams are made of. Live it large, sweetheart. Life for you just became incredibly good! And to the family that did the right thing and didn't look away when you saw this sweet boy, thank you so much! Because of you, the world is now his oyster!

Happy Tails -- Skittles

03/27/15 -- Our precious little Skittles will never long to be someone's baby ever again. Nope, this baby has found her forever lap! When it's right, it's just right, and there is no mistaking it. When Vivian Collins met Skittles, there could be no doubt that these two gals were meant to be together. Our precious little girl went from being surrendered by her owner to being the apple of this precious lady's eye. Skittles will never want for anything, as she will live the life of a little princess, which is all she has wanted since she came to stay temporarily with us. Mrs. Collins' lap will never be empty, and her heart will always be full. And our little girl? Well, the only thing she is missing is a tiara. And it wouldn't surprise us too much to find out that she now has one! Wishing you girls the happiest of days for all of the beautiful years you will spend together! And for the record, you are both princesses in our book.

Happy Tails -- Mercy

03/19/15 -- We think Mercy was beside herself with happiness when her new family came to meet her! Wouldn't you agree? In fact, we have never seen her so excited! This beautiful girl was an owner surrender and longed to be someone's girl from the day we got her. She had been a mama several times, and she knew that it was high time that she get to be someone's baby. And that is exactly what she got with Mike and Janis Blair! It seems our girl reminded them much of their last baby, which they loved with all of their hearts. There is no doubt that Mercy has hit high cotton. Mike and Janis, thank you so much for giving our little princess such a special, loving home. She was so ready to be someone's sweetheart, and we know that is exactly what she is with you guys. Mercy, enjoy your dream life, sweet baby! We are absolutely thrilled for you! You deserve every day of the many years you will enjoy with this awesome couple. We love you, pretty girl, and hope to see you soon!

Happy Tails -- Sampson

03/18/15 -- Thank you for choosing our precious Sampson to be your baby. Thank you for giving him the love and feeling of belonging that he so needed. We are so grateful that you all came to the show yesterday and met our boy. As we all know, some things are just meant to be. Sampson, you finally have it all, sweetheart! How I wish I could see your little happy face this morning after waking up and realizing that it was not all a dream, that you do indeed finally have your very own home and family. Enjoy every minute of it, as you now have your very own special place in the world. We love you to pieces, little guy! If you and your family are ever up this way, we hope that you will pop in to say hello and let us see how you are thriving in your new life. Love you always, Sampson!

Happy Tails -- Yazoo

02/21/15 -- Yesterday, the Dow family came to the shelter, and not to look at the many healthy dogs we have. Nope. They came specifically to meet Yazoo. You see, this beautiful family has adopted from us twice before, and we know what their hearts are made of. The family had already discussed our baby, what his health issues are, and the fact that he won't be with them as long as their other dogs have. These children are amazing. They completely get it. And with that knowledge, this incredible family asked to take our boy home, to show him the sweetest love he has ever known. Little Jake knows that Yazoo won't be able to run the sidewalks on a leash, he gets that his walks will be short and slow. He understands that he won't be able to spend an hour in the backyard chasing tennis balls. But, he is willing to take short walks and roll the ball slowly and take cues from Yazoo as to what his little body can take. And yes, Yazoo's sweet face still lights up when he sees a ball. We talked about what the future may hold, and that we know we will most likely have a bridge to approach. And that will be done together, Yazoo's loving family and us at CARA, who have loved this baby with all of our hearts. We know it will be extremely difficult, but we also know that because of this amazing family, we will have the comfort of knowing that our boy had the best that life had to offer him with this family, and for that, it will all be worth it. Folks, yesterday was indeed a very special day.

Happy Tails -- Meadow

02/15/15 -- Meadow's Happy Tail.  Today Nick and Minna, a precious young couple that we absolutely adore, came back to the shelter, as they have been introducing their handsome boy, Woodrow (a former CARA pup), to new friends. They had decided to add another member to their family, but being the awesome parents that they are to Woody, they wanted to be sure the new pup was a great fit. Our beautiful little girl fit that bill, perfectly! As you can see in the photo, it was happy faces all around! Nick and Minna, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving yet another of our babies a beautiful new beginning. If awards were given for the best pup parenting, you two would be at the top of that list. Woody, and now Meadow, are so lucky to have you for parents. We just can't thank you enough.

Happy Tails -- Delilah

02/13/15 -- What does love between a dog her new mom look like to you? To us here at CARA, this is love! Meet Delilah. This precious three-legged girl came to us back in August of last year. She was brought to us on a hot summer day in the shelter parking lot as we were hosting a blood drive. Delilah was in very bad physical shape and in much pain. We could only speculate what events this precious angel must have suffered through. What we saw that day could only be described as heartbreaking. All of that being said, this angel never showed anything but love for all of us. From the moment we met her, she was grateful to be in a safe place with humans that she knew only wanted to protect and care for her. And what a spirit our girl had! She never once let her past get the best of her, nor her injury, as she was tail wagging happy every minute of every day. Then came the day that she went to WLBT as our Dog of the Week. Little did she know that visit to the station would change her life forever and that she would meet her new mom while there. As we were waiting in the hall, Mary Grace Epps came to meet Delilah. As long as I live, I will never forget the expressions on Mary Grace's face, the many inquisitive questions she asked about Delilah, the gentle way she loved on our precious girl. There was no denying the connection between those two. During our conversation, Mary Grace talked about her plans to move into her own place in the near future and how badly she wanted Delilah. She decided to adopt her leash and spend all the time she could with her until the time came that she could take her home with her to begin her forever after. Being true to the sweetheart that she is, Mary Grace said that if a great person came along who loved Delilah as much she did, she wanted her to go with them, as she wanted a real home and love for Delilah first and foremost. For many weeks, she came and spent time with Delilah, either in the shelter or taking her to her parents' home to spend the weekend. Just as she said she would, she found a home of her own, and just as we knew she would, she came calling for Delilah! But, not until she was moved in, with a bed for Delilah in every room of the house and everything just right for her new baby. Friends this is a fairy tale ending for our baby girl. This is the stuff dreams are made of. To tell you that we are ecstatic wouldn't touch the tip of the iceberg. Mary Grace, you are Delilah's angel, and ours. You have given her everything we prayed she would have and so much more. We will be eternally grateful to you for taking this girl into your life and making her your princess. Delilah, we know that this new life surpasses even your wildest dreams of what your world could be. If anyone ever deserved it, you certainly do. We miss your sweet face like crazy in the shelter, as you brought sunshine to every day. But knowing the kind of life and love you now have is priceless. Delilah, never forget how very special you are to us. You taught us much about hope, faith and perseverance. You and your sweet mom just come on back anytime to visit. We will always be thrilled to see you. Love you always, Delilah.

Happy Tails -- Bernard

02/12/15 -- For reasons beyond our understanding, our precious little Bernard waited for nearly 4 years for his new people to find him. And find him they did! Linda Burrell came to the shelter first and met our boy. It was obvious that she took a real liking to our little man. She was going to go home and talk to her hubby about it, and let us know what they had decided in about a week. Much to our excitement, she called back much sooner and let us know that he was the one. Back she came, with hubby in tow. Bernard warmed up very quickly to Dale Burrell, just as he had to Linda. In a matter of minutes, he was up and in his new mom's lap, where he stayed until they made that grand exit out of the building. Dale and Linda, thank you so much for choosing our little Bernard to join your family! We are absolutely elated! Obviously, you were just what he needed. Bernard, how about this, sweet man? You finally have what you had been waiting for! And we just couldn't be happier about that! We hope that you will bring your family by to see us sometimes in the future. Happy trails, sweetheart! We love you tons!

Happy Tails -- Peggy Lane

01/25/15 -- And here we have another incredibly happy adoption to share with you. Meet Peggy Lane. One of our employees spotted her on a busy city street, and as she began to make her way to her, she saw her hit by a truck. She quickly got this baby to our vet. Thankfully, she had only a leg injury, which was repaired with surgery. Needless to even say, she owned us from day one. Enter T.K. and Annie Bess Saul. Oh yes, love at first sight it was! Love for both the Saul's and for our Peggy Lane. This was one of those introductions where there could be no doubt that this pup was their girl! There is also no doubt that our girl will be loved and treated like the princess that she is! Coach and Mrs. Saul, THANK YOU!!!!! You have completely turned our girl's life around! We are so grateful to you for that. And to our very special employee who literally saved her life that day, we love you and thank you more than words. Peggy Lane, congratulations on a wonderful new home and family, sweet girl! Just what you needed, and just what we were hoping for. No more city streets for you, young lady. It's all about home and family now. May you enjoy many, many amazing years with your new parents and life. Sending our love your way, precious girl!

Happy Tails -- Fortune

01/25/15 -- Happy tails are abounding at CARA! And this makes us so happy! This is Fortune. This angel pup was saved by our very own Marsha Thompson and her WLBT crew. Many may remember the story run by WLBT. This precious dog was left chained in the carport of what was her home, and abandoned by the very family that she loved. Gratefully, Marsha, with the help of local officials, managed to get this baby off of the chain and brought her to us. Fortune has been a total love since the day she was saved, and stole our hearts from 'hello'. Well, to make her story even sweeter, she stole the hearts of the Hall family just as fast. And last night, she left us to begin the journey to her new life. To say that this was a very special moment for us would be a great understatement. This is the kind of ending, or new beginning, that we live for here at CARA. Hall family, there are no words for the intense joy and happiness that we feel. You are exactly the family that we have hoped and prayed would come for our baby. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for choosing this sweet angel to join your family. Fortune, oh my goodness. Even coming up short on words for you. Bless your heart. I know that you had no idea that your life could take a turn like this, did you? You probably don't even realize how incredibly deserving you are of this new lease on life, as you are so forgiving and trusting of the very species that deserted you. For that, we are so grateful. Seeing you happily walk out of our building yesterday with your new family sent our hearts reeling. We wish you the very best that life has to offer, sweetheart. You deserve every, single moment of it. Live it, love it and own it, sweet girl. This is exactly what you had coming. Know that you took a piece of our hearts with you and that we will love you always. Please don't be a stranger around the shelter. Bring your new family for a visit sometimes. Hugs and kisses, precious Fortune! 

Happy Tails -- Skylar

01/24/15 -- We are so happy to know that our precious little Skylar will never roam the streets lost and all alone again! Thanks to Kathi Gallman, her life from here on out will be nothing but tail waggin' and puppy kisses! Thanks to a very special good Samaritan, her life was saved, and thanks to Kathi, she now has a new lease on that precious life. Kathi, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for falling in love with our sweet girl. We had so hoped to find a new life of love for her, and thanks to you, she now has just that. Skylar, this surpasses your biggest dreams, right girl? I mean, just how lucky can a girl get! Congratulations on your amazing new life! You have many years of being loved and doted on in your future. And that makes us so happy! Come see us sweetheart, as we definitely want to keep up with your sweet face. Love you to the moon, Skylar!

Happy Tails -- Maybeline

01/23/15 -- Sweet little Maybeline found the good life today with her new mom Chrystal Crabtree! Maybeline and her family were found at an empty house by a good Samaritan. The wonderful lady that found them kept the mom and gave her a great home and we took the kittens. All but one now have gone to great homes, and we are so proud of that! Little Maybeline is going to have an awesome life with Chrystal, to never know what homelessness is again. Thank you, Chrystal, for choosing our baby to love. And a big thanks to the sweet woman who rescued them. Little Maybeline, live it big, sweet girl! You are one lucky kitty!

Happy Tails -- JoJo

01/18/15 -- What do you see in these photos? We see years and years of laughter, sheer happiness and incredible memories in the making. That is exactly what we see. Along with two precious little girls who will grow up experiencing the strong bond that exists between children and their pets. That very special kind of love, loyalty and companionship that comes from a treasured furry family member, the kind of love that teaches young children so much about compassion and respect for the animals. We see them telling JoJo secrets, and giggling when he gives them that lick on the cheek and nod that says he understands. To our knowledge, JoJo didn't get to experience the joys of children and the fun and laughter that they bring into a home and family during his first year, but let there be no doubt, he is more than ready and willing to take on this big role. Yes, JoJo slid right into his new role, like a champ, when he met Ashley and Cory Paquette and their gorgeous little girls. If we didn't know better, we would think he had been born into this beautiful family. Amazing how he knew to be so gentle with his new baby sister, he just knew. Another perfect match and one that left us with pure elation and extreme pride in our boy.

Happy Tails -- Geni

01/17/15 -- Among recent special adoptions, was the adoption of Geni, now Jewels. Geni has been introduced to many potential adopters, but just never made the connection that people look for when choosing a new family member. We know what a love she is, but the little stinker refused to show that to other people. Well, today, we figured out why that was. Our little girl knew that she hadn't met 'her people' yet and was obviously just waiting for them to come for her. And she proved it when she met Kristin Austin and her little princess, Lizzie. The connection was strong, and there could be no doubt that these girls were Jewels' family. In no time at all, Jewels was sitting in Lizzie's lap as if she had always been Lizzie's BFF. Imagine our surprise! Yep, these two little princesses were meant for each other, let there be no doubt. When it's right, it's just right.

Happy Tails -- Capone

01/11/15 -- This is a happy tail that we must share with you! Many of you may already know our handsome Capone. Capone came to us in June of 2013, as a little baby, with barely a single hair on his little body. He had been found in a ditch on the side of the road. He didn't harbor any hard feelings about his horrible start in life, though. He was a lover from hello. We knew he would be a strong boy, both in physical strength and in heart. Hence, the name Capone.  We are proud to say that our Capone is now indeed a special member of the Bryant family, and living life to the fullest! Baker and Katie, no way to thank you properly. We have waited and prayed for a home like yours for our boy. I guess sometimes the best things in life take a while, but are more than worth the wait. Thank you so much for loving our baby. Our prayers were certainly answered. Capone, no more ditches for you, big handsome guy!!!! In the words of one of your closest buddies, you hit pay dirt! Nothing but the good life from here on out. Live it, love it and own it. You deserve every bit of it. Be sure that we will be seeing you in the future! Special thanks to Dawgonefun Daycare who took our Pony in back in the fall and transformed him into the amazing gentleman that he is now. You guys trained and prepped him to be the perfect dog, and it certainly paid off. Happy trails, you handsome boy!!

Happy Tails -- Whitaker

01/04/15 -- Whitaker is one of our young pups that we have had since he was a baby. He was found and brought to us, in hopes of finding a great home. And a great home is exactly what he found with Jason White and his family!! Sometimes it takes what seems like forever to us to find our shelter pets a home. And then, when the perfect family comes along, we are reminded that things usually happen a certain way for a reason. This was definitely the case with Whitaker. When Jason White met our boy, we just knew that the reason it took so long was because the right family had not met him before Jason did. Jason, thank you for coming for our boy! We are so grateful to you for giving him the awesome home that he has now. And on top of that joy, was the joy of his being in his new home for Christmas! That meant so much to all of us. We could never thank you enough. Whitaker, we hope that Santa was good to you, and we suspect that he was! We are so happy to know that you are finally right where you belong. Happy trails, sweet man! Enjoy your new life to the fullest, and know that we sent our love with you. Bring your new family by to visit sometimes, as we sure do love to see how well our former shelter babies are doing!

Happy Tails -- Diamond

01/04/15 -- Now here's a happy tail to start out the new year! Little Diamond was found by a wonderful lady and her husband, on the side of the road. Diamond was the only one of her family that they were able to catch. They brought this little girl to the shelter, in hopes that we could take her. Of course, there was no other choice to be made than to take this little one. Very shortly thereafter, this beautiful family met our little girl, and as you can clearly see, fell head over heels in love with her! This was a match made in Heaven. Jacqueline Anderson Woods and her precious children were the perfect family for little Diamond. Never again will little Diamond be lost in this big world, as she will be an important member of the Woods family. Woods family, thank you so much for choosing our little Diamond to join the ranks of your beautiful family! This little girl certainly hit it big when she met you guys. Diamond, savor every day of your new, amazing life, sweetheart. We know that you will bring this sweet family many years of sheer happiness, and vice versa. We see many years of great memories in the making here, and hope that you all will come by to visit us in the future! We look forward to watching Diamond grow up with her siblings. Happy New Year, Woods family! Because of you, we know it's going to be a great one for Diamond!

Rhoda and Drifter

12/22/14 -- Boy, do we love Christmas miracles here at CARA! And this happy tail is nothing but. Rhoda and Drifter came to us back in 2009 as puppies. These babies are attached at the hip, which meant that they needed to be adopted together. So, you have two major strikes. Black dogs and bonded dogs. Needless to say, there has been very little interest in these kids since we have had them. We really kind of thought that they would be with us forever. Which was okay, we would certainly love them forever, but not exactly what we wanted for them. Enter Tina and Steve Bilski. They took one walk through and all they saw was this bonded pair. Imagine our surprise when they asked to meet these babies!!! Immediately upon the introduction, this amazing couple knew that these pups were meant to be theirs. But, not only that. Rhoda and Drifter knew that they were meeting their new mom and dad, too!! What happened in that room is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle that was handled by someone much greater than we are. Folks, there is absolutely no way to tell you how incredibly heartwarming this adoption is, or how we felt down deep at that moment. This couple is certainly an answer to prayer. Those babies were so excited to leave with their new parents! Tina and Steve, I wish I had words to thank you properly. Try as I may, I just can't find them. You two are Rhoda and Drifter's heroes, and just as much our heroes. We are so thankful that you came to CARA to look for that new pup, and will be eternally grateful. Drifter and Rhoda, yes, there is a Santa Claus!!! Can you babies believe this? Home for Christmas!

Happy Tails -- Renegade

12/21/14 -- And here we have the brother to the little guy posted below. This little boy is Renegade. The great thing about these two pups' adoptions is that they were both adopted on the same day, so no one was left behind. Little Renegade was scooped up by Steve and Melissa MacMillan, and we are just sure that he hit the jackpot! Renegade is a lucky little boy, as is his brother. Steve and Melissa, thank you so much for falling in love with our little guy. We are so happy that you took him home to spoil. Renegade, may all of your days be sunny, sweet baby. You got exactly what you needed. A great home with an awesome mom and dad. Bring your mom and dad and come visit your old friends sometimes. We love you, sweet little man!

Happy Tails -- Patriot

12/21/14 -- This, my friends, is the stuff that dreams are made of. Just look at these smiles! Fortunately for Patriot and his brother, their mom was rescued by one of our awesome employees just a short time before she gave birth to two precious boys. She kept them at her home until they were old enough to come into the shelter. Hal Simpson and his handsome little guy were quite happy to offer our sweet little one a place in their home. And we more than happy to oblige! Besides, what's the one thing that all little boys need? Why, a puppy, of course! Hal, we sincerely thank you guys for choosing our handsome Patriot to join your family! We expect these boys will have many years of incredible fun, and tons of memories that will last a lifetime. Patriot, run fast, play hard, and enjoy every minute of it, sweetheart! You are one lucky little boy! You guys come by to say 'hello' from time to time!

Happy Tails -- Gianna

12/21/14 -- From living under a mattress on the side of the road with only her siblings, to living in paradise with her new mom and dad, Gianna has hit it big! Our precious little girl may have had a rough start early on in her life, but her life took a turn for a storybook beginning when she met Matthew Martin and Kristina Manning. Both med students and working towards a great future, Gianna will be right there with them through it all. A sounding board, a study companion, a stress reliever, the list just goes on as to what her role will be in helping them achieve their goals! But the best role of all is her role as a very important family member. Kristina and Matthew, thank you both so very much for giving our baby girl her very own special place in the world, and in your home and hearts. Best of luck to you both on your future goals! Gianna, live it girl!!! You are so deserving of this fabulous new life! Be sure to bring your mom and dad to visit from time to time. We can't wait to see what a beautiful girl you grow into. Always remember how much your CARA family loves you!

Happy Tails -- Gumbo

11/09/14 -- What's the one thing that every little boy should have?? His own puppy, of course! And these two bonded immediately. Meet Gumbo. Gumbo and four other pups, plus two cats, were dumped at our shelter during the night a few months back. They are all awesome pets! The Schultz family was looking for a pup for their family, and drove up from the coast to meet Gumbo! When they met this awesome pup, it was game on!!! These boys absolutely adore each other! These are the happy tails that we live for. And what on earth is sweeter than a little boy and his dog? Lauren and Ed, thank you beyond words for choosing our sweet boy to join your family! We know that with you guys, our boy will never be unwanted again. We can't wait to follow these two growing up together! Gumbo, how about this, sweet man? Did you ever dare to dream so big? We'd say that this is as good as it gets, and that you are one incredibly lucky pup. You watch over your little brother, and give him the best childhood memories that a great life has to offer. Happy trails, sweetheart! We love you to the moon and back!

Happy Tails -- Elsa

11/15/14 -- These are the things that we live for, and strive for here at CARA. Victoria and Chad, how I wish I could put into words how grateful we are to you for loving our baby. You have given her the life of a princess, and for that, we will be eternally grateful. You two are exactly what she needed, and exactly what we pray for when we pray for homes for our babies. We sincerely thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for the amazing life you have given this angel. Elsa Pepper, you continue to rock that new life you have, sweetheart! You truly have a dream life, one that you so deserved. You are bringing much joy to your new mom and dad's life, just as they are to yours. Here's to wishing for many years of joy, happiness and incredible memories in the making. You are one special little girl, and we look so forward to watching you grow up.

Happy Tails -- Kaitlyn & Brittany

11/15/14 -- We were thrilled when Diana and Sammy Shute came and met Kaitlyn and Britney, and knew that they were meant to belong to their family! I mean, just how incredible can it get!! Sammy and Diana, you are heroes in our book! We are so grateful to you both for giving these precious kitties a home and family of their own! We just couldn't be happier! Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Britney! The only thing better than being adopted into a great home is being adopted together into that great home! We are so thrilled for you girls! Here's to hoping you all have many, incredible years together! 

Happy Tails -- John Wayne

10/27/14 -- Good evening, everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on our little John Wayne. You may remember that this little sweetheart debuted as our Dog of the Week last Friday. Well, guess what? John Wayne's new family came looking for him this weekend!!!! Yep, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Ley came to the shelter over the weekend, and quickly claimed our baby as their next family member! We knew there was something special about that little one. And let me tell you, John Wayne's new parents are pretty special, too. Oh, and he gets his very new home complete with his very own mom and dad, and a great pack that welcomed him right into their home! We just couldn't be happier! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking our little one into your home to love and cherish as much as we have. He's a perfect little boy, with a huge heart that is ready to love you to the ends of the earth. We can't thank you enough for returning that love to him. John Wayne, guess what sweetheart? Never again will you be lost and alone on the side of a road, for you are headed for nothing but blue skies and sunshine, from now on. Always know how very special you are to us, and always will be. Happy trails, John Wayne!

Happy Tails -- Jonathan

10/26/14 -- Want to see an adoption that still has us grinning? Meet Jonathan. This sweet boy was left tied to our fence back in 2006, when he was only about 7 months old. We have always known that he was a great boy, but the Black Dog Syndrome had him. You see, dogs like Jonathan just seem to disappear into the shadows sometimes, much to our dismay and sadness. But, Jonathan's big day came when William Wood spotted him, in those same 'shadows'. William loved that Jonathan is a big, black Lab mix! And needless to say, we loved William! Jonathan has gone on to the life that he has waited so long for, and we could not be more thrilled about that! William, thank you so much for seeing Jonathan for the beautiful, big boy that he is, and giving him the life that he has been deserving of for so long. He's a great pup, and he will, no doubt, bring you years of love and companionship.

Happy Tails -- Georgia

10/25/14 -- From a being a stray in the Kroger parking lot, to a full shelter, then to a home that just didn't work out and back to the shelter... Such has been the story of our beautiful Georgia. But, through it all, she never lost her love for humans, or the faith that one day she would finally have it all, everything she had dreamed of. And we have done nothing but love her more with every day.  Now she has it all.

Happy Tails -- Hope

10/12/14 --As many people know, it usually works out that the puppies are adopted into homes first, and the moms are left waiting for their families to find them. This was not the case with these babies. Mom was adopted into a fabulous home a good while back, and our baby Hope was left waiting for her special family to find her. Though we were overwhelmed with happiness that Faith (now Bailey) had been chosen by a very special family, we were heartbroken in watching little Hope grow day after day, never being chosen to be someone's baby. Then came the day, recently, that one us shared a photo on Hope on our FB page, and through the shares, an incredible woman named Paula Prem saw her photo, and contacted us immediately. Per Paula, she knew instantly that Hope was meant to join her family. Paula quickly made her way to the shelter to meet Hope. And what happened from there is nothing short of another miracle, in the list of miracles that we have been blessed with throughout our journey with these girls. There is a lack of words to describe the joy and happiness that we felt under our roof that day.

Happy Tails -- Pee Pie

10/12/14 -- We were recently blessed with the adoption of one of our precious babies, Pee Pie (and no, we didn't name her!). Not only did this beautiful little girl get a wonderful home, but we were thrilled to meet and get to know her new parents, Christi and Marty Eckelberry. They met and fell in love with the now, Miss Bella, and immediately took her home to shower her with love. Miss Bella was found wandering as a stray by a local vet's son. No home, no one to love her. We promised her we would do everything in our power to find her a home and family that would cherish her and give her all the things she had been without. When Christi and Marty met her, we knew that they were the ones to do just that. From living on the streets to living the life of a princess. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Happy Tails -- Hartley

09/30/14 -- Back some months ago, there was a family of four precious pups that were left on our doorstep. They were petrified and knew that they were unwanted, at least by the human(s) that left them there sometime during the night. The beautiful girl pictured is Maggie, (formerly Hartley). We will not soon forget the excitement that was shared by all of us at the shelter when Michelle Jackson and Matthew Hegarty came to take a look around.  Maggie will finally know the life and love that goes well beyond her hopes and dreams. Thank you so much for making this a reality for her.

Happy Tails -- Carlisle

09/21/14 -- This adoption has been a highlight of our weekend. We rescued this precious little boy last weekend from the street. He had been wandering for a couple of weeks, along with his partner, before we were contacted about them. We immediately dropped everything and took off to locate them, and we were lucky enough to get this little guy, but heartbroken that we could never find his friend. We still pray for a miracle and still look for the other pup, but we are extremely thankful that we were able to rescue this baby. We brought him back, named him Carlisle, and did our best to comfort him. The next day, hours were spent by the shelter angels just trying to get through his mats and down to his skin. Throughout it all, he was nothing short of a doll. This little boy is so full of love, even in spite of the fact that he probably doesn't have many reasons to be. Eve Bell met him last week, and it didn't take long at all for her to fall in love with Carlisle. Funny thing is, when she picked him up yesterday, this little angel knew, just knew that she was his new mama. The way he looked at her said it all. We feel sure that he is headed off to a life with her that will expand well beyond his hopes and dreams.

Happy Tails -- Sophie

09/21/14 -- This little girl's life started out not so well, as she was found on the Natchez Trace by some goodhearted folks that were here visiting from Belgium. Thankfully, they brought her to us. We named her Sophie and promised her that we would do everything in our power to ensure her a better life. She was spotted by family members of Jaret Holmes at our volunteer orientation last week. Jaret and his family knew immediately that she is the new family member that they have been searching for throughout the last year. The great thing about this adoption, besides the fact that the Holmes family is an amazing pet loving family, is that Jaret and his brother own Holmes Specialty Advertising, and these guys do the printing of our awesome CARA t-shirts. So, in a roundabout way, little Miss Sophie will remain in the CARA family! Jaret, thank you and your awesome family for choosing our precious little Sophie to join your family!

 Happy Tails -- Jerry

09/18/14 -- Look who just hit the jackpot--Jerry!!! Tuesday afternoon Josh and Leah Gaskin took this sweet pup to his forever home. We wish the three of you a happy life!

Happy Tails -- Gordon

09/14/14 -- A VERY SPECIAL HAPPY TAIL -- Gordon is a senior, both blind and deaf. He was found last January, roaming in the freezing temperatures. With all he has going against him, he has been nothing but love to us at the shelter. He doesn't ask for much, as he is just happy to have a place where he belongs and to be given the basics that all dogs need to thrive. Even in the face of adversity, he has never lost his smile. We have tried so hard to find him a real home, one that is comfortable and one in which he could be the center of someone's world, as he is so deserving of. It seemed to be asking far too much of anyone to take on a senior with the disabilities Gordon has. So, we pretty much decided that the best we could do for our angel is to give him unconditional love and the best care possible. Well, yesterday the Davis family came to the shelter. And the dog they asked to see? Much to our surprise, that dog was Gordon! We tried not to let ourselves get too excited, as we have been there before, only to be let down. So we brought Gordon up to visit with the family. What happened from there is absolutely amazing, and the greatest blessing that we could have imagined. It turned out that this beautiful family has experience with special needs pups, and they had their sights and hearts set on our boy! And you know, though Gordon couldn't hear or see, somehow he knew. He just knew. He knew that they were his family, there to take him home and show him what a real home and family feels like. His new human sisters were so gentle with him, letting him know that he was safe and would be loved beyond his dreams by them. There is no doubt in our minds that our boy felt that, as he so proudly walked out the door with his new family. When the door closed behind him, we all just stood, in utter disbelief, but with a feeling that can't even be put into words. We just want to say thank you God, for sending this incredible family to take this angel pup into their family circle.

Happy Tails -- Jeremiah

09/13/14 -- Jeremiah wants everyone to know that he is Tampa, Fla. bound tonight!! Yep, Jeremiah was slated to go to TV yesterday as our Dog of the Week, but he went and got himself adopted at the eleventh hour! However, there is no way that we could be happier for him! The Whittemore family saw his photo, and they just knew that he was meant to their baby. They didn't even think twice about the long drive here to Jackson to pick him up. And from the looks of how the introduction went, Jeremiah knew he was meant to be theirs, also.

Happy Tails -- Duke

09/11/14 -- Our handsome Duke has gone from homeless to living a dream with his new mama, Stephanie Chace! There is no doubt that this sweet man was someone's baby at some time in his life. His inside manners were just incredible, and he loves to go for rides. Thanks to Stephanie, our boy will have a life full of adventure and and more love than he could have ever imagined! Stephanie, thank you so much for choosing our handsome boy to be your companion. We just couldn't be happier! Duke, we wish you the best of the best, sweet man! Live it and love it, sweet man! This is your new life! We love you, boy! You and your mom come and visit us sometime!

Happy Tails -- Bonnie & Becca

08/13/14 -- What's even better than adopting one angel pup? Well, adopting two angel pups, of course! And that is exactly what the Blount family did! And we could not be more excited about that! Bonnie and Becca were the last two of the litter of seven that we took in. As much as we wanted great homes for these girls, we were also dreading the day that one was adopted leaving the other behind, which is usually the case with litters. So when the Blount family came in and wanted to adopt them together, we were overjoyed! Looks like our little girls are going to have an abundance of love and care with their incredible new family. Blount family, thank you is just not enough. You are such an amazing family to adopt these girls together, and we will be forever grateful to you. Bonnie and Becca, this is as good as it gets, girls! You have hit it big with this family. Enjoy your new world, sweet babies. We have a feeling that you are both going to be little divas, and that makes us smile. We love you girls!!

Happy Tails -- Charlie

08/11/14 -- Sweet, little Charlie was a very loved pup, and then everything changed when her elderly owner had to relocate into an apartment and couldn't take her with her. One can only imagine how heartbreaking that was for this baby girl. The happy ending, though, is that it didn't take long at all for her to be met and snatched up by the Thames'!! That day, everything changed for the better. Thank you, Thames family, for seeing to it that this girl still knows how much she is loved. You changed her world. Charlie, enjoy your new, awesome life, sweetheart! Somehow, we suspect it will be the life of a princess! Love you, baby girl!

 Happy Tails -- Barron 

07/27/14 --Our precious little Barron, one of the "B" seven litter, has hit the jackpot with Elizabeth Chase!!! These pups were brought to CARA, and they have had no trouble finding homes. As you can clearly see by the happy faces on these two, this little guy's world just took off in a wonderful direction! Elizabeth, we are so happy that you chose Barron to be your little buddy! We feel sure that he couldn't have found a better new mom! Looks like life for him is going to be a ton of fun! Barron, congratulations on your great new life, little guy! Looks like you have hit it big! Enjoy every minute of it! We love you, sweet boy!

Happy Tails -- Noel

07/26/14 -- This beautiful Mastiff mix was left on the CARA stoop one night back in December 2008. It was one of those cold nights that came with freezing temperatures. It was also Christmas time. This beautiful girl was literally almost frozen when employees found her the next morning, to the point that she couldn't even move her legs to stand up, and had to be carried into the shelter. Given the time of year that it was, and the fact that she was one of our many miracles that we have been blessed with, the only fitting name for this angel was Noel. Immediately, she took a chunk out of everyone's heart and became one of those very special shelter babies. Over the years, for reasons that no one has ever understood, Noel has not been chosen to be someone's special girl. At least, not until the Coopers met her. When this incredible couple met her, it was one of those breathtaking moments. The love that this couple had for Noel from the moment they met her, was beyond incredible. Message to the Coopers.... We can never express to you the heart stopping happiness that we felt when you guys came in and met our precious girl.

Happy Tails -- Big Daddy

07/23/14 -- We are so happy for our Big Daddy!!!! To go from a cattery full of cats, to being a very special family member with his own family and home.... Now that is what we love! Jennifer and Robert Lungrin really took to our big boy, and we are so excited about that! Guys, we are so happy that you chose our sweet man to be your big boy. He is a real sweetheart, and we can only imagine how happy he is to be loved by you. Thank you for that! Big Daddy, live big, sweetheart! You surely deserve all the happiness in the world.

Happy Tails -- Odie

07/20/14 -- One man's trash is another man's treasure, or in this case, woman's treasure. That is the short story of Odie's happy tail. Our sweet boy came in as a precious puppy that was unwanted, just as so many do. He found out very quickly just how special he was when he met Regina Thompson. We know Regina, as she has adopted from us before, and we knew immediately that Odie had hit the jackpot. Our boy will have nothing but the best that life has to offer with Regina.

Happy Tails -- Byrnn & Baylor

07/11/14 -- These two babies hit the lottery today, and they didn't even buy a ticket!!! Yep, little Brynn and her brother, Baylor, hit the jackpot with Troy and Becky Jones and their new human brother, Jake! And the funny thing is, these babies have no idea how just what a dream life they will have with this family. At least not yet, they don't. However, you can rest assured that they are living large already.

Happy Tails -- Sinatra

7/06/14 -- Anyone in the mood for an awesome 'happily ever after'? Meet Sinatra. This little guy was found abandoned and tied to a porch with so many mats that his harness was embedded in them. But do you think that took his kind, loving, sweet spirit away? Not a chance. Sinatra has been a love from day one. You couldn't even meet this precious boy without his stealing your heart. And that is exactly what he did when he met Sherry and Danny West. He snatched their hearts and took off with them. And the great thing is that they didn't mind one bit.

Happy Tails -- Chip

06/29/14 -- There are no words to describe the joy that we feel about this adoption.  Thank you so much for coming to visit Will, and for setting your sights on Chip. His life changed dramatically that day, and we will always be grateful to you for that. Chip, my goodness, sweetheart. I don't have words. We love you so much, and we were so afraid that you would be with us for a long, long time. We wanted so much more for you. And guess what? You got that, and more!!! To say that we are happy for you would be the greatest understatement of the day. Enjoy this wonderful new life, sweet man.

Happy Tails -- Biggie

06/27/14 --  During the 9 Lives for $9 cat adoption event, David and Bobbie Henderson saw Biggie when he was featured as Pet of the Week on a local TV station. The Hendersons had a cat decades ago who looked similar to Biggie so they just had to meet him. The meeting went very well with Biggie bonding quickly with the two of them. This week the Hendersons came to the shelter and took Biggie to his forever home. We couldn't be happier for Biggie!

Happy Tails -- Siegfried

06/23/14 -- Our precious little Siegfried was quite smitten by his new human sister, Blayne! As you can clearly see, that feeling was quite mutual. Many thanks to the Burke family for braving the shelter chaos to come by and choose their new family member. Siegfried, you are one lucky boy!!! We wish for many happy years and great blessings upon this wonderful family.

Happy Tails -- Goober

06/19/14 -- Our handsome boy, Goober, is living large down south with Elizabeth Mardiks! Yep, our awesome boy is living in the Big Easy. New Orleans, Louisiana, that is! While it may have taken our sweet boy a couple years to meet his girl, he let us know that it was well worth the wait! Goober (and no, I don't know where the name came from!) is one perfect gentleman, yet so full of life. He will fit in well down south with Elizabeth. As you can clearly see by his big ole smile, it didn't take him long to say his goodbyes and hit the road. He is a very special boy, and missed here in the shelter. However, he got what we wish for for all of our babies. Elizabeth, thank you so much for loving this great boy! He took a piece of our hearts with him when he left, but gosh, we are so happy for him! He will, no doubt, give you many years of joy and happiness, and the best companionship life has to offer. Goober, live it big, sweet man!

Happy Tails -- Autumn

06/15/14 -- Happy days are here for our precious Autumn! This girl is one of four Rat Terriers that were literally dumped at CARA a few months ago, and the last of the four to be adopted. However, great things came her way when she was introduced to Robert and Nina Waltzer! Not sure who was more positive that they were meant for each other, the Waltzers or Autumn! We would say that this was just a great match, all the way around.

Happy Tails -- Duke

06/12/14 -- All adoptions make our hearts throb, but one like this just melts us to the core. Duke came to CARA in 2008, as a stray. This sweet boy has been overlooked by visitors for 6 years. Though it makes no sense to us, the only thing we can come up with is that he suffered from the 'Black Dog Syndrome'. Yes, it is real, incomprehensible to some of us, but very real. Andrea Thompson wanted to add a new baby to her pack and filled out an application to adopt online. When I called her to talk to her about her application, she stated that she had only 2 requests. One that the dog be an older dog and two, that the dog be a dog that has been with us for a while and been overlooked. Yes, she clearly stated that she wanted a dog that was unlikely to be adopted! Andrea stole our hearts with that conversation.  Duke you deserve the best and now you have it. 

Happy Tails -- Miss Priss

06/07/14 -- Ms. Priss is 8 years old and Feline Leukemia positive. She was dropped at the shelter 3 years ago with her 2 siblings who have been adopted but Ms. Priss was not due to her health status. Enter Lauren Cox who asked for a senior cat with the least chance of being adopted. She wanted to give an older baby a chance at a home and decided Ms. Priss was the fur baby for her. Bless you, Lauren, for giving Ms. Priss the loving home she so deserves!

Happy Tails -- Maggie and Grace

06/03/14 -- These precious girls were originally surrendered to CARA by their mom who loved them very much, but found herself homeless due to sad circumstances. She loved them enough to want a better life for them, and brought them to us in hopes that they would find the life they deserved. Gracie and Maggie were adopted out, and months later, through no fault of their own, they were once again brought back to the shelter. Talk about being down on luck. These girls were devastated and just couldn't understand what had happened to them. It was heartbreaking for us, as well, to see them so hurt and confused. Along came the Harvey family. And the rest of the story, well, as they say, the rest of the story is history. This precious family fell head over heels for these sweet girls. And that adoration was reciprocated immediately by Gracie and Maggie. It was a match right from the start. Harvey family, just no words. We are beyond thrilled for these babies! Finally, they will have the life and commitment that they so desperately longed for. And with the human sister they now have, we're pretty sure the word 'Diva' is in their future! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for coming to visit us that day, and for falling in love with this incredible duo.

Happy Tails -- Keaton

06/03/14 -- No more homeless days for our baby, Keaton! Nope, he now has the life of a prince! Thanks to Annie Leech! Keaton was one of those babies who was shy and a little frightened by life in the shelter. When he met Annie, his life did a complete turnabout. He is now running with his fur friends, cuddling with his new mom and loving every minute of his new life.

Happy Tails -- AnnaBelle

06/03/14 -- What a "Happy Tail" this is! Annabelle had been with us six years and was feline leukemia positive. Despite her age and health status, Sonja Gilbert saw her on Petfinder and knew she had found her fur baby. Below is a photo of Annabelle settling into her forever home. We are happy beyond words for this special cat who waited so long for her special person. Thank you, Sonja, for giving Annabelle the life she has longed for all these years.

Happy Tails -- Griffin

05/30/14 -- Griffin, how about it, sweetheart? Did you ever, even once, dream that life could be this good? We know that we will never need to be worried or concerned about you again, as you are definitely living every shelter dog's dream. And for that, we are still smiling! Live it and love it, sweet man! This is your dream life and a dream there will never be a need for you to wake from. Always know that we love you tons, sweet boy.

Happy Tails -- Godwin

05/25/14 -- This precious little boy on the left was found wandering as a stray, and brought to CARA. While it is hard to understand how these things can happen, what is not hard to comprehend is the joy of seeing a homeless little boy like our Godwin being scooped up by someone as awesome as Josh Lowery and added to his family! Josh came to the shelter looking for another companion and friend for his boy. Godwin fit that description immediately. Josh, thank you so very much for coming to visit us that day! Because of you, this precious boy now has a new leash on life! We are hoping that you boys have many, many years of joy and happiness together.  Godwin, enjoy your new dad and brother, sweet man! 

Happy Tails -- Highway

05/17/14 -- Jeremy McDill and his sweet family came to the shelter today, in the hopes of finding just the right match for their family. I do believe that Jeremy knew immediately that this boy was what they were looking for. And when Highway was brought up to meet the family, it was a given. He licked the legs of his new human big brother and kissed the feet of his new human baby brother. I think our boy knew right then that this was the family he had been hoping and waiting for. Jeremy and family, sometimes words just aren't enough. This is one of those times. You have made his dreams come true, and let us know that our prayers have been answered. No way we could thank you enough for that. Highway, oh my goodness, sweetheart. You will finally have the life that you deserve. You are such a good boy, with so much to offer. May your every day be as happy as we are for you tonight. We love you to the moon, sweet boy. Always remember that.

Happy Tails -- Margo

05/10/14 -- Yesterday was a happy day for Margo! This beauty was our Hollywood Feed's Pet of the Week, as well as another Doggie Palooza adoptee! Tammy Morris and Vance Jensen knew immediately when they saw her photo that she was meant to be their girl. We are so excited for this precious girl!! Thank you Tammy and Vance for choosing Margo! Margo, enjoy your wonderful new life, sweet girl! You are a treasure, and we know that you will be a happy girl with these great folks!


Happy Tails -- Topaz

05/09/14 -- No more roaming the streets homeless for our precious little Topaz! Nope. She has a mom and dad now, and a home of her own! Doug and Kansas Collingsworth were more than happy to give our sweet girl the life she deserved. In addition to being our Dog of the Week last week, she is also a Doggie Palooza adoptee! And trust me when I tell you that we just couldn't be happier about that! Thank you so much Doug and Kansas! It thrills us to no end to know that our little gem will know love and happiness from here on out. Topaz, live it and love it, sweetheart! You had it coming!

Happy Tails -- Lady

05/01/14 -- Curtis and Missy, thanks just aren't enough! Because of you guys, Lady will now have the life she so deserves. Lady, no more tie outs for you, baby girl! You are now a member of a great family, complete with fur and human siblings! Enjoy every day of it, sweetie! Finally, nothing but blue skies and sunshine!

Happy Tails -- Gatsby

04/28/14 -- When Vickie White saw Gatsby's Dog of the Week photo on Facebook last week, she knew she was in love! Yesterday Gatsby went to his forever home with Vickie and we could not be happier for him. Thank you, Vickie, for seeing how special this boy is!

Happy Tails -- Todd

04/15/14 -- Todd, the beautiful kitty in this photo, was found and brought to CARA by some kids. He was very frightened when we first met him, but it took only minutes for us to realize that he just may be the sweetest cat, ever. This boy loves attention like you wouldn't believe. And he doesn't mind crying for it one bit. James Foley, a great friend and supporter of CARA, came to the shelter the week after Todd came. James was looking for his cat who had accidentally gotten out the week before, hoping that someone found him and brought him to the shelter. He was in awe at the resemblance of Todd to his missing boy. He was also very sad at the loss of his cat, however, feeling a connection to Todd. A week went by, then James came back again. This time James came to take Todd home. Though still devastated at the loss of his boy, he hadn't been able to get past the connection he felt with Todd. The rest, as they say, is history. To say that we are thrilled for Todd and James would be an understatement. James, we are still saddened by the loss of your kitty. We are so hoping that Todd has been a comforting part of your healing.

Happy Tails -- Kami

04/15/14 -- Our precious little Kami has gone from being discarded in a dumpster to being the apple of Pat and Allen Ainsworth's eyes. You know the saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure. And a treasure is exactly what this little angel is to this couple. The love that they felt for her within the first five minutes of meeting her was just incredible. And she took to them as if she just knew they had come for her, to love her, to protect her and to care for her. We just can't thank you enough. We look forward to visits from you guys in the future!


Happy Tails -- Merci

04/06/14 -- Merci (our Dog of the Week) went home with her new mom and dad yesterday, and there is no way we could be happier about that! Carl and Cindy Buckner were in the area yesterday and decided to come by.  They fell in love with our sweet girl! 

Happy Tails -- Matt

03/26/14 -- Just imagine, if you can, this little guy being given up because his people didn't have time for him! Hard to imagine, but the good news is that the Schulte family has nothing but time for our little Matt! This little guy came to us as just a baby who was begging to be someone's baby. And that is exactly what he became when he was met by the Schulte family. This precious boy will never have to dream of being adored and loved ever again!

Happy Tails -- Paisley

03/27/14 -- Our beautiful Paisley (left), who was once adopted and then returned, didn't waste any time latching on to her new daddy! Our precious girl was heartbroken, confused and defeated when she was brought back to the shelter. However, she knew when she met Brandon Smith that everything does indeed happen for a reason. Now, she not only has a new daddy, that she adored from the word go, but she now has a fur brother to run and play with. Life for Paisley has definitely taken a turn for the best!

Happy Tails -- Kittens

03/26/14 -- Check out these two little ones! We are just thrilled for these little angels! Thank you so much Iman Christians (pictured on left) and Rachel Hill (pictured on right) for giving these little babies a great new life and home! We just couldn't be happier!

Happy Tails -- Tulip

03/19/14 -- Tulip went to her forever home with Philip Breland and Elizabeth Karajman yesterday! Philip and Elizabeth looked beyond Tulip's shyness to see her sweet soul. We wish this special family all the best!

Happy Tails -- Cinammon and Spice

03/16/14 -- Cinnamon and Spice, have been adopted, and not just adopted, but adopted together!!! This has been our hope for these precious girls, as they are so intensely bonded. The Browns were more than happy to love both of these girls!

Happy Tails -- Judy Garland

03/12/14 -- For a little girl who was wandering lost, with no one to call her own, our little Judy Garland has struck gold with Hope Russell! The smile on her new mommy's face tells us that our little girl will now have a life of love and pampering! Hope, we are so grateful to you for choosing our sweet girl to be your baby. You are exactly what she needed.

Happy Tails -- Cece and Ashley

03/11/14 -- Double the fun and double the love! That's what Valerie Moore got when she met and fell for CeCe and Ashley! This little mom and daughter team know just how to dole out both! As everyone knows, it's very hard to adopt out a bonded pair. Since these two girls had been through thick and thin together, and still managed to hang on to each other, we knew they had to go together.

Happy Tails -- Celeste

03/11/14 -- Now this is one lucky adoption! This precious pup is Celeste, and this awesome family is the McHardy family. Nathan and Lesley are incredible supporters of CARA, and their daughter, Lottie, well, she is a future animal rescuer! This little angel is all about adopting and rescue dogs. What great hope she gives us for the future! Celeste was born to a beautiful mom that our shelter director rescued from the side of the road while she was pregnant. She is also the first of her litter to be adopted!

Happy Tails

03/09/14 -- These three babies had a guardian angel looking over them, when on the same day, all three found their new families. The Browns met and fell in love with Jingles (pictured on left), and the Palmertons (pictured on right) met and fell in love with Gracie and Maggie.  We are so thankful for this miracle, and for the Browns and the Palmertons. You folks are these babies' heroes, that is for sure.

Happy Tails -- Brother Boy

03/08/14 -- No more nights of being left on shelter steps in freezing temperatures for this little boy! Nope, Brother Boy has gone to live the good life! His days will be full of fun and happiness, and his nights will forever be warm, thanks to his new parents, Jason and Destini Dill, who fell in love with him very quickly upon meeting him.

Happy Tails -- Dallas

03/04/14 -- Dallas went to her forever home today with Debbie Goodwin. Seems it was love at first sight for the two of them. Debbie met Dallas on her first day at the shelter and they immediately bonded. We are glad your stay with us was a short one, Dallas!

Happy Tails -- Linus

03/02/14 -- Mr. and Mrs. Van Devender, you are our heroes. You have given our boy everything we hoped and prayed would become his. We know that your lives are blessed for the compassion you have had for rescue babies over the years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for adding our baby, Linus to your family.

Happy Tails -- Tilley

03/02/14 -- Our precious Tilley now has a home and family of her very own! Not only was she a big star on TV Friday, now she will be a big star forever in the home of the Stegalls! And she even gets to share the starring role with a new fur sister! Yep, these two girls are going to live the life of princesses, no doubt. These babies became besties immediately, almost like they had been together forever. We feel pretty sure that there won't be many dull moments around their house! To this awesome young couple that gave Tilley such a great opportunity, THANK YOU!

Happy Tails -- Izzy

03/01/14 -- Oh, Izzy! Just how good can life be? With Rose Marks for a mom, it's just got to be more than you could have hoped for. For these two girls, it was love right from 'hello'! We think these two are exactly what each other needed.

Happy Tails -- Jeaco

03/01/14 -- This little guy met the dad of his dreams!! Little Jeaco... Much could be said about this little boy. But, suffice to say that he found that special someone to light up his world. Buddy Rankin is that special someone.

Happy Tails -- Emma

02/28/14 -- The Gomez family saw the same beautiful heart and soul that we saw in Emma, and knew that they wanted to take her home and give her all the things that she obviously has never had. That is exactly what they have done. Our beautiful girl will never know the feeling of abandonment or sadness ever again. And for that, we will be forever grateful to this family.

Happy Tails -- Noel

02/24/14 --
This little sweetie is Sassafras (now Noel). This little angel was thrown into the back of our cattery manager's truck one day while it was parked in our parking lot. Imagine our surprise at finding this little baby left behind, after hearing the sound of the gravel slinging in the parking lot. And to top off her heartbreak, she had a broken leg. But, sweetness? Oh my goodness, she never lost her sweetness, nor her love for humans. Fast forward to a visit from Dave and Sandy Boyer. They fell in love with her before we could even get her on the vet's appointment book. As a matter of fact, they were in the shelter waiting for her when she returned from the vet's office. These folks are awesome supporters of our shelter and fantastic people, so saying that we were pleased when they fell in love with our baby, well, that would definitely be an understatement. They most certainly showed us their commitment to this precious little one from the start. Dave and Sandy, thank you so much for giving Noel everything she needed and had never been given, and so much more. We will always be grateful to you for that. Noel, fairytales do come true, don't they baby? They absolutely did for you. 

Happy Tails -- Drake

02/23/14 -- Need a good reason to smile? Well, try this on. Drake has had more than his share of bad hands dealt to him in his short life. First, he was found abandoned at a store as a puppy. This handsome boy has been adopted and returned more than once, although never through any fault of his own. So many times people get a dog, knowing nothing of their breed, nothing about their needs, etc.. Drake, being a Lab, is high energy, meaning that he has got to have a fenced in yard in which to burn off energy. We all know the saying... A tired dog is always a good dog. Well, Drake's life took a serious turn for greatness when the Smith family met him. You see, they already had a Lab, a male that is the same age as Drake. Therefore, they knew exactly what to expect and what these boys need to be happy, healthy, well adjusted dogs. Upon introduction, these two boys hit it off immediately, buddies right from the start. They play together and sleep together, curled up side by side. Leaving us to wonder if they know something that we don't, as Riley is adopted, also. (Ha) At any rate, Drake finally has the home and family that he has needed since we first took him in. The right family, and we believe, that family that he has been waiting on. I mean, just look at that big smile on his handsome face! (Drake is on the left.) His new family raves on and on about what a great dog he is, how perfect he is, and that thrills us to the core. Regina and Jimmy Smith, and family, we are so grateful that you came to CARA in search of a new companion.  Drake, we are so happy for you! Enjoy every day of your fabulous new life! You certainly had it coming! We love you tons, sweet man!

Happy Tails -- Bourdreaux

02/24/14 -- How special can a human family be? Well, the Conerly family is the epitome of special. This beautiful family recently adopted Rocco, on the right, and yesterday adopted Boudreaux, on the left. The family met Boudreaux before we even took Rocco into the shelter. A little on Boudreaux's background... He and his siblings were thrown over the fence here at the shelter many years ago. Boudreaux is a boy who is very kennel possessive, and because of his behavior in his kennel, very few people have shown any interest in him. Ken and Sheryl met him, and saw something very special in our boy. For the last couple of months, they have been regularly coming to the shelter, spending quality time with him, trying to get him more comfortable with them. They said they wanted him to know them, and feel safe with them, before taking him out of his comfort zone. Yesterday they came to see him, and based on his reaction to seeing them, they felt he was ready and the time was right. And we agreed with them. Boudreaux was very happy, even excited, while being harnessed up and packed up to leave. We feel very confident that our boy has finally found his place in the world.  Nothing but happy trails from here on out. Enjoy every day of it, for it belongs to you. Be sure and give love to your new family every, single day, as we know they will to you. We love you, Boudreaux!

Happy Tails -- Rocco

02/09/14 -- Conerly family, you guys are Rocco's heroes, as well as ours. I wish we could tell you how grateful we are to you for giving this great boy everything he always deserved. He, nor we, could have ever hoped for such a perfect family for him. We will always be grateful to you for loving him the way you do. Rocco baby, no more gigantic chains for you, ever. No more desperation and fear, for you are finally safe. Now and forever. Rest well at night sweet man, and know that you are loved and will never be less than a perfect member of a perfect family, sweetheart. You are a prime example of why we do what we do. We love you, sweet Rocco, always and forever.

Happy Tails -- Ivy

02/03/14 -- Another "Back in Black" beauty goes to her forever home! Mitchell Guin took precious Ivy home with him last Friday. Early reports indicate she is adjusting quite well to her new family.  Thank you, Mitchell, for seeing the beauty in Ivy's soul and giving our sweet girl a forever home.

Happy Tails -- Azalea

01/28/14 -- Sweet Azalea, another of our five Box Pups, went to live the good life with the Gilbert family! We are so elated that all of these precious babies have gone to great homes! Azalea obviously came into this world unwanted and unloved. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been taped up in that box and left at that dumpster. But thanks to a huge miracle, hers and that of her siblings' lives were spared. And now, thanks to the Gilberts, Azalea will know how very important and valuable her sweet life is. Gilbert family, words are simply not enough. We can't even tell you guys how incredibly happy we are that you chose our sweet girl to love. Our precious girl will surely repay you with years of love and loyalty. Azalea, now do you see what we were telling you and your siblings about how precious you are, and how much you deserve a life of love and compassion? You just never knew life could be so good, did you sweetheart? Well guess what? It is nothing but years of happiness and enjoying your special place with your new family from here on out, love. And for that, we will be eternally grateful. We love you, beautiful girl!

Happy Tails -- Oliver and Charlotte

01/27/14 --  Does anyone remember our box puppies, found at the dump a couple of weeks before Christmas? Well, the sweet boy on the left is the only boy in the bunch, and was the first to be adopted! Not only was Oliver adopted, but Charlotte, another pup (not from the Box puppy litter), was adopted by the same family! The Harris family was looking to adopt a puppy, and when they met these two babies, they decided to go for two! Oliver and Charlotte lucked out the day this family came to visit! I feel sure life around the Harris household has been stepped up a few notches, but what fun they must be having! Oliver, going from being thrown away in a box, and Charlotte, from being homeless and on the street, to an awesome home and family like these guys! Wow! These are the things that make our hearts skip a beat! Harris family, you just ROCK! Thank you so much for adopting not one, but two of our precious babies, and showing them how good life can be for a pup. We are so thankful to you guys! Oliver and Charlotte, never to want for love again, sweet babies! You two have hit the jackpot with this family, we are just sure of it. Happy trails, sweet ones! Enjoy every day of your wonderful new lives!

Happy Tails -- Carmen

01/26/14 --  These are the adoptions that make your heart melt. The ones that include dogs that are not fluffy, young pups anymore. Ones that have been passed over time after time. Burton family, you have made our hearts happier than we can even tell you. You are exactly the kind of family that Carmen has hoped would notice her for years. She is perfect, and now she has the perfect family. That my friends, is as good as it gets. Thank you, Burton family, for making Carmen's dreams, as well as ours, come true. Carmen, so how does it feel to live your dream, sweet girl?? After years of waiting, you now have everything you have hoped for, and then some. It's your dream life now, sweetheart. Live it, love it, and always know what a deserving girl you are. And while you are realizing your dreams, always remember how much we love you, and always have. You will always be our sweetheart. And to the special donor who paid your adoption fee back in November for our Back in Black promotion, THANK YOU!

Happy Tails -- Levi and Wrangler

01/19/14 -- Next on our happy tail list are Sadie's brothers, Levi and Wrangler. These are the miracle babies that we told you about in the post below. Levi's life changed completely when Julie Phillips and her son came and met our handsome little guy. Levi did his usual little teddy bear impersonation and it was all over. He was most definitely going home with the Phillips family! This little guy is the closest thing to a teddy bear we have ever seen. He cuddles up under your neck, and I believe he would stay there forever if you let him. Just a total love bug. For a little guy who fought with everything he had to stay alive until rescue came, he sure is a loving little baby. Phillips family, thank you for being the ones to let Levi give all of his love to, and for giving him that same love in return. You are his angels, and he will be forever grateful, as will we. Levi, live your new life to the fullest, little guy. You deserve every minute of it. Wrangler got his name due to the fact that he was the hardest one of the three to catch. It took their rescuer two days to wrangle him! Wrangler was lucky enough to not only get a great new life with the Loshelder family, but an active fur sister to play with, too! Wrangler is the most active of the three, and by all accounts, the toughest. He and his new 'sister' hit it off immediately, romping around in the dog park, chasing each other and having the best time. Though his new 'sister' is small, she will definitely rule that roost! Wrangler suddenly discovered that he is not as tough as he thought he was when in the shelter with his siblings. It took him about five minutes to learn to run and jump in his new mom's lap whenever his new 'sister' would take on the role of boss! Watching this was just a blessing, as we know how close these little ones came to never knowing what a good life could be like. Loshelder family, you are Wrangler's heroes, and ours as well. We are so happy that you guys came and met Wrangler. We can rest easy knowing that he will never need for anything again. Wrangler, enjoy every day of your fantastic new life! We love both of you boys!!

Happy Tails -- Sadie

01/19/14 -- This little sweetheart is Sadie. Sadie is one of three siblings that managed to survive out of a litter of seven. They were found by a caring person, living under his shop, on property that is uninhabited. When they were found, four of these little ones had lost their fight to survive. When they first came to the shelter, they were terrified of humans, Sadie being the wildest. But, as rescued babies go, it was a short matter of time before they were loving everyone, and just happy to be alive. Sadie's new parents, Sanders and Chelsea Reid, fell in love with her almost instantly. We were so thrilled to see the first our little miracle babies be adopted by such a great couple! We thank you guys so much for giving this little girl the life she deserved! She had no idea that life could be so good, as it certainly didn't begin that way. Sadie, how about this, sweetie? Never again will you have to wonder where your next food will come from, nor how you can stay warm on a cold winter's night, for now you have the good life, as it should be. We love you, Sadie! Stay tuned little Sadie, because we have good news coming about your brothers!

Happy Tails -- Drew

01/14/14 -- Our precious little Drew, now 'Bear' (hint, Ole Miss fans), is living large, thanks to James and Lisa Conway!!! This precious little guy was found wandering in the road just down from the shelter. Thankfully, he was picked up and brought to us. Drew caught so many people's eye in the short time he was with us, but none more so than that of the Conways. It didn't take them long at all to know that he was THE pup they were looking for. James and Lisa, thank you so much for visiting our shelter, and falling in love with our sweet little boy. You have seen to it that this baby gets just exactly what he needs, the greatest of all being love. We thank you for that. Bear, no more cold streets, feeling unloved and unwanted for you, little guy! You have hit the jackpot! Though you weren't with us for very long, you stole our hearts in no time flat. Happy trails, sweetheart. We just couldn't be happier for you.

Happy Tails -- Monroe

01/07/14 -- Our precious little Monroe... This sweet boy has waited for so long for his forever home. Even after his siblings were adopted, he waited and waited. But, Monroe waits no more! Obviously, he was waiting for John Lisenbe to find him! And find him, he did! Monroe is going to be the perfect companion for John, we are just sure of that. John, we wouldn't take anything for the day you came to the shelter in hopes of finding your closest companion. Monroe has longed for a buddy to share fun times with, and we feel sure he has found that with you. Thank you so much for that! Monroe, the wait is finally over! Enjoy every day of being John's special boy. We know what an incredible boy you are, and John is exactly what you needed. Happy trails, sweetheart! Know that you take our love with you.

Happy Tails -- Faith

12/28/13 -- Faith says that getting that Christmas wish late is always better than getting it never! You may remember Faith, who came in months back with her little baby, whom we named Hope. These two angels were picked up by a good Samaritan and brought to the shelter. They were horribly emaciated, and honestly, we weren't so sure what the outcome would be. Faith also had a bad case of heartworms. Both mom and baby were in such a sad shape, and it was touch and go there for a little while. Although it was quite clear that they had absolutely no reason to love or trust humans, they both showed nothing but love and trust from the minute they arrived at the shelter. Those two girls never gave up their fight, and neither did we.  Thanks to some very special donors, we were able to have Faith treated for her heartworms, as soon as she was strong enough. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember where they came from, as they have been so showered with love. Melissa Barthold, one of our awesome volunteers, met Faith and had a chance to spend time with her a few weeks ago at an adoption event. Melissa knew immediately that Faith was meant to be her girl. People that were present that day have even commented to us about the connection they witnessed that day. After spending time with Faith since, just to be sure that Faith was as sure about it as Melissa was, Faith was officially made a member of the Barthold family today. Folks, when I tell you that there are just no words, I mean that sincerely. Melissa, a simple thanks is just not sufficient to express to you how overjoyed we are that you have taken our girl home to love, and to love the way she should have been loved from the day she entered this world. 

Happy Tails -- Betty White

12/19/13 -- Who else has a home for Christmas? Our little Betty White has a home for Christmas! This little girl was brought to CARA, no great story to tell, just a precious little girl with no home and no family. At least, until she got to CARA. This sweet little one was showered with love and kisses, nothing but an angel. But still, her Christmas wish was to have a real home, with a family all of her own. And that is exactly what she got! Yep, when she met Rick Risher, she knew she was in for a life of a diva! Rick is a previous adopter, therefore, we know what kind of life this girl will have! Oh yeah, she hit the big time, alright! Rick, THANK YOU!!!!!!! This angel girl is some kind of special to us, and we know that you are some kind of special daddy. We are so glad that you added her to your pack! Angel baby, we know that you are loving life and feeling just how special you are. And you are truly something special. No doubt, you took a piece of our hearts with you, a big piece of mine, to be sure. But knowing the special life you will have makes it all worthwhile. Can't wait to see the young lady you grow into. Live it and love it, sweetheart, you certainly deserve it.

Happy Tails -- Woodrow

12/18/13 -- Home for the holidays! Yes you really are, Woodrow! Handsome Woodrow came in with his sister, after they had been found on the side of the highway as young pups. His sister Willow was adopted first, leaving Woodrow lost and confused. We couldn't understand how a dog as awesome as this boy could wait so long for his very own home. Woodrow is the perfect young dog, great manners, laidback temperament, very social, everything a person could want in a pet. Then, Nick Watkins came in, looking for a companion and a study partner. And then, at that moment, it came to us. We had been rushing things for Woodrow. We know better than that! We know that good things come to those who wait, and that all good things come in time. We were just so anxious for someone to see what we saw in this awesome boy, and Nick did just that! These two are a perfect match! And Nick's significant other, Minna, makes it that much sweeter! Nick, THANK YOU for seeing how perfect this handsome boy is! We believe that he will be the best study partner ever, and a loyal companion for life. Woodrow, your Christmas wish has come true! You truly are home for the holidays! And guess what? I managed to get the message to Willow that she can stop worrying now, that you are spoken for by an awesome new daddy, and that life is good, as good as hers. Woodrow, enjoy every day of your wonderful new life. Live it to the hilt, for it is all yours. There is just no way that we could be happier for you! Merry Christmas, sweet man! We love you more than words.

Happy Tails -- Shiloh

12/17/13 -- Another incredible home for another incredible baby, and in time for Christmas! Shiloh and his sister, Sydney, were brought to the shelter by some, let's just say much less than compassionate, young people. These precious pups had not had a easy go of it, and they were just babies. Sydney was the first to get a great home, and poor Shiloh was so depressed when his sister left. But, one month and four days later, it was well worth the wait! Daniel Fairly changed everything for our handsome Shiloh! Took away all of the sadness, and let him know just how special he is. Because of Daniel and his family, Shiloh will have the Christmas of his dreams! Daniel, we will always be grateful to you and your family for choosing our sweet boy. You are just what he needed. Shiloh, live it up, sweetheart! See there, we told you that you were one special pup! And now you know that we meant every, single word. We love you tons, sweet boy, and miss your sweet face already! Have a very Merry Christmas, baby!

Happy Tails -- Leo

12/11/13 -- Thank you to the Cole family for adopted sweet Leo. We know he is going to have a Christmas full of love, and of course, treats and toys. Merry Christmas.

Happy Tails -- Joanie

12/10/13 -- Sweet little Joanie. We wonder how on earth it happened that she was found in the back of someone's pickup truck, all alone and only about 2 weeks old. It seems there are always so many questions that we can never find the answers to. What we do know, is that this little girl hit luck the day she was found. Our shelter director took little Joanie on as her own special project, taking her home at night and bottle feeding her until she was old enough to eat on her own. That was her first stroke of good luck. The next came the day the Alexanders visited the shelter in the hopes of of adopting a kitty. What we love is when the pet picks the family. And that is exactly what happened when Joanie met this awesome young couple. She took to them instantly, showing off her little outgoing personality as if to tell them, 'I AM the one for you, and the ONLY one for you!' That feeling was obviously mutual, as they connected in such a special way. Please don't ever tell Joanie that dreams don't come true. She will surely correct you in a heartbeat! Alexanders, thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing our precious little girl. Or maybe we should say for letting her choose you! She is the perfect little girl to join your family. Joanie, no more truck beds for you, honey. You have a real life now, one that many cats would give anything for. Live it like a princess, sweet baby, for that is exactly what you are.

Happy Tails -- Abbey

12/10/13 -- And we have another ever so sweet adoption to share with you. Abbey was surrendered to us because her owners owned big dogs when they added her to the pack. It seems she never fit into the pack, as the big dogs were always roughing her up. I guess it must have been too much for her owners. At any rate, she was brought to us, and we happily took the little angel girl. Through Abbey's eyes, you can see clear through to her soul. She is absolutely precious, and so full of love. Enter Caroline Hubbach. Caroline lost her senior furbaby well over a year ago, and she has struggled with that loss ever since. She asked that we watch for a new companion for her, one that would fit into her life style in an apartment and with several cats. When Abbey came in, it was as if a light was turned on. Abbey was THE dog for Caroline, that was just a given. Photos were sent to Caroline, and she promptly came in to meet Abbey. The rest, as they say, was history. These two girls were meant for each other, in every way possible. Abbey loves the cats, and she and Carolina are attached at the hip. Caroline has thanked us and told us countless times that they both saved each other. Her life is fulfilled once again, with a loyal companion, and little Abbey has exactly the life she needed. One full of love and devotion. Adoptions like this are what we strive and live for here at CARA. Caroline, words just aren't enough to tell you how extremely thrilled we are that you have given Abbey everything she needed and wanted. We are so glad to have been able to help you find that special soulmate that you so needed in your life. Abbey, oh my goodness!!! How does it feel to live your dreams??? We are guessing that would be what the word 'perfection' means. We love you girls, and hope that you have many, beautiful years to share together. When it's right, it's just right.

Happy Tails -- Gabby

12/10/13 -- Precious little Gabby came to us one Saturday afternoon. Someone had found her, and it was clear that her back leg had been injured. She was so tiny, and such a love bug! After vetting her, we learned that her leg had been broken, at some point, but had already begun the healing process. It was recommended that we leave well enough alone, and just as the vet had predicted, she was using that leg in no time! No need to tell you how badly we spoiled this little girl! Then there was that special day when our very own Nathan and Candice Barber came to the shelter, wanting to meet some pups, as they wanted to add a new baby to their pack. They are very special to us, for many reasons, but also because they adopted the leash of Bentley, our handsome blue Pittie, and failed miserably! Those failures we love! I don't think it took them long at all to decide that our little Gabby, now Darcy, was the one for them. She is now a proud member of the Barber family, and a very important little pack member. She has a doggy brother, Bentley, who is her partner in crime, and a doggy sister, Josie, who enjoys playing the mommy role to her. We just love seeing our sweet little baby in such good hands! Candice and Nathan, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving that little angel the home and love that she so very much deserved. It is so heartwarming to know that she will always be loved and taken care of the way we know you two will. Darcy, who would have thought it, sweetheart? For a little baby who came in so down on your luck, your world sure has done a complete turnabout. We are so happy about that! Enjoy every day of your new dream life, and know that we love you to the moon and back!

Happy Tails -- Lil Blue

12/058/13 -- For a little girl who was found under a dumpster in a store parking lot, our little Blue Girl sure has hit the big time! And for that, we just couldn't be any happier! Jonathan Ward fell head over heels for our sweet little one, as she did for him. This photo gives you some idea of the love that these two felt for one another immediately. No doubt in our minds that she will live the life of a little princess. Jonathan, thank you so much for being the one to show our little girl just how much love a human is capable of giving. We know that she will always be safe with you. Little Blue Girl, live it, love it, and own it! This is your new life, and the life that you deserved since the day you came into this world. We know you have your new daddy wrapped around your little paw, but every now and again, let him be the boss, okay? Ha! We see a definite spoiling in this adoption. We wish the both of you many incredibly happy years together. Feel free to come by and visit us at any time! We can't wait to see what a beautiful girl she grows into.

Happy Tails -- EJ and Lil Blue

12/04/13 -- Wow! We just don't even know what else to say about these two adoptions! Winnie Andrus and her niece, Candace Henderson, came to the shelter to meet E.J., as Candace was interested in adopting E.J.. Well, as it turned out, Winnie was just lovestruck by E.J.. Candace just didn't have the heart to adopt him, knowing that Winnie really wanted him. (We think Candace already had her eye on precious baby Blue, also.) So, after all was said and done, E.J. went home with Winnie (a previous CARA adopter), and our precious little Blue went home with Candace!!! Say 'hello' to E.J. Andrus on the left, and Blue Henderson on the right! Now, just what on earth could be sweeter than this??? Winnie and Candace, we now see that this these big hearts you ladies have are definitely a family trait! What a special day this was! There aren't enough words to thank you, both. We are beside ourselves in knowing that these two little angels will be a part of a very special family for the holidays. Such a sweet feeling for us. Blue and E.J., you have both struck gold. It truly doesn't get any better than this. We love you, sweet boys, and wish you nothing but incredible happiness in your new lives. Somehow, we know you are already there.


 Happy Tails -- Delilah

12/04/13 -- Delilah was the first of our kitties to be adopted during our recent Back in Black promotion! Go, Delilah! This beautiful girl was chosen by Steven Davis and family. And she could not have been happier about that! We were pretty darned excited about that ourselves! Davis family, thank you so much for choosing sweet Delilah! Delilah, how about that? In your very own home for Christmas! Way to go, sweet girl!

Happy Tails -- Gigi and Grace

11/19/13 -- Could someone please tell me what on earth could be sweeter than this? These two precious little girls, mom and daughter, were found as strays by an employee of a local TV station. Grace and Gigi came in super bonded, which usually spells trouble as far as finding a home willing to take on two babies. But for Serena Brasher, that was no problem at all! In fact, she fell immediately in love with these two little angels! Serena, we are beyond thrilled that you chose these little girls to go home with you! We have a strong feeling that they have found their pot of gold. We are so thankful to you for loving them and letting them live as little princesses. Grace and Gigi, just how good does it get? Together, forever, exactly what you two girls wanted and needed. Own it, little sweethearts. The day that Serena came into the shelter was most certainly your lucky day. And we couldn't be happier!

Happy Tails -- Willow

11/18/13 -- Guess who got a great home? Our beautiful Willow got a great home! Willow and her brother, Woodrow, were rescued from the side of the highway and brought to CARA. Willow is a perfect sweetheart! And so excited to be adopted by Alan Burrow! She went right in and made herself at home! Alan, thank you so much for choosing Willow to be your girl! We just couldn't be happier! Willow, enjoy your new life, and treasure every minute of being spoiled. You are an incredible girl who certainly deserves the kind of love you are getting. We love you, sweet girl!!

Happy Tails -- Donahue

11/17/13 -- Want to hear a sweet rags to riches story? Meet Donahue. Donahue was thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle. Thankfully, a kindhearted person traveling behind this truck saw the incident and stopped to pick up this sweet soul. The day that he was brought to CARA, Donahue was very skinny, missing a lot of his coat, and yes, very sad and confused as to what had just happened. But, with so much love to give. That was a few months ago. From the day we got this precious boy, he has loved every human he has laid eyes on. Amazing how a dog can do that, be so forgiving and non-judgmental. All he wanted was to love and be loved. His story of riches began a few days ago when he met Austin Deskewies. These two were so clearly made for eachother. Austin made a comment that we will all remember, when discussing adopting Donahue. While being given a heads up that Donahue will be a full meal deal, as he is young and so full of energy, Austin said that Donahue is exactly what he would be like if he were a dog. We knew right then that there was a great connection between this young man and this dog. Peace and love, guys, from us to you.

Happy Tails -- Sydney

11/12/13 -- Our girl Sydney got her Christmas wish early!!! She and her brother were owner surrenders, long story that we won't go into. They came to us as two precious, little puppies, who just wanted and needed to be loved. We were so excited when Jonathon DuBois fell in love with her! Jonathan is exactly what Sydney needed, a wonderful companion and best friend. Thank you so much, Jonathan, for coming to meet our dogs, and choosing Sydney to be your girl! We know you will share many fabulous years together. Sydney, best wishes on your great new life, sweetheart! We couldn't be happier for you! Shiloh sends his love, and hopes that you will make the same wish for him, as he is longing to experience what you are enjoying now. Love you, sweet girl!

Happy Tails -- Blanche and Jasper

11/11/13 -- What could be better than adopting one precious little kitty? Adopting two precious little kitties, of course!! Trying to get a great photo? Not so much!! Jasper and Blanche were so excited and full of themselves about being chosen by the Israel family! Nasser gave it his best shot in our attempt to get photos, but wow! That was almost an impossible feat! Israel family, thank you so much for taking advantage of our Back in Black campaign! We know there will be many fun filled, exciting days in your household! Enjoy every one of them, Blanche and Jasper!

Clarice and Dixie

11/09/13 --  There is just no way that we could be happier about the adoption of Dixie and Clarice! These two girls came to us some time ago, when their elderly owner could no longer care for them. The family chose not to keep them, so to CARA they came. As they had never known anything but each other, they have been what we call a bonded pair. These girls did everything together, and had not been socialized when we got them. Poor Dixie was a wreck. Though we couldn't imagine separating them, we knew that would mean for a tough time in finding them a home, as most folks aren't looking to adopt two babies together. During the time that we have had them, we have worked so hard with Dixie, and loved them to the moon and back, hanging onto the idea that one day, the right person would come along. That is exactly how things went when Randy Andrews came and met them a couple of weeks ago. Dixie was amazingly at ease with him.  We don't know what it was, but she had an incredible calmness there, even being in a new environment. They will be loved by leaps and bounds, and that is exactly what they need and deserve. Randy, you are their angel, just exactly what they have been waiting for. And you are our hero, just exactly what we have been waiting for. We can't thank you enough for giving these girls the loving home that they have waited so long for. Yes, some things are just meant to be. We are so deeply grateful that you are in such good hands now.

Happy Tails -- Tobey and Chloe

11/07/13 -- What could possibly be better than an Adopt-A-Leash family adopting the leashes of these two little cuties? An Adopt-A-Leash FAIL, of course!! Yes, our Tobey and Chloe have officially been adopted by Gloria and Gary Mayfield!! These two sweethearts left the shelter today for the last time with the Mayfields. Or at least, in the capacity of adopt-a-leashes! Won't they be happily surprised when they figure out that they are not coming back to the shelter! Gloria and Gary, wow!!!!! We are so excited for these kids, and for you guys! Our hearts are so happy tonight! Thank you both so much for all of the quality time you spent with these two babies. But, more than that, thank you so much for deciding that you need them to be permanent members of your family. We love these two, and we are absolutely thrilled to see them go home with you forever. Tobey and Chloe, just how awesome is this? I wish we could see how excited and happy you both must be tonight! I have a strong feeling that we have an idea. We love you, little ones! Oh yes, we will miss you, but oh my goodness, the happiness of knowing that you are finally where you were meant to be! Love and kisses to you both! Be sure your mommy and daddy bring you by to visit, as we know they will! Best wishes for a wonderful new life!

Happy Tails -- Goldie

10/28/13 -- It's been almost two years since CARA was called about the 13 puppies that were abandoned in the dumpster, at only two days old. Most of you came to know those puppies as the Lucky 13. And as most of you also know, those puppies gained nationwide attention, and were adopted into wonderful homes, scattered out on the map. For that, we couldn't have been more grateful. But sadly, their mom, Goldie, was not so fortunate. Goldie has always been extremely special to us, as the story of this precious mom and her little family was just so unbelievably miraculous. Well, a couple of weeks ago, a very special woman named Teri Jones put in an application for Goldie online. She had seen her on Petfinder, and felt the connection before even meeting her in person. Seeing that application online was just about enough to make the heart stop! In the next few days, we had conversations with Teri, and confirmed through connections in the area that there is no ban on her breed in the north Mississippi town that Teri is from.  I think Goldie knew instantly that Teri had come for her, as she immediately took right up with her. Tears just couldn't be stopped, and certain ones of us could barely speak. Enjoy your wonderful new life, precious Goldie! We send you off with tons of hugs and kisses, and more love for you and your new family than any of you could ever know. Blessings and hopes for a long, fabulous life together, full of beautiful moments and treasured memories. 

Happy Tails -- Ginger

10/20/2013 -- Boy, did our little Ginger hit the jackpot yesterday! She is the cutest little thing, and so darned sweet! That is exactly what Renee DeWald and her son thought when they met her recently. Ginger's new human brother worked to save the money for her adoption fee, as he wanted her that badly! His mom has the right idea! We are so happy for Ginger and her new family! We just know that there will be many years of joy and happiness within this family. Thank you so much, DeWald family, for giving Ginger this wonderful new life. Ginger, you enjoy every minute of it! We will definitely miss your little sweet face, but we are so incredibly thrilled for you. Love you, little princess!

Happy Tails -- Thomas

10/17/2013 --Sweet little Thomas, our precious little boy, found in a Rubbermaid box in the rain, as only a baby. We knew there was something really special about Thomas. He was such a great little puppy! So playful and loving, only thing he was missing was a real family of his own. Well, the day the Bellan family came to visit CARA, his whole life took a turn for what we would definitely say was the very best! This awesome family fell head over heels over our boy! We knew they would be great for him. Our only concern was their 5 year old indoor rabbit! How in the world would Thomas do with a loose rabbit hopping around the house? This rabbit goes all over the house, upstairs, and believe it or not, he sits on the pool steps while the family is swimming!! Long story short of it, we sat down and had a long discussion with the family about our concerns. They felt they could make it work, and who were we to tell them that they were wrong? So, we made the decision to give them, and Thomas, a chance. As it turned out, Thomas and the rabbit have done great together! Both have free reign of the house, and life is great for all! Now, how is that for an adoption story? Bellan family, you all are incredible in our book! You were exactly what Thomas needed in a family! And pretty darned smart, too, as you knew you could make this work! Thomas, you are one special boy, indeed. We knew it from day one. Enjoy your new spectacular life, sweet man! You are one lucky boy! Oh, but we think the Bellans are pretty lucky, too! We love you, sweet Thomas!

Happy Tails -- Rebel

10/17/2013 -- Our sweet little Rebel was chosen by Annie Gallegos to be her best friend and companion. This sweet boy was being given away in a WalMart parking lot. His people were in an RV, and for whatever reason, the story goes that they could not take him back to the campground, so they were looking to give him to the first person interested in him. He must have had an angel looking over him, as a good Samaritan asked to have him, and then brought him to us to find him a good, safe home. When Annie met him, she knew he was the one. He is such a sweet boy, only wanting to love and be loved. And we know that is exactly what he got with Annie. We are so grateful to you, Annie, for giving our precious boy what he needed and longed for. We can't imagine why anyone would give him up, but we know that because of you, he only knows love, now. Rebel, enjoy your life with Annie and don't give a second thought to your past. With her, you will have everything you ever need, and then some. We love you, sweetheart! 

Happy Tails -- Pepper

10/01/13 -- For a girl who had such a hard start on life, our precious Pepper has finally been adopted by a family that we think is exactly what she needed. Pepper was rescued first by a Jackson Police officer who, while responding to a call, found her abandoned in an empty house, with no food or water. For whatever reason, none that can be justified, this sweet puppy's family deserted her and left her all alone in that house. The kind officer brought her to CARA on a Sunday night, to see if we wanted to try and help her. All we had to do was look at that terrified little face on the backseat of the patrol car to know that we had to take her. Her little body just shook while holding her, trying to provide comfort that night. We have taken her out to many adoption events to get her socialized more and to help her with her timidness. She is the sweetest girl, nothing but love to give. The Bustin family recognized what she had to offer, and knowing that she would be somewhat of a challenge, they loved her and chose her over all the other dogs in the shelter.

Happy Tails -- Morgan

09/30/13 -- Our precious little Morgan says, "Haha! I'm outta here, gang!!" We knew Morgan wouldn't last long, and we were certainly right! He made his debut on TV, and that wrapped up the story of his life at the shelter. He has since moved on to bigger and better things with Mr. and Mrs. Pittman. They came in to meet him, and that was the end of his story with us, and the beginning of his new life with them. And for that, we are ever so grateful! The reports we are getting is that he has settled in perfectly, as if he has always been with them. Mr. and Mrs. Pittman, thank you so much for coming to the shelter to meet our little guy. You two are his heroes, as well as ours! Morgan, live it up, little buddy! You got exactly what you deserved! We love you, sweetheart!

Happy Tails -- Regan

09/29/13 -- Regan is a big believer in fairytales coming true. This sweet girl was picked up from the side of the road, and brought to us. She was petrified, and had horrendous skin issues . It didn't take her long to warm up to the shelter staff, though, as they just bombarded her with loving care. Kristy Ferguson met Regan a couple of weeks ago, and just fell in love with her. Friday, Kristy came to take her home. No words to tell you how incredibly happy that made us. Regan is a very special little girl, who now has a very special mommy. Kristy, you are the answer to our prayer for Regan. Just exactly what she needed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Regan, enjoy living out your fairytale! You deserve every day of it. We love you, little one!

Happy Tails -- Hudson

09/27/13 -- Oh my goodness, did Hudson strike gold with his new family, or what?? Not only did he get a great new mom and dad, but he also became the big brother of a beautiful baby sister! And by the looks of things as soon as he met them, we feel sure he is going to be a great protector of that little sister! He immediately took right up with her, and was ever so gentle, as if he knew she is just a baby. He was quite smitten with those sweet little baby feet, as you can clearly see in the photo. From a little baby pup, lost and all alone, to a great family that will give him all the love he can stand... We think Hudson has hit the big time with Ryan and Allie Armstrong, and precious little Reagan. Armstrong family, thank you so much for choosing our boy to become a valued member of your precious family. We just couldn't be happier. Hudson, we know that you are going to be one happy boy! Enjoy every day of your awesome new life, sweet man! Keep a watchful eye over that precious little girl. You two will, no doubt, be the best of friends. Happy trails, handsome boy! Lots of love to you, always.

Happy Tails -- Baby Nell

09/24/13 --Ahhh, yes Baby Nell, dreams do come true. And yours have come true in many ways. This angel was most likely used as a breeding tool, then placed on Craigslist as 'free to a good home'. The person that took her called herself giving this sweet girl a better life. And maybe she thought she was. But, that better life consisted of living outside on a tie-out for the majority of her days, lonely and terrified during thunderstorms. To make a very long story short, we managed to have her brought to the shelter, where we immediately made our girl a promise that we would do everything in our power to find her a home and a family that would show her just how a good life could be. Her leash was adopted fairly quickly, by Brent and Rachel Lyle, and they spent much time taking Baby Nell to events in the effort to help her find a home. Recently, they took her to Rollin Thru the Park, and that is where her dreams started to become a reality. There she met Kara McCullough, who was drawn to her immediately. Last weekend, Kara brought her children, both human and fur, to the shelter to meet Baby Nell. Having two other dogs, we needed to be sure that they all got along. And get along they did! Carter and Lexie seemed very willing to accept a new member into their family. And as of that day, Baby Nell's life changed unbelievably. She is now a wonderful new addition to an incredible family.

Happy Tails -- Happy

09/22/13 -- This girl has got to be one of the happiest dogs that has ever come through our shelter, which is the reason she was given the name Happy. The day she was brought in, her little wiggle butt never stopped wagging. She has the most bubbly personality and absolutely loves all people and all animals. Today made me wonder if she has known something all along that we didn't know. Like that she would not be a shelter resident for long, that an awesome guy would be coming for her, and soon. Mike Williamson met her at Rollin Thru the Park last weekend, and today he came to the shelter to see her. Of course, she was all smiles, as usual. Well, the short of this story is that Happy left with him today, headed for her 'happy ever after'!!!! Mike, you got yourself a real gem with this girl. We are so thrilled that you chose her to become a member of your family and home. We know she will be bring you much happiness and many smiles, just as she has us. Happy is just a joy to be around. Beautiful girl, we have enjoyed having you as a part of our CARA family for the short time we have had you. You have given us many laughs, and taught us much about keeping a happy and positive outlook. Make sure your new dad brings you to the dog park for visits, as we made sure he knew how much you love your time in that park. Always know that we love you tons! Mike and Happy, may you share many incredible years together.

Happy Tails -- Dale

09/19/13 -- They say that good things come to those who wait. This has been proven time and time again lately. Once again, we have seen this to be true, as was the case with the adoption of Dale. Dale was found as a baby, eating from a dumpster at a local university. This beautiful pup was emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and had no one to love him. Thankfully, a professor at the university saw fit to take him home to foster. This awesome couple fostered him for many months, bringing him back to good health. They tried relentlessly to find Dale a good home, to no avail. Will Cunningham, one of our gold star fosters, was interested in trying his hand at finding Dale a good home. Will has taken Dale to so many adoption events, been interviewed with Dale twice by the newspaper, and taken him to TV for his debut as CARA's Dog of the Week. It has been so hard for us to understand what was keeping us from finding this boy a home. Dale is as close to perfection as a dog can get. Absolutely loves every human and every animal. You just couldn't ask for a better dog. Well, recently, while Will and Dale were out of town visiting Will's dad, Pat Hill met Dale. In Pat's words, she knew right then and there that Dale was meant to be her dog. We were all just in amazement. All of this time we had been trying to help him find a great home and immediately Pat knew he belonged with her! Isn't it something how things work out? Pat, thank you so much for seeing what we have all seen in Dale all of this time. Maybe we were trying too hard, maybe we just should have known that he was waiting for you. Whatever the answer to that is, we are so grateful for the day that you met our precious boy. Finally, Dale gets his very own family and home, complete with grandchildren to play with! We couldn't have asked for more. Dale, how about that? We are so thrilled for you, big guy! Just what we have been looking and hoping for! From dumpster puppy to big boy, complete with everything you could ever hope for! Happy trails, sweet boy! We will certainly miss you! And we know your foster dad will be missing you tons, seen handing over your leash to Pat in this photo. Life is just good.

Happy Tails -- Trooper

09/16/13 -- Anyone in need of an awesome Happy Tail to lift their spirits from the fact that today was Monday? Then, please, let me introduce you to Aldo (formerly our Trooper)! Aldo was rescued from the side of a busy highway by a good Samaritan. We took him right in, emaciated, covered in ticks and fleas, and with a horrendous femur injury. Bless his heart, he did nothing but love us, right from 'hello', just as we did him. After bathing and removing all the ticks, he was served what was, no doubt, the first good meal he had been given in ages. He was so grateful for every bit of attention he got. All of us fell head over heels for him the first night. We quickly took him to one of our vets, and learned that his femur was in very bad shape, and would require surgery, very expensive surgery. But you know, we knew this sweet boy had so much love to give, and so much life yet to be lived. We scrounged for the funds, and did what we had to in the effort to save him. It was a long, hard road for our boy. His pain throughout it all made some of us question at times whether we did the right thing. But, as he progressed, we knew beyond any shadow of any doubt that we had done exactly the right thing. Throughout it all, he remained so gentle and so loving, and ever so grateful. During his stays at the vet's office, he met and got to know Melanie Bussell, a veterinary student, who was with them for the summer. That's where his happy new beginning started. Melanie absolutely fell in love with our precious boy! It wasn't long before she inquired about adopting him. We knew immediately that she was his angel, the one he needed to take him home and show him all the things about life and love that no one had ever shown him before. And that is exactly what she did! Aldo is now a MSU Dawg! And living the high life with his new mama, who loves him to pieces! Melanie, you are a God send, an absolute angel. We had high hopes of finding just the right person for our boy, and you exceeded all of our expectations. We don't know how to thank you for loving this precious little boy, and giving him what we're sure he probably never even dreamed of. He has gone form a starving, injured lost soul, to living the life of a prince. And we have you to thank for that. We will always be grateful to you for that. Aldo, gosh, did you ever even think that life might be so good??? Always know that your CARA family loves you more than all of the stars in the sky. We are so proud of you, for your perseverance during your healing process, your patience with us in trying to help you heal, the love that you showed us through it all, we will never forget you angel boy. We learned a lot from you. May your lives be blessed and full of the happiness and joy that you both so richly deserve.

Happy Tails -- Laverne

09/11/13 -- Our sweet girl, Laverne, is now an Alabama resident!! We are thrilled beyond words for her! Although, to be honest, we miss her already. Laverne is one of those perfect girls, couldn't ask for a better dog. And boy, what fun we have had with her in Bree's Bark Park!!!! She is definitely all Lab, as she absolutely loves the water! Actually, Laverne loves everything and everyone. Just imagine how excited we were when Patricia Davis contacted us from Alabama! Patricia is a wonderful pet mama, so we knew Laverne had hit the jackpot! She is everything we could have hoped for. Patricia, saying that we are grateful would be so much of an understatement. We are more thrilled than we can even tell you. Laverne came in with her sister, who was adopted pretty quickly last year. We knew that sooner or later someone would come along for our girl. We just didn't know how absolutely perfect that someone would be. You are most definitely Laverne's greatest blessing, and a tremendous blessing to us. Laverne, gosh girl, who would have thought?? We knew you were the perfect girl, we just couldn't understand what was taking so long. Now we get it. We miss you already, but we are so incredibly happy for you! Enjoy every minute of your fantastic new life, your walks with your new mom, your swims in the lake, your play time with your new feline friend. Life is going to be everything that you, and we, dreamed of. Know that your shelter family loves you to the moon and back, and we always will.

Happy Tails -- August

09/11/13 -- About a week ago, we put out a plea for a foster for our precious August. She was involved in a car accident. People on the scene thought that maybe she had actually been the cause of the accident by being in the road. We'll never know what really happened there, but what we do know is that August is a sweetheart in every sense of the word. Her jaw was broken, but that was the only serious injury she obtained. So, here is the is the greatest news on our baby! That plea we put out got the attention of a wonderful former adopter, Ardell Hinton, who, upon learning of August and her story, came to the shelter promptly to meet her. Well, you know how things go when they are meant to be. Ardell took to her immediately, and August took to Ardell just as quickly. This was another special match, one that was arranged by someone much bigger than we are. We strike it up as yet another CARA miracle, one of the many we have been blessed with. Ardell, you will always remain special to us for giving your heart to this precious girl, and offering your home and life to share with her. She needed you so much. August, what a lucky little girl you are! From homeless to a princess. Wow, baby girl, it just doesn't get any better than that! You definitely take a piece of our hearts with you. We are so thankful for this miracle.

Happy Tails -- Gertrude and JP

09/10/13 -- Two CARA sweethearts went to their fur-ever home today with Brenda Yarbro! Gertrude (left) and JP (right) were so happy that Brenda picked them to be her special ones. Thank you, Brenda!

Happy Tails -- Violet

09/07/13 -- Happy, happy days are here again for our precious girl, Violet! This perfect girl was adopted once, then returned later. Since that time, she has been just patiently waiting for that magical day when her new people come to meet her and take her home. Well, that magical day has come! The McCook family came to look around, and knew immediately that Violet was the one they came for. When they went into the visiting room to get to know Violet, the magic began. Violet fell madly in love with this family, especially these precious children, and that love was instantly reciprocated by this wonderful family. It was as if she had been with them forever. McCook family, we don't even know how to thank you. Words just don't seem to be enough. We knew all along that Violet was an incredible girl, and we couldn't understand why no one else seemed to see that. Now we know she was just waiting on you guys. Violet, wow baby!!!!! Just look what a lucky girl you are! You have it all, everything you have been waiting for, and then some. McCook family (including Violet), may the years be many, and the blessings be plentiful.

Happy Tails -- Cotton and Brownie

09/07/13 -- Can you say happy, happy, happy!!! Our boys, Cotton and Brownie, have hit the bigtime! These boys were surrendered by their owner, and are as bonded as two can be. We knew that they would have to go together, and we also knew that would make it much more difficult to place them in a home. Then came the magical day that Katie Davis called from Louisiana. It seemed Boxers are her breed of choice, and she had actually been searching for a pair of Boxers, and had no luck. That is, until she spotted Cotton and Brownie online. Folks, I don't know how many of you believe in fate, or things happening for a reason, but this woman and this phone call were sent by a power much greater than we are. This adoption is nothing less than perfection. These boys are the center of this family's world, and they have fit right into that position from day one. Katie, there are just no words! As you said, this was just meant to be. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving these boys the perfect home with everything they could ever need, and then some. They were blessed incredibly the day they met you. Cotton and Brownie, though we miss you boys, we know that you are exactly where you were meant to be. Enjoy every day of your awesome new life! And may you all have many, fabulous years of making the greatest memories imaginable. Love and hugs to all of you!

Happy Tails -- Mary Grace

09/06/13 -- This beautiful little girl is Mary Grace. She was found roaming as a stray, and thankfully, brought to us. We initially thought that the worst of her problems were the huge mats in her coat and on her ears.  Sadly, Mary Grace became very ill immediately after we took her in, and spent a couple of weeks at the clinic of one of our fabulous vets, being treated for Parvo. We had her back for a very short time when she broke out with mysterious sores all over her little body. Once again, she had to go back and spend time with the vet. In spite of it all, she was never anything but a love. After we brought her back this time, the Smith family came to visit the shelter one day, hoping to find a new baby. The first time they met Mary Grace, they knew she was their girl. After all she had been through, we were reluctant to let her leave us until we were absolutely sure that she was 100% healthy. During the weeks that followed, we watched over her and charted her progress. The Smiths came in several times a week, just to spend quality time with our little girl, lots of time. They never got discouraged, nor felt the least bit of doubt that she was meant to be their baby. No words to describe the happiness that was shared by all when we finally determined that she had kicked all of the illnesses that she had been stricken with, and was healthy enough to start her new life. Thank you Smith family for giving sweet Mary Grace a forever home!

Happy Tails -- Tootie & Pumpkin

08/31/13 -- Tootie (left) and Pumpkin (right) went to their fur-ever home this week with Chappell Neeld. What a happy family!

Happy Tails -- Homer

08/15/13 -- Now, this is true love if I've ever seen it! Little Homer was found as a stray in the Home Depot parking lot, hence the name Homer. Little Homer just never thought he would be adored so much! Carla Robinson is absolutely perfect for this little guy. I'll bet that by now, he doesn't even remember being homeless and looking for love. Carla, thank you so much for choosing this little boy to be your baby! And it's quite obvious that he is your baby! We know that the two of you will have a perfect life together!

Happy Tails -- Riley

08/08/13 -- So, who do you think is more happy in this photo, Riley, or his new sisters?? I think that is a toss up, at best! The Lindsey family met Riley at an adoption event, and fell in love with our boy! They came straight to the shelter and started the procedure to make him a member of their family. As you can see, by the time it was done, it was all smiles for this family. Lindsey, thank you all so much for choosing Riley! We are so happy that he is now an important member of your family. Riley, we bet you are still smiling! Looks like your life will be filled with happy days. We are so happy for you, little guy!! P.S. Keep an eye on those beautiful new sisters you have! You are one lucky boy!

Happy Tails -- Sukie

07/29/13 -- Oh yes!!! Our beautiful Sukie has been adopted! No more roaming the streets for this girl! Oh, no! She is now in a great, loving home with Mason and Cassie Mangum! Not only does she have a wonderful new mom and dad, she also has a fabulous new fur sister! Nothing ahead for our sweet girl but sunny skies and mega doses of happiness! Thank you Mason and Cassie, for finding your perfect new addition right here at our shelter! Sukie, live it up, sweet girl! You certainly deserve it. So happy to see you find your pot of gold!

Happy Tails -- JR

07/28/13 -- Chances are that some of you may remember JR, our senior pet of the week back in April. I thought he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, and just knew that someone would come to meet him. Well, I'm sure that due in part to the fact that there are so many cats everywhere looking for homes, that never happened. No one came to meet JR. We just decided that it must be in his fate to stay with us. Which was fine, as we all love him so. Well, a few days ago, a great young couple named Rose and Eric came to the shelter to look at cats. When they met handsome JR, that was it! They just knew that he was the cat they had come to meet! Wow! We were all so thrilled, we could hardly breathe! JR, our beautiful senior, finally chosen to be someone's family!!! Rose and Eric, we will be eternally grateful to you for choosing our boy! We know that he will make your life complete, just as we are certain that you guys just made his complete. JR, wow, just wow! We are so extremely excited for you, big guy! Feel it, live it, love it, every wonderful day of your new life! We love you like mad, JR!!

Happy Tails -- Nadine

07/27/13 -- Now, here's an adoption to shout about!! This beautiful girl is Nadine. Some of you may have met her at the many recent adoption events she has been to. Nadine came in with your typical homeless dog story. But, she was special from the minute we got her. Nadine was chosen by one of our incredible Adopt-A-Leash moms, Danni LaComb, to be her next project. You see, Danni seems to be our good luck charm in that department. After her last Adopt-A-Leash was adopted, she came looking for another baby. Nadine just had to be the one! There was an instant connection between the two. Danni took her to numerous CARA events, including one recently called Putting on the Dog. There is where Nadine met Carrie Farmer, one of the vendors, and that is where Nadine's happy tail started. Carrie has always been a Bully owner and fan. Her last two passed away at very old ages, then she took in a pair of Boston Terriers. Although she dearly loves her Bostons, Carrie realized that life without a Bully was just not the same. So, the rest, as they say, is history. Carrie and Nadine hit it off right from the start, and now Nadine is a proud new Farmer family member! We are just elated!! Carrie, thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing our sweet Nadine to love, and open your home to. You are exactly what we had hoped would come along and scoop up our girl! Danni, thank you so much for the time you spent with Nadine. You did her so much good! Without you, she would have never met Carrie, and had this happy new beginning. Both of you ladies just rock in our book!!!! Nadine, you have hit the jackpot girl! You are such an ambassador for your breed. Enjoy every day of your incredible new life, sweetheart. There is no way we could be happier for you. Always know that you are one special girl to us.

 Happy Tails -- Kingston

07/25/13 -- Anyone in the mood for a feel good happy tail? This little guy is Trooper (formerly Kingston). Shockingly, he came to us as an owner surrender, only a baby at 11 months old. To make it worse, when he was brought to us, he had both of his little front legs broken and in casts, casts that had been on for months, without followup vet care. That being said, this baby was all love, just the sweetest thing ever. We immediately took him to the vet, and miraculously, when the casts were removed, his little legs had somehow managed to heal perfectly. While at another vet appointment, our sweet boy met the most wonderful woman, and it was instant love for them both. After much visiting and discussing the hopeful adoption, Trooper and I left, feeling strongly that he had just met his new mama. After doing all the paperwork, Kim Taylor came to the shelter to pick up her new baby! Folks, I've got to tell you. This baby definitely found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with Kim. There is just no way that he could have been given a better mama. His life will never be the same, thanks to Kim. He will know nothing but extreme love and happiness. I venture to say that he has probably already forgotten his past life. Although life for him started out badly, he will live a life fit for a prince from here on out. Kim, we honestly don't know how to thank you for giving our sweet baby the home he so deserved and needed. Overjoyed would be putting it mildly. Thank you more than words. Little sweet man, may your life forever more be what it should have been long ago. You surely must think you are in doggy Heaven. We love you so much, and just couldn't be happier for you. Be sure and get your new mommy to bring you to see us sometimes!

Happy Tails -- Taffy

07/24/13 -- Y'all may remember that Taffy was Dog of the Week recently. Yesterday she went to her fur-ever home with Vicki Leach and Caroline Lowery (pictured below). We will miss our sweet girl but we are so happy that Taffy now has a home of her own.

Happy Tails -- Louise

07/24/13 -- Clay and Sandy Thornton took Louise to her fur-ever home today. We are so happy for Louise!

Happy Tails -- Tiffany

07/21/13 -- Way to go, Tiffany!!! What a great new mom you have! We knew you were a diamond in the rough the day we met you. Susan Frichter recognized the same when she met you! Tiffany was found wandering by a good Samaritan, and kept and cared for as long as possible. Eventually, Tiffany had to come to the shelter. She is such a pretty and sweet girl. We knew that sooner or later, the right person would come along for her. And that is exactly what happened. Susan, thank you so much for choosing beautiful Tiffany to be your loyal friend and companion! We know that because of you, she will never be wandering lost again. Tiffany, we wish for you the best life ever, and that you and Susan share many, many years together being each other's BFF! Many wonderful years of happiness to come right here! We love you, Tiffy!

Happy Tails -- Kittens

07/21/13 -- This is just a very small sampling of our precious kittens that have been adopted during our $45 kitten promotion. We are so excited that so many of our beautiful kittens have been adopted into wonderful homes during this promotion! On the left, we have Tom Tom, adopted by LaNell Cannon, and what a handsome little guy he is! In the middle we have Murphy, adopted by Kathy Hill, and he is quite a looker, also! On the right is Jaws, adopted by Michele Tharp(not pictured) and her son, and Jaws is an especially sweet adoption, as he came to us from, what the vet thinks, was an abusive situation. We are so thankful to all of you for taking our sweet little babies home to love. We feel sure that none of you will be suffering from boredom anytime soon, as these little ones are sure to provide much entertainment! Thank you again to all of you

Happy Tails -- Fox

07/21/13 -- Our precious little Fox has found an incredible home with the Parrish family! Fox and his brother were found at a lake as babies, and brought to CARA. After many adoption events, being our Dog of the Week and meeting many people, our boy has found his perfect place in the world with this great family. We are so grateful to this family for making Fox the newest member of their family! Looks like he is going to have a great little playmate, also! There is nothing sweeter than a little boy and his dog. Thank you Parrish family! Enjoy living and loving life with your new family, sweet boy!!

Happy Tails -- Bridgette

07/20/13 -- This beautiful girl is Bridgette.  Bridgette spent her life on a chain, having no idea what it meant to be loved and be a member of a family. Then the day came that she couldn't take that life anymore, and broke free from her chain, only to hit by a car early on in her new found freedom. When she was found and brought to CARA, she was very pregnant, with the broken chain still around her neck. All of that, and she was still a love, somewhat afraid, but such an incredibly sweet girl. Fast forward to a few weeks later, she gave birth to eight beautiful, healthy puppies. It seems that the way this usually goes is that mom's babies are all adopted and mom remains in the shelter, still waiting for that perfect family to come along. Well, in this exception to the usual ending, five of Bridgette's puppies have been adopted, three still left, and Bridgette's perfect new beginning has found her!! Enter Rachel Felder and family! When they came looking for a new family member, Bridgette caught their eye immediately! Upon their introduction, it was a given that this was the family for Bridgette. I don't know of any way it could have been more perfect. Bridgette now has that family that she could only dream of before, complete with 6 human siblings! 

Happy Tails -- Nelson

07/19/13 -- What a happy ending for a little guy who was found wandering the streets by a kind person and brought to CARA! Hard as it is to understand, this little guy's owner was located, but they no longer wanted him. Nelson was very vocal about his disappointment with the situation. It was hard for him, and extremely hard for us to see him hurting. But that's okay, because we, and Nelson, now know that there was something much better in the works for him. It all made sense the day Robert Parroit met Nelson, and the puzzle pieces all started to fit. Robert knew immediately that Nelson was that special companion for him. It became clear quite quickly that Nelson shared the same feeling. No words to describe how happy we all are for this sweetheart of a boy! Nelson has a way of snatching your heart right out of your chest. Robert, we feel such sincere gratitude to you for giving our precious Nelson the only thing he ever wanted, which was someone to love and be loved by. We simply can't thank you enough. Nelson, how about that, little man??? Your dream came true! A new best friend and companion, just what you were wishing for! And for that, we couldn't be happier. We love you, Nelson, and wish you many years of the joy of being important to someone, having that best friend, knowing the feeling of being loved. Hugs and kisses, sweet boy.

Happy Tails -- Kittens

07/17/13 -- Are there really many things in life that are sweeter than kittens? We are so happy with the number of kittens that have found their homes during our $45.00 kitten promotion! Pictured below are two of those special adoptions. Top photo is Leslie Madison and Michael Berry, showing much love to their new baby, Smokie. Smokie is one handsome boy! Bottom photo is Phyllis Stover and her beautiful grandchildren, just running over with excitement over their new baby, Candy. Is Candy a beautiful girl, or what!! It makes us so incredibly happy to see our precious babies going off to enjoy their new lives as such special little ones. Thank you to both of these adopters making all of this possible!

Happy Tails -- Max

07/17/13 --  Max, (formerly Ducky), has been in foster with the Hopkins family for quite some time. Much to his, and our, happiness, they have officially made him a member of their family!! We are so thrilled for him! As you can see, he is right at home with them and knows that he is loved very much. Thank you so much, Hopkins family, for making Max a permanent member of your family!

Happy Tails -- Bridgette's Pups

07/15/13 -- Another of Bridgette's pups has a great home! These puppies have been really lucky when it comes to being chosen by great adopters. Actually, they have been really lucky all the way around. We are extremely happy for them! It didn't take Mark and Becky Weber long at all to make their choice! We just know this little girl is off to a wonderful life! Mark and Becky, thank you for giving that life to her. This litter of babies could have very easily had a different outcome, but by a miracle, they were born healthy and happy. And the best part is the people like you guys who are taking them into their homes as family. This little girl will never feel anything but love. We thank you so much for that!

Happy Tails -- Bridgette's Pups

07/14/13 -- Double the happiness, once again! Two of Bridgette's babies have been adopted by an incredible couple, Shawn and Sarah Litteral!! These two little sweethearts have hit it big with Shawn and Sarah! They immediately named them Winter and Sunshine. No way we could be happier about this adoption! Shawn and Sarah, you just ROCK! Winter and Sunshine, have a wonderful, beautiful life, sweet babies! We can't wait to watch you girls grow up!

Happy Tails -- Melody

07/14/13 -- Ever see a photo that just makes you want to smile? This is definitely one of those! Just a happy story all the way around. Melody came to us from a gas station back in October 2006, as a puppy. Jason Pleitt came in a looking for a dog, kind of undecided about whether he wanted to fully adopt, or participate in our Adopt-A-Leash program. When he spotted Melody, he knew that she was the one. Jason wasn't sure how she would do in his apartment, and opted to adopt her leash, for starters. Well, that arrangement was very short lived! It turned out that Melody did wonderfully with him in his apartment, and he was back in just a few weeks to take her home permanently! As you can see by the smiles on their faces, some things are just meant to be. Jason, we wondered why it took so long for someone to fall in love with Melody. Now we know, she was just waiting for you. Thank you so much for being her hero. Melody, enjoy every second of being Jason's best friend and companion. We could not be happier for you! This photo of happiness just melts our hearts. We love you, sweet girl!

Happy Tails -- 9 lives 2013

07/13/13 -- We thought we would share with you some of our happy tails from the 9 for 9 cat promotion we ran recently. We had great success with this promotion! Things have been extremely hectic lately, and we have gotten bogged down in the posting of the many happy tails stories and photos we have been blessed with in recent weeks. Please forgive us. So, on the left, we have Bitsy, who was adopted by Matthew Ryan, not sure which of them was happier about this! In the center photo, we have Max, who was adopted by a sweet man for his wife's (Angela Brown) birthday! How sweet was that! Top right, we have Bo Peep, adopted by Candace Holmes and her family. Bo Peep should never be bored or lonely again! And in the bottom right, we have Marigold, who was adopted by Jessica Stagner, and anything but happy about having her picture made! Very happy about finding her new home, just didn't want it captured by the camera! We thank all of you greatly for taking these precious cats into your hearts and homes! Here's to hoping all of you having many happy years with your new babies!

Happy Tails -- Martha

07/08/13 --  Martha's fairy tale came true the moment she met Sally Elder. You see, Martha has been with us since 2005, just patiently waiting for that right person to come along. She never lost her happy personality, nor sight of her dream. The minute she met Sally, she loved her, and the same can be said for Sally and her connection to Martha. This is one of those adoptions that was definitely meant to be. Martha has gone from sleeping in a kennel in the shelter, to sleeping in the bed with her new mom.  Sally, your choice in choosing Martha is very special for many reasons, but two huge reasons. First, you chose a senior dog, and secondly, you chose a black dog. You probably have no idea just how big that is. I wish I had words to tell you how much that meant to us in the shelter. Martha has always been very special to us, and we have prayed for so long for someone like you. Martha waited ever so patiently, obviously she was just waiting for you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her fairy tale come true, and ours. Martha, sweet girl, tears of joy for you. May your every day be as blessed as the years we have spent with you. You are one special girl, and we love you so much.

Happy Tails -- Beth and Princess

07/07/13 -- No, it's not double vision, it's double the love! Laura Morgan came to CARA to take advantage of our 9 for 9 cat promotion. What she found was two cats that she fell in love with! It certainly was a lucky day for Beth (right) and Princess (left)! All we could say was, 'Wow'!!!!! We are so excited for these two sweet girls and their new mom!!!! Laura, thank you so much for giving not just one, but two of our precious kitties a wonderful home! We just couldn't be more thrilled! May your lives together be blessed with tons of happiness!

Happy Tails -- Kate

07/07/13 -- Our precious little Kate has found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And she found it with Kelly Salmons! All it took was for Kelly to pick her up, and it was a done deal from that point on. Kelly and Kate definitely had strong connection from the word go. We just couldn't be happier for these two girls! Kelly, we are so happy that you chose our sweet little Kate to be your constant friend and companion. We couldn't have wished for more. Kate, we are so excited for you! You have a great new mom that is sure to treat you like the little princess that you are. Of course, we know that you already know that! May you two have many, many wonderful years together! We love you, Kate!

Happy Tails -- Celeste

07/06/13 -- We were thrilled to see 29 cats adopted as a result of the recent 9 Lives for $9 campaign! Even though we were happy to see each and every one go to a good home, we were especially touched when Celeste found her purr-fect home with Joshua and Katherine Cornwall. Celeste came to CARA last year when a fellow rescuer passed away. We have worked hard to find her a good home but, for various reasons, nothing worked out until the recent promotion. Now Celeste finally has the loving home she deserves!

Happy Tails -- Grizzly

07/05/13 -- Grizzly is a prime example of an Adopt-A-Leash failure! Matthew Burke and Kristy Pinn adopted Grizzly's leash many months ago. They have made so many trips to the shelter to pick him up and take him out for the day. And boy, did he look forward to those days! They longed to fully adopt him months ago, but were not able to because of the apartment they lived in. Well, as it turned out, they wanted him to be a permanent member of their household so badly that they moved in order to make that wish come true. Now folks, that is real love! Honestly, it is very difficult to say exactly who was more excited about this. I'm prone to think that it had to be our big boy, Grizzly, simply because he loved them so very much. You should have seen the way he strutted out of the door when he left the shelter with them for the last time! One has to believe that he knew he was leaving for good this time. Matthew and Kristy, you have made Grizzly's life complete, and his as well as our dreams come true. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Grizzly, there's a strong prediction here that this smile will never leave your sweet face. We love you, big guy, and we miss you already! Enjoy your new life to the fullest. We feel sure that you will.

Happy Tails -- Greta

07/03/13 -- Oh Greta, what a street life you had. Greta was living on the street near a Jackson nightclub, scrounging for any bite that she could find. What made it even worse was that she was just a baby. Our shelter director spotted her, and after weeks of putting out food for her and trying to get her, finally succeeded. Boy, was this little girl happy to be rescued! At first, she was so matted and suffering with skin issues, that it was hard to tell how young she really was. Our shelter staff saw to it that every need this baby had was fulfilled. It wasn't very long before she was high stepping around the shelter like a little princess! After much looking to find our girl just the right home, Wes King and his daughter came by to take a look around. Again, it was love at first sight! It was only minutes after seeing her that they were taking pics of this little girl. They went home to think on it, and called back the same day wanting to know how quickly they could take her home. The rest is a story that we have seen many times before, but we never grow tired of. King family, you turned sweet Greta's life completely around and we can't thank you enough! You saw in her the special little girl that we all saw. Greta, now you can truly play the role of a princess. And we know that you are doing just that! From nightclub alley, alone and afraid, to a life fit for a true princess. It just doesn't get any better than that. Greta, we love you to the moon and back, baby girl! May the rest of your days be as perfect as you are.

Happy Tails -- Coal Train

07/03/13 -- Coal Train is one those very special babies, as he came in mangy, and just so, so sad. It didn't take him long to perk up though. A couple of days and he was just excited to be safe and feel loved. He won our hearts immediately. The day Tresa Wolfe came in to look around, he stole her heart just as quickly. Tresa was so patient while she waited for us to get him back to good health. We knew that this was a match made in Heaven. Tresa, we are at a loss for words to express to you our gratitude for choosing our sweet boy. You are exactly what we had hoped would come along for our sweet little man. We will forever be grateful to you. Coal Train, we bet you never even imagined just how good it could be! One thing is for sure... From here on out your life will be filled with nothing but love and happiness. Run, play and be the little mama's boy that we know you were meant to be. Enjoy every day of it. You certainly deserve it. We love you, sweetheart!

Happy Tails -- Prince Charles

06/23/13 -- Phyllis Mitchell and her children flipped over Prince Charles! Thank you, Mitchell family!

Happy Tails -- Max

06/23/13 -- Handsome Max found his place with his new mom, Lynn Johnston! Thank you, Lynn!

Happy Tails -- Cody

06/23/13 -- Beth Craighead fell in love with our precious Cody! Thank you, Beth!

Happy Tails -- Chichi

06/23/13 -- These beautiful little babies were adopted by John and Betty Owens! Thank you so much for taking these little ones together!

Happy Tails -- Ashley

06/23/13 -- Our beautiful Ashley was adopted by Jill Hamrick and her family!! Thank you, Hamrick family!

Happy Tails -- Bogart

06/18/13 -- Bogart went to his fur-ever home Monday with Suzi and John Broderick. Not sure who was more excited--Bogart or the Brodericks! Thank you for giving our sweet boy his very own forever home.

Happy Tails -- Jasper

06/17/13 -- And next on our tail wagging list tonight? Jasper!! Yep, our precious little boy who went to TV last Friday, another of Bridgette's little pack! Jasper, we knew you would wow them, but my goodness! Find your new home the very next day? That is exactly what happened when the Albritton family met our sweet boy! And a family complete with your own big sister! I mean, this is about as good as it gets! Albritton family, thank you!!!! We know that there are many years of memories in the making right here. You guys are awesome! Jasper, you take care of your new sister! We feel sure that she will be helping take care of you. Romp and play all you want, I'll bet you won't wear her out! You should fit right in with her, since all of your siblings were girls. Oh, and by the way, Jasper wanted everyone to know that he is surely hoping that families come along for his remaining five sisters soon. He wants them to feel the same extreme happiness as he does. Albritton family, including our precious Jasper, we wish you all many beautiful years together, full of laughter and good times! Love you, big boy!! 

Happy Tails -- Brittany Pup

06/17/13 -- It's puppy love!! This is one of Bridgette's babies, for those of you who remember Bridgette. These eight puppies had a rough start while in their mama's belly, but we got Bridgette a few weeks before they were born, and they have known nothing but love and spoiling since they came here, thanks to a great foster for their first few weeks and great shelter employees from then on out. Brittany was the first of this little pack to leave us, and leave us she did when she was met by Lauren and Mitchell Hobbs! They fell in love with this little bundle of sweetness at first sight. We are so happy for our little girl, as we know that she will be loved and cherished forever with this awesome couple. A big thank you to Lauren and Mitchell for giving this precious girl the great home that she so deserved and needed! Sweet baby, know that you will always be special to us, and we are so excited to know that you will enjoy every day of living like a princess! We love you, baby!

Happy Tails -- Hollingsworth

06/14/13 -- The weekend is starting out wonderfully! Our precious little Hollingsworth just left with his new parents, James and Sandra Johnson! Hollingsworth has not been the happiest of campers in the time that we have had him. He has longed for that special someone to love him and make him feel special. We are just thrilled that his special someone came for him today! Johnson family, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hollingsworth has been waiting for you, and it seems that today was his day. Hollingsworth, we are so happy for you! Looks like you got just what you were needing. We love you, little guy.

Happy Tails -- Adam and Eve

06/14/13 -- What's even more fun than adopting one puppy? Adopting two puppies, of course! Adam and Eve are two of a litter of pups that were dropped off in the street down from the shelter. We raced to collect all of the pups as soon as they were dumped, but sadly we were only able to save four of them. Sadly, one was hit by a driver that didn't have the good sense to see what was going on and slow down. Two we caught then, and the last two had to be trapped a couple of days later. They were pretty street savvy to be so little. They have been nothing but happy since they have been with us. Philip and Alicia Wigginton recently came to the shelter to look at puppies, and Philip was immediately drawn to Eve. She was the only really shy one in the litter, and the only little girl. It was amazing how quickly he was able to pet her. It was becoming pretty clear that Eve would be their choice. Then in the height of our excitement for Eve, they decided that they would really like to have 2 pups, and decided on Eve and Adam. Talk about hearts racing!! We were ecstatic!! These two babies came in to the world with a rough start, but we know that they will never experience that way of life again. Philip and Alicia, thank you so much for showing these babies what life for a puppy should be like, and for loving them the way we do. It is so sweet to us knowing that they will be loved and cared for so well by you guys. Adam and Eve, run and play, and do all of things that well adjusted puppies do. Know that we are happier than words that you have such incredible parents, and that your lives will be blessed from now on. We love you both so much! 

Happy Tails -- Dusty

06/14/13 -- How handsome is this guy?? Dusty is such a looker, and he is so happy now that he is in his new home! Dusty came to us because he belonged to an elderly person, and being the loving cat that he is, he wanted to stay up under his owner's feet. That led to problems, as he was constantly tripping his senior owner. This stunning boy was only with us for one day before he was snatched up by the Baumgartners. We know them well, as they are prior CARA adopters. They also rescue Greyhounds. Dusty is such a big hunk of love. We know that he will fit right into his new home. Thank you Baumgartners, for giving Dusty the home that he was in need of! We wish you many years of happiness together!

Happy Tails -- 2 Fosters

06/04/13 -- Double the fun!! We shared these precious little kittens, and two more, on our page a few weeks ago. They were living in someone's garage who couldn't keep them, and we were looking for a foster to take them in. We found that foster, and two of these babies are still with them, but these two, well, let's just say that they hit it big with the ZumMallen family! They were adopted for their precious daughters, shown in this photo. Interestingly, these girls were offered free kittens by a neighbor, but these young ladies opted instead to adopt these orphans from CARA! How cool is that? We thought it was super cool! We have no doubt that these little kittens will be living the high life! Thank you so much, ZumMallen family, for giving them this wonderful new life! We see years of fun in this photo!

Happy Tails -- Sampson

06/12/13 --Yay, Sampson!! What an awesome home you got, sweet boy!! Clay and Kay Hunter have a Doxie farm, it seems! Sampson makes #4! We have no doubt that our boy will be loved to pieces! These are the kind of folks who put their babies first, above all else. Just the kind of folks that we hope and pray all of our babies are fortunate enough to be adopted by. Sampson was found and brought to the shelter. Sadly, he tested positive for heartworms, but that didn't make one bit of difference to this great couple. They will simply treat him and love him all the same. Kay and Clay, thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. Sampson is such a loving little guy. He deserved the very best, and we do believe he got just that. Sampson, you will never roam the streets again, sweetheart. You will never want or need for anything. Your life will be nothing but blessed from here on out. Enjoy every single minute of it, sweetie, and know that we love you very much.

Happy Tails -- Bailey

06/09/13 -- Oh yeah!!! Bailey got a daddy and a great home! And we are loving it! Bailey was brought in as a teeny tiny baby, with the story that she was a stray that wandered up in the person's yard. We thought it odd that she had green paint all over her. I'll let you draw your own conclusion to that one. Green paint and all, she stole our hearts from the word go! She was an absolute doll. We had high hopes from the start for her to find just the right home, where she would be treated like the little princess that she is. Enter Jason Schanebeck... From that moment on, we knew that Jason was the one for Bailey. The suspicion is that Bailey is now spoiled rotten! I'd almost be willing to bet on that one! Jason, thank you for coming in and losing your heart to our sweet little princess. You have no idea how happy that made us! Bailey, you have nothing but happy times ahead! Minus being someone's canvas, as we know that will never happen again. Enjoy every minute of your sweet, new life, baby girl! We love you bunches!

Happy Tails -- Longshanks

06/08/13 -- From being rejected, to being loved to pieces. That is Longshanks' story. He was brought to CARA by his owner, who said that this gorgeous boy had been living outside on a tie out since he was a baby, and the family just didn't have time for him. He was determined to dump him somewhere that day, as the family was leaving to go out of town. With the shelter so incredibly full, we just didn't have a place for him. That's where a foster comes in to save the day. We called Will Cunningham, who was one of our new fosters, and a fabulous one at that. Will immediately agreed to take him into his home to foster and work with him, with house training, etc., to prepare him for going into a forever home. There is no way to tell you guys what an important role fosters play. Will had him housetrained in a very short time and taught him basic manners. He took him to adoption events, did everything that a great foster does to help the dog. When Judy Nolan saw Longshanks, she knew instantly that he was the boy she and her husband had been waiting for. They have had much experience with the breed, and after losing their last one at an old age, they knew they had to have another. And Longshanks fit the bill perfectly. To Will, our foster dad on the left in this photo, thanks are just not enough. You have been a great asset to us, and a major factor in adopting out the dogs you have fostered. We are incredibly grateful to you. Judy Nolan, we just couldn't be happier with your adoption of our handsome boy. To know that he will be an active, inside member of your household just brings us to tears. He has deserved this for so long. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Longshanks, you good looking boy you, we are so happy that you now have a real family, one that absolutely adores you. And what do you think of sleeping in a real bed, right up there with your people?? Wow, you have come a long way from sleeping on the ground in the backyard, sweet boy! Always know that we love you tons, sweetheart.  CARA is always in need of great fosters.  If you are interested please click here for our foster info!

Happy Tails -- Lucy

06/08/13 -- How sweet it is!!! Lucy was recently taken by the Humane Society from a hoarding situation here in Mississippi. Believe it not, this precious girl was living on a chain. We were happy to take her, and place her in a great home. And that, we did! Brooke Ridge saw her picture online and loved and wanted her instantly. Lucy, being the incredibly sweet girl that she is, stole his heart immediately upon his meeting her. We are ecstatic that Lucy will finally know what the good life is! She certainly deserves it. Brooke Ridge, thank you for giving her the opportunity to finally know what it feels like to be truly loved, as we are pretty sure that she has never experienced that before. Lucy, we love you sweet girl, and wish you every happiness under the sun. May every day be better than the day before from here on out.

Happy Tails -- Agatha

06/03/13 -- The adoption everyone is talking about! Agitha has found her new parents and home, at last!  There is no way our girl could have found a better family to become a part of. Hugh and Amy Little are exactly what we have been hoping and praying for. Agatha was adopted as a precious little baby, then returned at 6 months old when she started jumping up on a family member. She is now 2 years old, and has been dreaming of a great family all this time.  We can't thank the Littles enough!  We'd also like to thank Sarah Byrd for being Agatha's Adopt a Leash mom!  She really made a difference in Agatha's life by spending time with her and taking her on outings to her home and other places.  Agatha was able to socialize with Sarah's other dog and the time spent with Agatha made such a huge difference in her life.  Sarah also created a Facebook page just for Agatha and posted to it regularly with cute photos and videos of all their playdates.   If you cannot adopt an animal for whatever reason maybe our Adopt A Leash program is something you would be interested in (click this link). 

Happy Tails -- Yodi

06/02/13 -- Yodi has fallen into the lap of love!!! Martha Martin of Georgia absolutely fell in love with our sweet baby! We're not sure who was the happiest about this meeting! Yodi took to her like he had known her forever. He will live the life of a little prince with this sweet woman, we have no doubt. Ms. Martin, thank you so much for coming to the shelter that day. You have completely turned this little boy's life around. We are so grateful to you for that. Yodi, happy trails to Georgia with your new mama! We know you are on your way to an incredibly blessed life. Love to you both.

Happy Tails -- Sugar

06/1/13 -- Sugar's adoption certainly gave us a giggle! Donald Dees came in looking for a cat to be his dog's playmate! Well, as luck would have it, Sugar and her canine friend hit it off! So, not only does Sugar now have a great home, but she also has a special friend. Wow, life is just full of surprises! Thank you, Donald, for adding Sugar to your, hmmm..., would that be pack? We are so happy for this family!

Happy Tails -- Pongo

06/01/13 -- Just how much sweetness can a kitty give? Well, our Pongo can give as much as one can stand! And lucky for him, Kiki and Michael McAlister were in the market for sweetness! That is exactly what they got when they met Pongo! We are so happy that the McAlisters chose our precious Pongo to love! Thank you guys so much for choosing Pongo to become a part of your family! May you have many blessed years together.

Happy Tails -- Mailey

05/31/13 -- Our precious little Mailey is living it up with the Dickson family!!! When the Dickson family met Mailey, we knew it was a perfect match! What in the world is sweeter than a little boy and his dog? Mailey, we are so happy to see your dreams come true! Dickson family, you are awesome! Thank you so much for loving our baby!

Happy Tails -- Salem

05/26/13 -- Do y'all remember Salem, last week's Cat of the Week? Today Salem went to his fur-ever home with the Henderson family! The Hendersons adopted Joy about 6 months ago and decided they wanted another fur baby for their family. Shown below (l to r) are Armani, Nathan and Katina. Thank you, Henderson family!

Happy Tails -- Chester

05/26/13 -- Chester turned on his puppy charm when he met Joshua Wright! And boy, did Joshua fall hard! And we just couldn't be more excited about this match! Chester is going to quickly believe that he is a little prince! Joshua, thank you for coming to the shelter in search of your new companion. It is obvious that Chester was waiting for you! We know that you two will enjoy many fabulous years together! Matches like this one make a day complete! Chester, we know you are now loving life! We hope you always remember how much we love you!!

Happy Tails -- Jefferson

05/21/13 -- Jefferson, you handsome boy you! All of this, looks, sweetness, and a fantastic new home to go along with it! Jefferson is a big ole boy, with a heart that's even bigger. And now, to make his world perfect, he has an incredible new mom and dad, and a beautiful fur sister! Nikki McClintock came looking this weekend for a playmate for her girl, and another 'child' for herself and her husband. All that can be said is that some things are just meant to be. As soon as Nikki met Jefferson, the magic began. He has been with them since Saturday, and according to his new mom, it's as if he has always been a part of their family. Nikki, sometimes 'thanks' is just not enough. This is one of those times. There is no way that we could be happier about your choosing our big boy! In one word, perfection. Jefferson, how about that, big boy? Does it really get any better? I think not. We love you to the moon, you sweet thing! May you all have years filled with more fun and happiness than you could even imagine.

Happy Tails -- David & Goliath

05/20/13 -- What's better than adopting one sweet boy? Adopting two sweet boys! David and Goliath came in together, and by a stroke of magic, went out together to their new home! Vickie Farlow has no idea how thrilled we were when she fell in love with both of our boys and wanted to adopt them together. That was a double dose of extreme happiness for us, and we know it was for David and Goliath! Vickie, thank you, thank you, thank you!! We know this pair will bring you many healthy, happy years of great fun and companionship. David and Goliath, you are one lucky pair of precious boys! We love you both!

Happy Tails -- Finley

05/18/13 -- This has been a great weekend at the shelter, beginning with the adoption of our precious little Finley! Lee and Suzy Campbell knew they wanted to adopt this precious guy before they had even met him. And when they did meet him in person, it was a done deal! Campbell family, thank you so much for giving Finley a wonderful home and a human brother to run and play with. We know that these boys will have many, many happy days together. There aren't many things sweeter than a boy and his dog. Thank you guys so much!

Happy Tails -- Bruce Lee

05/18/13 -- This little sweetie is nothing short of a miracle! His family moved away and left him abandoned inside the home. If not for a neighbor hearing his cries, he would have perished in that house. Fortunately, she did hear his cries and saved his life. His next stop was CARA, where a fabulous family fell in love with this little angel! Michelle Garner and her daughter came and met Bruce Lee, and that is where his life took a turn for the better. They adopted him, and took him home to be a part of their family. As he was so excited at the idea of having a family of his own, picture taking was no small feat! Garner family, thank you all so much for giving this precious boy what all puppies dream of having, a family to commit to him, to give him the love and care that he so deserves. You are top notch in our book. Bruce Lee, may your life from here on out be nothing but love and kisses, and playful days with your new big sister! We love you, little guy!

Happy Tails -- Remy

05/16/13 -- And here's another awesome adoption!!! Maranda and Brennon Vaughn adopted Lily from us a few months ago, and we were thrilled about that! Well, now they have adopted Remy to be Lilly and son, Luke's, playmate. Or maybe it was Brennon who absolutely had to have her! Actually, we think it was all of the above. At any rate, the family fell in love with Remy, and she is off to a wonderful life with the Vaughn's! Vaughn family, you guys ROCK in our book!!!! We are so grateful to you for giving not one, but two, of our beautiful girls a home. We know that many years of happy memories will be made in your household. By the expression on Luke's face, it looks like those happy times are in full force! We wish much happiness to all of you!!

Happy Tails -- Felix

05/15/13 -- Who got a fantastic home?? Our handsome Felix got a fantastic home!! Felix and his mom, Felicia, were abandoned in a box on the side of the road. Luckily for them, they found their way to CARA, where we quickly fell in love with both of them. Felix stole my heart at hello, just as he did with Matt Whiteside. Our little guy just couldn't have found a better home! Matt, the thanks for that go to you. We are so happy that you have given this precious boy the home that he deserved. Felix, you have no idea how much I wanted to bring you home with me, as you snatched my heart right out the minute I laid eyes on you. Nor do you have any idea how excited I was the day that Matt came and met you. This sweet couple will give you everything you want and need, and then some. Always know that we all love you tons, sweetheart! May you all enjoy the many happy years that we know you will spend together.

Happy Tails -- Drifter

05/08/13 -- We have some great news to begin your day! Drifter has left the building to begin his new life with Elliott and Ashley Bingham!!!! We will never understand how this awesome boy could have been abandoned by the family that he loved, but what we do know is that he will never be abandoned again! Elliott and Ashley, we have heartfelt gratitude to you for giving Drifter the home and family that he so needed, and has been missing. We know that with you, his past will be forgotten, and his future will be spectacular. Drifter, we are so happy for you, sweetheart! Go and love your family and enjoy every minute of your new lease on life. You are so deserving. Know that we love you very much!

Happy Tails -- Babbette

05/08/13 -- How much sweeter does it get??? Our precious senior, Babbette, has gone to her new forever home with her new mom, Lynda Ryan!!!! How much joy and happiness do we feel about this adoption? Ahhh, absolutely no words to describe! Lynda, you are one of the special angels! You see more than the gray on our girl's face. You see the beautiful heart and soul that Babbette has just waiting to share. We are thrilled beyond words that you fell in love with our precious senior. It is so comforting to us to know that she has a wonderful home and awesome new parents with which to live out her golden years. We will be eternally grateful to you for giving her this opportunity to love and be loved in a real home where she knows every day just how special she is. Babbette, we love you to the moon and back a thousand times, sweet angel! May you know many years of the love and care that you so deserve.

Happy Tails -- Jersey

05/01/13 -- This precious boy is Jersey. Jersey came to the shelter as an abused baby, whose owner did not want him. He has been slow to trust, even growling and snapping at times, and understandably so. We knew that underneath his fear, he was a total sweetheart of a boy. Mary Broome came to the shelter, hoping to meet a new companion. She told me that when she laid eyes on Jersey, she knew instantly that he was the one for her, although she also knew that Jersey would have to be the one to make the final choice on that. Boy, did he make that choice immediately! Once he got in Mary's lap, there was no getting him out! He knew he had found his new mama! There was definitely something about Mary. He was love struck from the word go. As the story goes, Jersey went home with Mary, and I have seen them since. He is her shadow, and the love these two share is the sweetest thing ever. Mary Broome, we can't tell you how absolutely thrilled we are that you came by that day, and changed Jersey's life forever. He was holding out for that special someone, and you were so obviously the one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jersey, enjoy your new life of being Mary's little prince. You will never know the feeling of being unwanted again. We pray that you both share many wonderful years together, and we feel sure that you will. Love to you both.  

Happy Tails -- Sybil

04/28/13 -- Our hearts are still pounding over the adoption of Sybil! A little background info for you... The Mixsons came in back in January and adopted Shiloh. We were thrilled with that adoption. However, that left Shiloh's mom, Sybil, at the shelter and alone. Well, the Mixons came back to the shelter. This time for mom, Sybil!!!! These girls were found as strays and came in together back in October of 2006. The reunion of these girls was incredible! For them to go to a home together is... well, there are just no words. Mixsons, we LOVE you guys!!!! Thank you so much for loving these two girls!!! Sybil and Shiloh, at last you have the lives you deserve! Enjoy every minute of it, sweethearts! We love you both tons!

Happy Tails -- Shelby

04/20/13 -- This is an adoption that made us crazy with excitement! Our big girl Shelby (now Mira), has found the most fabulous, perfect home!!! Mark Dreifuss and his family made the trip from Philadelphia to meet our baby! And boy, was that love at hello! Mira has a Rottie brother, Max, the same age as her, to romp and play with. Not to mention, human siblings. She has the works! She, nor we, could have possibly dreamed for anything better. Mark, you and your family have our sincere gratitude for choosing our girl. You guys have given her a perfect new world! Mira, oh my, how much we love you! Our hopes and dreams have definitely come true for you! We will miss you terribly, but wow!! What a wonderful life you now have!!! Great big hugs and tons of kisses to you, baby! We love you to the moon!

Happy Tails -- Forrest

04/20/13 -- Our hearts are still throbbing over Forrest getting his very own daddy!!! Our precious little boy wasn't with us very long, but long enough to steal our hearts. For a little guy who was brought in because he wasn't wanted, he sure has hit it big with Austin Stidham! Austin, we love that you are Forrest's new daddy! We know that you will share many wonderful years together. Forrest, we are so excited that you now have a new daddy, your very own home and a precious new name! Joxer, we love you bunches, little man!

Happy Tails -- Quincy

04/18/13 -- Quincy became a member of oue CARA family after being found wandering on the side of Pearson Road. He let us know right away that he is such a love bug with a great personality. When Lisman Walker visited the shelter, she spotted a sweet little ball of fur that loved to give away loads and loads of kisses. It was love at first sight. Now, Quincy has found his "fur"ever home with the Walker family and will never have to roam alone again. Instead, he will have a great family to accompany him on long walks. Thank you, Walker family, for giving sweet Quincy the forever home that he deserves.

Happy Tails -- Max

04/14/13 -- It is so exciting to us when our babies find the perfect home! As was the case with Max. Max is a boy who is just full of love, such a sweetheart. For that reason, we will never understand why he was dropped off at our door, in a kennel, with a note that the owner just didn't want him anymore. Robert Keenum and his children came to the shelter to meet Max, and we knew immediately that they were the family for Max. Max now has human siblings, and a fur brother. We will never understand why a dog like Max was given up, but one thing we do know is that he with the perfect forever family now, and will know nothing but love from here on out. Keenum family, thank you for giving Max another chance at the life he deserves. Max, enjoy your new life, sweetheart, with a family who adores you. We love you, little guy!

Happy Tails -- Juliette

04/14/13 -- Yes, we have another fantastic adoption, featuring another incredibly happy family, the Mixon family, and our beloved Juliette! Juliette is the perfect girl, the perfect mix of lovable and playful. We fell in love with her as soon as we met her. We have been hoping and praying for the perfect family to come along for her, and that is exactly what happened. As you can see by the photos, the Mixon family was just as thrilled as we were! And Juliette? Well, she adores her new family. We got a call yesterday from the Mixon family. They love Juliette to pieces! They agree that she is THE perfect girl!!! Mixon family, you are appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you so very much for visiting our shelter and meeting Juliette. You guys are precisely what she has been longing for. Juliette, we know you will be loving every minute of your life! We love you, sweet girl, and we are so happy for you!

Happy Tails -- Ruby

04/12/13 -- Our adorable little Ruby has gone to live the life of a diva with Theresa Waltz! Ruby is one of the sweetest little Chihuahuas I've ever met, a complete love bug. The day that Theresa met her, that connection happened faster than I could blink my eye. Ruby, if you searched the world over, I don't think you could find a better mom. Theresa, thank you for giving this little angel the loving home that she needs and was hoping for. I know that she will be your best little companion for many, many years. Ruby, you enjoy every day of your well deserved diva lifestyle, and every minute with your new mom. You two are perfect for each other.

Happy Tails -- Jenny

04/12/13 -- Our precious little Jenny has found her home! Jenny was scooped up by Allison Armstrong and Wesley Yount, and we just couldn't be happier! We are hearing that Jenny is doing great in her new home. We are so excited that she will have a baby human sister to grow up with! Nothing sweeter than a child and their dog. Allison and Wesley, thank you so very much for choosing our sweet girl to join your precious family. Jenny, you take care of that baby sister. You two will be friends for life.

Happy Tails -- Willie Bear

04/03/13 -- Meet Willie Bear. This awesome guy came to us as a child of divorce, so to speak. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he found himself without his family, and needing a new family to love him the way he had been loved before. Willie Bear's story was heartbreaking, to say the least. This boy had been well trained, and was accustomed to being an active member of his family. We can't put into words how touched we were when Betty Dew and her family fell in love with this fantastic boy. They recently lost their boy that they adopted from us last year to cancer, and after shedding tears over that, we saw that Willie Bear really seemed to fit perfectly. His new family is complete with mom, dad, sister and brother. That is exactly what this sweetheart was desperately needing and longing for. Dew family, you more than made our day when you came and met Willie. You surpassed what we had hoped for in looking for a new family for him. We feel sure that he will make an excellent addition to your family, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Willie Bear, you get back to doing what you do best, loving your family with everything you have. You are such a good boy! We are not sure who is the luckiest in this adoption, but one thing we do know, you have an awesome new family who will love you forever. Take off and chase all the tennis balls you can stand, you sweet man! We love you so much!

Happy Tails -- Joanie

04/03/13 -- Joanie became a member of the CARA family when someone found her as a stray and brought her to the shelter. Though we only had her for a few weeks, we fell in love with her! She has the best little personality, just a complete love bug. That is exactly what Matthew Carpenter saw when he met Joanie. We were thrilled when Matthew asked to adopt her! He was just what she was hoping for! Someone to love her, and give her a home and family of her own. We are so glad that Matthew came to CARA that day, as he changed this little princess's life forever. Thank you, Matthew! Joanie, go and enjoy your new world, sweet girl! We love you much!

Happy Tails -- B-day Kitty

04/03/13 -- If y'all came to CARA's birthday party Saturday, you may remember that 5 kittens were dropped off on our doorstep with a note saying the mama cat had been killed and the owner could not afford to feed the kittens. The 4 males are now in foster care and the female, Flower Bell, has gone to her fur-ever home with Dr. Robin Miceli and her daughter AnaMaria, who paid half of the adoption fee herself. Blessings to all!

Happy Tails -- Cachet

04/03/13 -- We are so thrilled that Cachet has found her very special place with Amanda Hardwick! Cachet was found at a convenience store near the shelter about 4 months ago. She is still a baby at 6 months old. Cachet is full of mischief, but loves to cuddle, as you can see by the photo. Looks like these two will share many happy years together! Congratulations to both of you! May every day be filled with fun and more love than you ever imagined.

Happy Tails -- Sadie

04/02/13 -- Okay, so here is the story that we have been dying to share with you! Remember Sadie, the last dog that was our Senior Star Pet of the Week? Well, guess what? Sadie has been adopted by a wonderful guy named Don Getty!!!!! Don has an 11 year old Chow/Shepherd mix, same age and same breed as our precious Sadie! Sadie not only has an awesome new dad, but she also has a fantastic new brother! He even shares her fear of the bad weather! Folks, this is an amazing answer to our prayers for Sadie. We are honestly just speechless. As those of you who follow us here on Facebook know, we are 4 for 4 in our postings of our senior dogs. We are so incredibly humbled and grateful. We know how awesome senior babies are, but to see these compassionate angels step up for these precious seniors the way they have, well, it completely brings us to our knees and to tears, happy tears. You have no idea the prayers and hopes and dreams we have had for these beautiful dogs, for so many years. And for these dreams to become reality is the most breathtaking feeling imaginable. Don Getty, we proudly add you to our list of earth angels, as your adoption of Sadie has sent our hearts soaring. Sadie, our sweetheart girl, you know we love you to the moon and back, a thousand times. We are so happy to see you go into a real home, with a family of your very own. We wish nothing but the greatest of blessings upon this little family.

Happy Tails -- Caleb

03/30/13 -- Our sweet fur baby, Caleb, had his forever wish come true. Margaret Lee and her daughter came to CARA to look for a fur baby to be a part of thier family. It didn't take them long. The minute they spotted Caleb, they knew that he was the one to complete their family. We think that Caleb hit the jackpot and so did the Lee Family. Caleb, we send you off to your new adventure with lots of love and kisses. Lee family, you guys are the best.

Happy Tails -- Kilvan

03/27/13 -- This is Klivan, happy as can be in the arms of his new family! Dai Flynt and family have made our Klivan feel like the luckiest cat on the planet! Klivan came to the shelter with 3 other cats. Two women walked in with 4 carriers, set them down and took off. Five year old Klivan is a very special cat in more ways than one, in that he has 7 toes. Peggy, our cattery manager, fell in love with him immediately. Klivan is a calm, big fat lap cat. We are so glad that this family came in and met Klivan. He is now living a dream. Thank you Flynt family! Klivan, Peggy wants you to know that she misses you already, but she is so incredibly happy for you, as we all are. Enjoy your wonderful life, sweet boy!!

Happy Tails -- Baby Girl

03/26/13 -- One of our highlights recently is the adoption of our beloved Baby Girl. When Sharon, one of our devoted employees, drove up to work one morning back in 2006, she found this angel left tied to the mailbox. She immediately scrambled to untie her, referring to her as Baby Girl while doing so. That name stuck. Fast forward 7 years later, Baby Girl is 9 years old, and was chosen to be the baby of Veronica Keefer and Nick Germani. These sweet souls also adopted Yancy (now Jackson) from us not too long ago. They are angels in the most true sense. To see Baby Girl go to this loving couple, after all of her years waiting, was just almost more happiness than our hearts could take. This sweet, senior girl is so very deserving of a loving home. A real home, with a mom and dad, and even a fur brother. Veronica and Nick, we wish we knew how to thank you properly. We know that you will be blessed for giving these babies what they needed and deserved. Baby Girl, may your every day be blessed with love and comfort, and the stability of family. We love you with all of our hearts. 

Happy Tails -- Buddy

3/26/13 -- How about this great big smile on Buddy's face?? Does it give you some idea of how incredibly excited he is to have found his new home and family?? Buddy is such a great boy! Found as a stray and brought to CARA, to this great big smile! It just doesn't get much better than this! Tara McIntosh and Haley Stevens, thank you both so much for putting this big ole smile on Buddy's face! Not sure whose smile is the biggest, his or ours. Buddy, take off running into your new life, as we know that you will! Enjoy every day of it, sweet man! Love and kisses from all of us!

Happy Tails -- Lollipop

03/26/13 -- Our precious little Lollipop found her special place in the world with Tarra Wilson. Lollipop came to us from a special lady who is undergoing chemotherapy, and is struggling to maintain herself at this time. We were happy to help her out during these trying times she is experiencing. Lollipop came in with her mom, who is still with us. This sweet baby is only 8 weeks old, and sure to add excitement to Tarra's life! Thank you so much, Tarra, for giving our little baby a great home in which to live. Enjoy your new life, Lollipop!

Happy Tails -- Apache

03/25/13 -- Apache wanted to share with everyone how thrilled he is to have found his new parents! Apache is 3 years old, very timid, and for whatever reason, has been bullied in the cattery for the last 2 years that we have had him. He was so ready to find his new home, and leave the presence of the bullies. And that is exactly what he did after meeting Mr. and Mrs. Covington! We are absolutely overwhelmed with joy to see him get his chance at a great life with great people. The Covingtons recently lost their 16 year old cat to kidney failure. While we know that Apache will not replace their baby, we know that he will bring much happiness, and that they will enjoy a wonderful life together. We are very thankful to you for meeting and taking our precious Apache to love. Apache, enjoy your awesome new life, bully free!! We love you, sweet man!

Happy Tails -- Sherry

03/23/13 -- Sherry has finally found her forever home with Lauren Randall!!! Sherry has been with us for a year. She was picked up at a Police Precinct and brought to CARA. She is a great girl, sweet as the day is long and very active. Lauren is a youth minister in Alabama, so we feel sure Sherry will be making lots of new friends to run and play with. Lauren, we are so glad that you came to CARA in search of your new best friend! Just couldn't be happier! Sherry, we love you, sweet girl! Enjoy your fantastic new life!

Happy Tails -- Malibu

03/22/13 -- Our precious Malibu has found her new mom! Malibu came to us last year, with two other cats and a dog, when their owner suddenly lost her husband, and could no longer care for all the furbabies while struggling to take care of their children. Malibu is the last of the animals to be adopted. Evelyn Culpepper came in and met Malibu, and the rest is, as they say, history. We are so thrilled for sweet Malibu!! She is so deserving of her great new home! Thank you so Evelyn Culpepper, for loving our girl. We are sure that she will bring you much happiness, and we know that her life will be forever wonderful!

Happy Tails -- Raymond

03/18/13 --   Remember Raymond, our Senior Star Pet of last week? Well, guess what? Raymond has been adopted by a very special couple, Reggie and Marie Williams! They lost their little angel several years back, but when they saw Raymond's photo, they knew it was time to love again. They came and met Raymond last weekend, and it was the biggest blessing little Raymond has ever experienced! There are just no words to express our joy and happiness! As much as we had hoped and prayed for this beautiful new beginning, we had consoled ourselves to the fact that he might be with us forever, and we would have loved him forever. We all know how hard it is to adopt out the seniors. I have to tell you all, Raymond was the third senior dog we have spotlighted, and the third to be adopted within one week of posting. I cannot tell you what this does to the heart!! Reggie and Marie, thank you is just not enough. We don't even know how to thank you. One thing is for certain, you are truly angels on earth. Raymond, you precious little boy, we send you to your new life with more love than there are stars. We all miss you, for sure, especially your Hollie, but we are so thrilled that you now have a real home to call your own. And your friend Esmerelda, well, you should see her squeezing her big self into your little bed! I think she misses you, too. May the 3 of you have many blessed years together. 

Happy Tails -- Sam

03/17/13 -- Sam wants to share the news with you that he found his special person! Eleven month old Sam was dropped off at the shelter with a note from his people explaining that due to economic circumstances, they could no longer care for him. Sam was feeling a little displaced, that is, until he met Haley Vandevender. It was love at first sight for these two, and to make it even more special, Sam was picked out by Haley's dog, Oreo, to be his new playmate. Sam is off to a new and wonderful life, and we couldn't be more thrilled for him! Thank you Haley, and Oreo, for falling in love with Sam. You have changed this baby's life forever. Sam, you enjoy every day of your new life, sweetheart. No doubt, you will.

Happy Tails -- Violet

03/16/13 -- Violet, the last of the Flower Shop Pups, has finally gotten a home of her own!!!! Violet was chosen by the Abbott family to be their girl. And from the looks of it, she is going to have plenty to keep her busy with her new brothers! We just never could figure out why it was taking so long for Violet to catch someone's eye, when all of her siblings have long been gone. Then it hit us, she was waiting for the perfect family! Well, something worth having is definitely worth the wait, huh Violet? We are so excited for Violet, as well as her new family!! We expect this family will share many happy and fun years together. Thank you, Abbott family! Violet, enjoy your new life, sweet girl!! We love you!!

Happy Tails -- Beth

03/15/13 -- This is the story of Beth. This wonderful cat came to us about a year ago, as a 6 month old kitten. She had been hit by a car, and one of her rear legs was crushed. Sadly, she ended up losing her leg, but much to our amazement, this sweet girl never lost a step. You see, Beth is special like that. She has a definite love for life. When Ruth came into the cattery last weekend, Beth knew immediately that she was her person, the person that was meant to be hers. Beth went straight up onto Ruth's shoulders, and refused to come down. When we speak of the animals choosing their person, this is a very perfect example of what we mean. Beth knew instantly that Ruth was for her, and the sweet thing was that Ruth knew it just as well. Ruth, thank you so much for saying 'yes' to Beth when she asked to be your baby. We know that she will be so happy in her new life with you! Beth, enjoy every minute of your awesome new world. And always remember how much we love you, angel baby.

Happy Tails -- Cleo

03/15/13 -- Cleo wants everyone to know that her life has changed completely, and her world has been made complete since her introduction to Katherine Burchak and her beautiful daughter! She has gone from being our Dog of the Week last week, just hoping that someone would see her and give her a chance, to being the little queen in her new home! We have known from day one that Cleo is an awesome girl, and when Katherine and her precious daughter met Cleo, they knew immediately how special she is. Cleo came into the shelter with 3 other dogs when their owner decided to move and couldn't take them with him. Two have been previously adopted, and now Cleo. Her brother Rango is this week's Dog of the Week. We can only pray that he gets as lucky as Cleo did. Burchak family, we will always be grateful to you for choosing our precious little Cleo, and for giving her the life she has yearned for. Cleo, wow! Great things do come to those who wait, don't they sweetheart? We send you off with much love and the satisfaction that you have finally met the family that was meant to be yours. May you all have a long, wonderful life together filled with more happiness than you can imagine!!

Happy Tails -- Wilson

03/14/13 -- And then there is Wilson... Wilson's mom decided that she didn't have time for Wilson, between her job and other things. And according to her, he just couldn't understand. So, to CARA he came. Well, guess what, Wilson? Your new mom has nothing but time for you, little man!! Wilson hit it big when he was introduced to Laureen Hunter! As you can clearly see by his new mom's great big smile, she simply adores him! All things happen for a reason, Wilson. And I'm pretty sure you now know what the reason was. We sure do. Thank you so much Laureen Hunter, for choosing our little guy and committing to always putting his needs at the top of your list. We feel sure that you two will share many wonderful years and make many great memories together. Cherish every minute of your incredible new life, little guy! You had it coming!!

Happy Tails -- Willie

03/13/13 --  Our sweet boy, Willie, or One-Eyed Willie, as we affectionately call him, was adopted last weekend! Willie came in as a stray with Waylon, who was also recently adopted. What a pair these two made! I can only imagine what they got into together on the streets! Willie was adopted by Dee Pujol. Dee is the mother of one of our awesome shelter employees. Willie will, no doubt, be spoiled for the rest of his life. That is exactly what we hope for for all of our babies. Dee, thank you so much for choosing Willie! And Willie, than you for choosing Dee! I'd say this was a great choice for both of you! May you share many happy years together!

Happy Tails -- Ophelia Ophelia playing in her new yard!

03/12/13 -- Okay, so this news just cannot wait! Does everyone remember Ophelia, our Senior Star Pet of the Week a couple of Sundays ago? Well, it seems that Lisa Nettles has followed Ophelia since she came into the shelter with her best friend, Persephone, back in 2007. When Lisa saw that Ophelia was the senior star of the week, and saw that she had lost her best friend, she said that she just knew that Ophelia needed to be with her. She came to the shelter that very week, and brought her little diva dog, Isabella, to meet Ophelia. The meeting was pure magic! The girls got along beautifully, and Lisa already knew that she loved Ophelia. Since Lisa had previously planned a girls' trip to the beach for last week, we decided it best for her to take Ophelia home today, since she is back from her trip and now has the week off to help Ophelia settle in. Friends, today was one super special day!! As you can see in the photo, the girls were already telling secrets and they hadn't even left the building yet! Something tells me that they are going to be a pair! Lisa Nettles, you are our special angel. Adoptions like this make all of the pain and heartache that comes with doing what we do incredibly worthwhile. There could never be enough words to thank you. Ophelia, oh you precious girl.... You go and have a wonderful life, the life that you have waited on and deserved for so many years. You are so very special, and you deserve every beautiful moment that comes your way. Know that we love you to the moon and back, and always will.  Updated -- 2nd photo is our girl enjoying her new backyard!  

Happy Tails -- Leo

03/11/13 -- Our precious Leo was chosen by a most special family, the Dolansky family. Leo was dumped out in front of the fire station near us a couple of months ago. He has definitely felt the agony of rejection in his short little life. In spite of that, he came to us as such a sweet boy, with a bottomless pit for a heart. Leo stole our hearts from hello. We have hoped and prayed for a loving family to meet Leo, and give him the same unconditional love as he has ready to give. Our prayers were answered when the Dolansky family met our sweet boy. They are as sweet and loving as Leo, which made them the perfect match for each other. Dolansky family, you all are such a blessing, and we will be forever grateful to you for choosing our precious Leo to love and take into your home to be a part of your family. He is such a lucky little guy! Leo, kisses, kisses and more kisses, sweet boy! We send you off with tons of love!

Happy Tails -- Mr. Bigglesworth

03/11/13 -- Mr. Bigglesworth was found in a parking lot at an apartment complex and brought to CARA. He is 5 years old and was hoping for someone great to come along and take him home. Well, after this weekend, his life took a turn for more greatness than he could have ever imagined! His future now consists of being a lap buddy for Karen and Russ McLemore, and as a therapy cat when his training is complete! Wow, Mr. Bigglesworth! It just doesn't get much better than that! Thank you so much Karen and Russ for giving our handsome boy the life he had hoped for, and much more!

Happy Tails -- Waylon

03/07/13 -- Congratulations to Waylon!! Waylon was picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter by a nice lady who just couldn't bear to see him on the streets. We instantly fell in love with this incredible boy! He has such a personality, and sweet as pie. Waylon won our hearts very quickly, just as he did with Janice Moore and her hubby. They met him, and immediately knew that he was the one for them, and just that fast!! He has hit it big with them, as they absolutely adore him. Thank you so much Moore family! You were exactly what our handsome boy had been wishing for. Waylon, we love you tons! We are so thrilled to see you get the fantastic home that you are so deserving of. Kisses, kisses and more kisses, you handsome boy!

Happy Tails -- Jordan

03/06/13 -- Those who follow us, know how long we have tried to help Jordan find a home of her own. Well, it finally paid off last weekend! It only took a minute for Peter Langone to know that she was his girl!! They took to each other instantly. We are so incredibly happy for Jordan! Peter, thank you, thank you, thank you! You made the wait so worthwhile! Jordan, enjoy your new world and life, sweetheart! You are so deserving of this new beginning! We love you so much!

Happy Tails -- Leigh

03/06/13 -- Our precious Leigh (now Lily), what a pot of gold you have found! My, what a story Lily has to tell. She was abandoned in a house, as a tiny baby, and found by the cleaning crew, who, thankfully, brought her to CARA. Then, she was adopted by a man for his grandchildren, who lived with him. When the grandchildren moved out, she was tossed out into the backyard, and eventually brought back to us, as she was no longer wanted. Talk about feeling rejected... Well, her world changed completely last weekend when Brennan and Maranda Vaughn, and their precious little boy, spotted her. This awesome family came to the shelter, looking to adopt a black dog, as they had learned of the statistics on the black animals. They went into the visitation room with Lily, and that's when the magic started to unfold. And it unfolded very quickly! This family fell completely in love with our precious girl, and she with them. She is the love of their lives, and they are the angels of ours. Vaughn family, I just don't know what can be said to express to you all of our happiness and gratitude. Chances are, this beautiful girl may have spent the rest of her life as a shelter dog, had you not walked in last weekend. We will be eternally grateful. Lily, we have always known what a special girl you are, and we have always prayed that someone special would see you the way we do. We send you into your beautiful new life with much love, and many blessings, sweet angel. May you always know how very much you are loved here, but more than that, may you always be spoiled and loved by your new family the way that you have always deserved to be. Somehow, we just know that you will be.

Happy Tails -- Ellie

03/06/13 -- Ellie became a celebrity when she went to TV with Denise last week, but she became the Gordon's special baby when they came in and met her last week. Fortunately for Ellie, her story is not as heartbreaking as some, that we know of. She was found as a stray, and the good samaritan tried to keep her. That is, until she repeatedly went after their cat. She was brought to CARA, and the rest is history, as they say. Ellie is such a dollbaby, loves to be in your lap. Loves children and small dogs, just has no fondness for cats. Lucky for Ellie, she is now an only 'child', and we are sure she is being spoiled like crazy! Thank you to Charles and Kyra Gordon, pictured here with their precious grandchildren, for giving our sweet baby such a wonderful home!! Ellie, we know that you will have many years of feeling like a princess with the Gordans. And a little princess, you are. Sending hugs and kisses with you, little Ellie Mae.

Happy Tails -- Ken

03/04/13 -- Ken recently went to his fur-ever home with Ben Mulligan. We are so happy that our boy found a great home. Thank you, Ben!

Happy Tails -- Pee Wee

03/02/13 -- Our precious little PeeWee found his forever home with the Tullos family this weekend! He took right up with his new human sister, so much so, in fact, that when I tried to give him farewell kisses he growled! What a little nerd! When he chose her, he really chose her! Good thing they fell in love with him. Something tells me that he would have been a handful if he had not gotten to go home with them. No doubt, he will be a spoiled little man from now on, just as he should be. Tullos family, many thanks for choosing PeeWee to love. We're sure that he will bring you all much joy. PeeWee, kisses to you whether you want them or not! We love you, little man!

Happy Tails -- Patience

02/28/13 -- This is Patience. Patience was rescued from a ditch, at the point of knocking on death's door. You see, she had been used and abused as a baitdog, and either she was thrown away, or she managed to have enough strength left to escape. We will never know which, nor does it matter. She had wounds covering her entire beautiful body, and more swelling in her legs than I have ever seen before. Even with all of the abuse that she had suffered, we knew immediately that this girl had a heart of gold. We loved her back to health, and learned that we were right. She was going to be a perfect girl for a family that would love her and give her all the things she had never known before coming to CARA.  Beth Benton came and met her, and that magic was everywhere.  CARA thanks you Benton family for giving our sweet Patience, know Bubbles a forever home.

Happy Tails -- Yazoo

02/26/13 -- Here's a great rags to riches story for you. Meet Yazoo. He was named Yazoo because he was found by a hunter in the swamps of Yazoo County, in Mississippi. He was brought to CARA in the back of the man's truck, nearly starved and terrified beyond words. We took him in, and began the usual ritual that is performed on all scared and undernourished babies that we get. Fast forward to present, Yazoo has flourished in the shelter, loving every minute of the attention and the love he has been given. Though his life did a complete turnabout when he came to CARA, he still longed for that special person to be his constant companion. Well, last weekend, that special person walked right into Yazoo's life! Gary Minton chose Yazoo out of the many, many dogs we have in the shelter to be his best friend and companion. Gary, there is absolutely no way to express to you how overjoyed we are that you chose our beloved Yazoo! Wow, we just can't thank you enough!!! Yazoo, may you always have that special friendship that you have so longed for, may you know every single day how special you are. One thing we hope you always remember is how very special you are to us. We send you off with so much love and so many kisses, sweet boy. Here's to hoping that you and your new daddy have lots of years of extreme happiness.  

Happy Tails -- Mimi

02/26/13 -- Our beautiful MiMi was chosen by Lauren Musto to be her special girl! While MiMi may have been looked over by many, Lauren was drawn right to our girl's beautiful little face. Lauren, you are an angel, and we are so happy that you saw the wonderful heart that MiMi has. We know that you two will have many, many years of great happiness together. MiMi, we love you sweet girl, and wish only the very best for you. We feel sure that you have found just that.

Happy Tails -- UB

02/25/13 -- UB found her new mama over the weekend!!!!! She is one of those sweet girls who somehow gets overlooked. But when Robin Simpson spotted her, it was something to see! For a girl who had been living by the dumpster at a convenience store, literally living off of handouts, I'd say she sure has come a long way. We are so extremely happy to see her life change so drastically! She is so very deserving of the love she has found with Robin. Robin, thank you so much for seeing how special our sweet girl is, and for taking her into your heart and your home. UB, we bid you farewell with wishes for many years of happiness for you and your new mom. We love you, girl!

Happy Tails -- Gladys

02/25/13 -- Gladys is saying, 'Yeah, this is my new mom, and yeah, I love her, but would you kindly get that flash out of my face'! Gladys was not impressed with the camera, but we were so elated that Barbara Hopkins was giving her a real home, we just had to have pics! Gladys was born in the shelter 16 months ago, to Genevieve, whose photo was posted recently when she was adopted. Gladys is such a doll baby! She is really going to enjoy being doted on by her new mom. Gladys is another black dog, who has been passed by for quite some time now, that is, until Barbara met her and saw what a great big sweetheart she is. Barbara Hopkins, thank you seeing past the black coat into our girl's heart of gold, and taking her home to love. Gladys, enjoy your new life, sweetheart. We send you off with love and kisses, and you leave us with many fond memories. P.S. Enjoy playing with your new mom's grand babies! You are going to love that!

Happy Tails -- Minnie and her 6pk

02/24/13 -- Okay, so for all of you that remember Minnie and her little 6-pack, check this out!!!! All babies were adopted out at 6 weeks old. And to superb people, I might add. And one of the greatest footnotes is that Minnie and one of her little girls was adopted together by a wonderful woman! We want to give special thanks to John and Becky Kelly and their family, Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson, Heather Fain, Mr. & Mrs. Fortenberry, James and DeAnn McCain, and to Michelle Carson, who adopted mama and baby together. All of these folks are as great as they come, and we were so happy to see this little family go into such awesome homes. We just couldn't be happier! For a little pregnant mama who had such a rough start, the lives of all of these babies have made perfect by the incredible people named above. Thank you all so much!

Happy Tails -- Chrissy and Chevy

02/18/13 -- How awesome is this!!! Chrissy and Chevy were both adopted over the weekend by Piotr Szalach! We never dreamed these babies would be so lucky as to be adopted together, and this just proves that dreams do come true. We are all ecstatic about it, but none more so than Lea Ann, as she took these precious cats home as babies and bottle fed them until they were older and on solid food, and then brought them back to the shelter so that they could find a good home. Who would have ever thought? Two black cats adopted together... See, miracles do happen. Piotr, we don't know what folks think of you back home in Poland, but one thing is for sure. Over here on our turf, you ROCK!!!!!! Thank you for giving these children such an awesome home!

Happy Tails -- Guinea

02/17/13 -- For anyone who may wonder, no, it's not always about the dogs and cats! For this adoption, it was about our sweet Guinea Pig! This pretty little girl was adopted by Amanda Holder and Vickey Bowman. Thank you ladies so much for recognizing that these sweet babies are special, too, and need loving homes just as much as the bigger animals. We hope you have many years of happiness together!

Happy Tails -- Feona

02/17/13 -- Our little sweetheart, Feona, was adopted this weekend. Her new dad was so excited about getting her! He was almost like a dad who is about to welcome his first human child! That tells us what kind of home she is going to have! We're betting that she will be a little princess. Ryan Cumbest, you are the dad of Feona's dreams, as well as our dreams for Feona. Thank you so much for coming and meeting Feona. We know she is off to a fantastic life! Feona, we love you, darling girl! 

Happy Tails -- Petey

2/15/13 -- Today was a day of many heartfelt emotions at CARA, for us, for our beloved babies and for the incredibly awesome families that chose our babies to love. The first happy beginning I wish to share with you is the one that includes our wonderful boy, Petey. Petey was featured last Sunday as our very first 'CARA'S Senior Star Pet of the Week'. We all knew how much our handsome boy had to offer, as we have known that for a very long time. We were just hoping and praying that someone would come along that would see what we saw. Our sweet boy has spent many years just wishing for that special someone to see his worth, to look into his soulful eyes and see the abundance of love that he has, just waiting to share. Today, Petey's years of wishing paid off in a tremendous way when Dr. Chet Lake came in for the sole purpose of meeting him. That meeting was amazing, to say the least. It was as if both of them knew instantly that Petey had finally met that special person, his friend and companion that he has so longed for. Dr. Lake, I wish I knew the proper words to express our gratitude to you and your wife. I'm afraid that I can't even come close. I can tell you that we all thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for giving Petey that special love he has been waiting for, and for opening your home to him as a warm and loving place in which to enjoy his golden years. May you share many wonderful years together, and may you always be blessed for making Petey's dreams come true, and ours. You are an angel.

Happy Tails -- Spencer

02/15/13 -- Another beautiful adoption from yesterday was that of our precious Spencer. Though Spencer has had more than his share of disappointments in his life, his future took a turn towards a wonderful life when he met Dr. Shirley Beall and her terrific husband, Laurence. It seemed as though Spencer knew the moment he met the Bealls that they were the ones for him, as he stayed right beside them the entire time, patiently waiting to head for the door with them! It is amazing how these babies instantly connect with the ones who are meant for them. One thing is for certain, Spencer will be a little prince in his new home! Spencer, you know you are taking our love with you, sweetheart. Many, many thanks to the Bealls for giving Spencer his very own castle in which to be the little prince. He is one deserving little boy.

Happy Tails -- Wellington

02/13/13 -- Just received some awesome photos of our boy, Wellington, in his new home! Seems Wellington has fit in just perfectly! In this pic, he is sharing a nap with his sister, and new best friend, Penny. I understand that they are the best of friends and inseparable! These are the things that keep us focused and going. Harrison family, thank you, thank you!

Happy Tails -- Coby

02/08/13 -- Our sweet, sweet Coby left for his "fur"ever home today with his new Mom, Carol Baker, and his new Auntie, Beverly Smith. He was very excited about the new adventure that he was about to embark on. We at CARA could see that Cody was going to have the time of his life! We at CARA think that Carol and Beverly are "PAWTASTIC".

Happy Tails -- Emily

02/04/13 -- Precious little Emily has found her very own home with Kathy King! Emily is such a sweet little girl, and since she came to us from a family, she has had high hopes of finding that right 'fit' with a family again. Most often when someone would see her at the shelter and want to meet her, she was very nervous. We can only imagine what goes on inside their minds. But, when Emily met Kathy, it was love at first sight and an instant connection. We knew immediately that Kathy was the right one to be Emily's new mom. Kathy, there are not enough words to thank you for giving little Emily exactly what she has been looking and hoping for. My little marshmallow, we love you very much and will miss your little sweet self in the shelter, but we wish you nothing but happiness and love, and all the things you are so deserving of.

Happy Tails -- Taylor

02/02/13 -- Beautiful Taylor is a precious girl who was brought in a few weeks ago by a man who said she had been wandering his neighborhood for several weeks. She was brought in with rope and wire cable dragging from her neck. Lord only knows what all this precious girl has been through in her short life, but one thing is for sure, after meeting Ben and Megan Murray, her life will be nothing but sunny skies from here on out! We are ecstatic that the Murray's found and fell in love with Taylor! She is so deserving of a great home and family to love her. Ben and Megan, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Taylor, we wish you a very happy and blessed life, sweetheart!!!

Happy Tails -- Matilda

02/02/13 -- Our precious Matilda was adopted today by Peter and Pat Jernberg! Matilda has had more than her fair share of hard knocks, but the one thing she has always had is her CARA family. This little girl is very special to us, and though we will miss her terribly, we are incredibly happy to see such a fine couple adopt her and give her exactly what she so needed and deserved. She has waited for a long time to be loved and cherished the way we know the Jernbergs will love and cherish her. Peter and Pat, our hearts are filled with gratitude. We know that you two are the blessing our sweet Matilda has dreamed of. Matilda, we will miss you deeply, and want you to always remember how very much we love you.

Happy Tails -- Shiloh

01/30/13 -- We are so happy for our sweet Shiloh! Shiloh is approaching 7 years old, and was chosen by the Mixsons to become part of their family! This adoption really made us tremendously happy! She is such a precious girl, who has been with us since early in 2008, just waiting and hoping for her own home. Last week, her wish finally came true. Mixson family, we sincerely thank you for choosing our girl to love! We just couldn't be happier!! We wish you all many years of happiness!

Happy Tails -- Morris

01/26/13 -- Our precious Morris was chosen by Jerry and Jane Hoog today to be their special companion!  While Morris may be 11 years old, we just know that you three will have many wonderful years together. Our hearts are bursting with gratitude and happiness! Morris, we are so happy for you, and we love you with all of our hearts!

Happy Tails -- Valerie

01/22/13 -- Our sweet fur baby, Valerie, went to her "fur"ever home today with Karen Hearn. We at CARA will miss our sweet baby, but we know that she will be spoiled rotten in her new home.

Happy Tails --Paisley

01/20/13 -- Our precious little Paisley went home with the Gibson family over the weekend! Looks like she's going to have plenty entertainment from her human brothers, and we're sure she will supply much for them. We wish you all many years of happiness. Thank you, Gibson family, for adding Paisley to your home and family!

Happy Tails -- Roy Thomas

01/19/13 -- The first of Minnie's 6-pack went to his new home today! Roy Thomas, the only boy of the litter, went to join his new family, Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson. He also now has a fur-sister named Stella, a fur- brother named Edward (pictured in photo) and two kitty siblings! Roy Thomas fit right into his new home, and was loved by all. For a six week old little guy, it sure was a smooth transition. Thanks, guys, for making Roy Thomas a part of your very special family!

Happy Tails -- Sunshine

1/17/13 -- UPDATE --  This is Lucy (formerly Sunshine), who was recently adopted by a fabulous family, the McClintocks. In this photo, she is being shown the true meaning of what love really is by her awesome human brother, Patrick. I understand that they are best friends. I just can't tell you all how happy it makes us to see these fantastic updates on our babies! It feeds our hearts and souls, and gives us what need to continue doing what we do. Thank you, again, McClintock family, for giving sweet Lucy what she longed for and deserved.

Happy Tails -- Gracie

1/13/13 -- Just when we think the weekend can't get any better for CARA, wham! It goes from great to perfect! Guess who went to her wonderful new home today?? Our precious, senior girl, Gracie!!!!!!! Dana Page and her daughter have fallen in love with our Gracie, and they want to be sure that this precious girl gets every bit of loving care that she deserves for the remainder of her golden years. Man, it just doesn't get any better than this, folks. Gracie was so happy to be going with Dana that she stuck her nose on the wrong side of the door to leave with them this evening. I have always believed in miracles, and this is a huge one. Dana, there are tears when I even try to think of words to thank you. You are an angel, and you are certainly Gracie's angel. We know that her former mom would be so proud to see her going to such an incredible home. We pray that you have many wonderful years with Gracie, and we know that you will be richly blessed for what you have done for her. Heartfelt thanks, now and always.

Happy Tails -- Genevieve

1/12/13 -- This is one of those beautiful Adopt-A-Leash turned forever home stories for our much loved Genevieve. Rebecca Bernhardt adopted Genevieve's leash way back, and has faithfully spent tons of hours with our girl. Well, yesterday, Rebecca came to pick up Genevieve, nothing new there, except that this time, she picked her up and took her home for good, to start her new beginning with their family. Rebecca, no way we can put into words how happy we are about this. You have been wonderful to Genevieve for so long, and now the ultimate happiness for our girl. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Genevieve, we love you baby, and we wish the best that life has to offer for you. You girls be sure and come by to visit, as we will surely miss you, Genevieve!

Happy Tails -- Daisy Mae

1/12/13 -- The special moment we've all been waiting for finally came to pass today! Daisy Mae went home with her very own family! The Webb family fell in love with Daisy Mae the day they met her, and knew that she was the girl they had been looking for. They also have a beautiful one year old baby girl who was just crazy about Daisy Mae, and that connection was definitely mutual. We can't wait to see photos of our big girl and her little human sister! Webb family, you guys are so special in our eyes. We are so incredibly grateful that you are giving our girl the home she has wanted so badly and waited so long for. May you share many, many wonderful years together.

Happy Tails -- Harper Lee

1/11/13 -- oday was a great day for Harper Lee! He was adopted by Rose Hayes, and we know he is going to have an awesome new life. Harper Lee, we are going to miss your sweet face in the front. It is already not the same. But, we are so incredibly happy to see you go to live with such a wonderful lady. We wish you & Rose all the happiness in the world!

Happy Tails -- Katie

01/08/13 -- Our beautiful Katie left the shelter over the weekend to go home with her new family! We are extremely happy about this adoption! Roy Philley and family, you guys are awesome in our book! We are incredibly grateful that you chose our precious Katie to join your wonderful family! Many thanks to you all!

Happy Tails -- Josie

1/02/13 -- Our very own awesome volunteer, John Holloway, took our precious Josie home to live happily ever after with him and his boy Shug. He adopted Shug from us a while back, and is a great dad to him. He is also a very dedicated volunteer with a strong passion for the animals, and we appreciate him very much. We are so thrilled that he added Josie to his family! She is going to love having a big brother to show her the ropes! Thank you so much, John, for giving Josie a wonderful start to 2013!

Happy Tails -- Bocephus

1/02/13 -- We had to say goodbye to our big boy, Bocephus, over the weekend. His new dad drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to get him!! We are so happy for our gentle giant! Adam Graves, thank you more than words for choosing our Bocephus to be your new companion! Bocephus, we love you big boy!!

Happy Tails -- Elroy

1/02/13 --  Isn't it amazing how things work out sometimes? A few days ago, several of us were standing around Elroy, discussing how we just can't understand why no one has added him to their family, as he is such a sweet boy. We love Elroy, and knew that he would be a great member of someone's family. Well, lo and behold, the very next day the Russum family came looking for a shelter baby to add to their family, and guess what? They knew quickly that Elroy was their boy! We were just in awe! Russum family, what a sweet day it was when you guys came and met Elroy! Thank you so much for making ours and Elroy's dreams come true. We can't tell you happy we are about that special day. Elroy surely has a special New Year!

Happy Tails -- Brandon aka High Roller

01/02/13 -- Update on "High Roller" Brandon from the Schmahl family: "Brandon is loving Las Vegas. He loves to ride down the strip with his two sisters and bark at everyone he sees. That’s a LOT of barking. He equally loves his walks in the park near our house. He has a girlfriend at the park—a Great Dane named Daisy. Funniest match you ever saw!" We are so happy for Brandon!



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