We are incredibly blessed to have the support of our Community!  Our Kudos section features local businesses and individuals who have recently donated proceeds or their time to CARA.  On behalf of our fur-babies and staff, Thank you! Thank you!  We couldn't go on without you!  If you are interested in holding a food drive for CARA please click here.

Kudos -- Material Girls

08/09/15 -- CARA would like to send a big THANK YOU to Whitnie Hill, Manager of Material Girls in Flowood, MS, for sponsoring a food drive for the fur babies! Pictured below are Richard, Whitnie, and Phyllis (formerly Misty Blue at CARA). We appreciate everyone who donated during this drive

Kudos -- Exit Summer House Realty

08/14/15 -- Many thanks to EXIT Summer House Realty in Ridgeland for sponsoring their first annual Bowling for our Fur Babies last Saturday! Pictured below presenting the check to Denise Cantrell, CARA Executive Director, (right) are: CJ Nason, Charles Nason, and Brittany Spears. We appreciate everyone who bowled to support the homeless animals at CARA.

Kudos -- Wine and Spirits in the Quarter

07/06/15 -- Who likes good wine?? Chateau La Paws has been making fine wines for 16 years. They are rolling out 3 new wines (chardonnay, red wine blend and pinot noir) in support of no-kill animal organizations around the country. Wine and Spirits in the Quarter is proudly featuring these new wines and donating $1.00 per bottle to CARA! Jason Lord is shown below presenting the donation check to Denise Cantrell (holding Soldier) and Karen Goodman, CARA Board members. Get your wine today!

Kudos -- The Derivaux

07/05/15 --  How incredibly special is this? Rob Derivaux, formerly of Jackson, and his fiance' Kim Church of Dallas, are getting married in September. Last month, they had an Engagement party here in Jackson. For the hostess gifts, they chose to honor each hostess by making a donation to CARA. Rob and Kim are shown in this photo with their rescue pup 'Shep'. To say that we are honored by this donation is an understatement. Rob and Kim, 'thank you' just doesn't seem to be enough. We are just beyond thrilled that you guys would think of our precious shelter babies during such a monumental time in your lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Best wishes for the wedding of your dreams and a beautiful life together. Your wedding will certainly be the joining of two amazing hearts.

Kudos -- Lakeside Elementary

06/28/15 -- Pre-schoolers from Lakeside Elementary School made these awesome pet beds for the CARA babies. Ms. Kather was their sponsor. THANK YOU from all of us at CARA!

Kudos -- Parks

06/26/15 -- Parks Garrott asked for dog food and treats for the CARA dogs instead of gifts for herself on her 6th birthday. What a kind and generous act for homeless animals! The future looks bright with young animal activists like Parks. Thanks so much!!

Kudos -- The Traxlers

05/06/15 -- HUGE Kudos to David and Dana Traxlers who graciously opened their beautiful home to us for our 1st Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser.  Mutts and Margaritas was a success.  Big thanks goes out to our major sponsor Ergon who continually support us on many big events.  Babalu's Taco and Tapas were on their A game and the food was wonderful as well as the staff.  Other sponsors who we are so thankful for include Lazy Magnolia and Hops and Habanas for supplying the beer for this event.   Thanks to Herrin Gear Automotive and VSS for sponsoring this CARA event.

Kudos -- MS Craft Show

04/13/15 -- We are SO GRATEFUL to the Mississippi Craft Show group for the incredible food donation that they surprised us with today! Thanks to the hard work of all involved with the Handmade USA Show in March, they were able to blow us away with this huge donation today! We never even saw it coming! As many of you know, they always give back by selecting a charity to benefit from their shows. This show, they chose CARA.They invited us to join their show that weekend, and we so happily accepted their invitation. We had a blast! We benefitted from an incredible weekend of donations and had tons of fun meeting new people and telling them about our shelter, as well as visiting with old friends. Not to mention how much fun the shelter pups had! When we thought it was all over, they shocked us this evening with 2,000 pounds of dog and cat food! Yes, you read that right! 2,000 pounds! You are an amazing group of people, and we thank you more than words! We could never do what we do without awesome supporters like you. You mean the world to us. From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank you guys. We also wish to thank Will Rainey and Hollywood Feed for their role in this surprise! We have said it a million times, and we will say it again, we have the best supporters on the planet!

Kudos -- MC Swannanoa Tribe

04/12/15 -- Friday we were lucky enough to have MC College's Social Tribe, Swannanoa, to come and spend their service day with us! These girls did so much in the time they spent with us! We felt very lucky to have them and we hope to see them again! Thank you, MC, for sending this amazing group of girls!

Kudos -- Wynne Hilliard

03/24/15 -- How is this for the youngest ever to donate to our precious shelter babies in lieu of birthday presents? Yep, little Wynne Hilliard turned ONE-year-old and brought all of these donations for the shelter pets! My goodness, how sweet this is!!! Happy 1'st Birthday, precious little man! We hope your first birthday was as special as you are! And to your mommy and daddy, you are amazing! Thank you so much for showing Wynne what true compassion is from such an early age, and helping the CARA babies in the process. THIS is hope for the future!

Kudos -- Interact Club Northwest Rankin

03/17/15 -- CARA would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Interact Club at Northwest Rankin High School for the donations collected during their recent dog food drive. Pictured below is the club sponsor, Katie Walden. These young people are truly an inspiration to all of us!


Kudos -- Vanderbilt Students

03/04/15 --This incredible group of Vanderbilt University students came to Jackson to participate in Alternative Spring Break--a student-run community service organization. We were blessed to have them spend a week with us at CARA! Their mission is to promote critical thinking, social action, and continued community involvement by combining education, reflection, and direct service. They helped us with many projects at the shelter plus at our fundraiser, BBQ, Barks and Blues. THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of homeless animals!

Kudos -- Kelly from Adams Reese Law Firm

02/18/15 -- We were visited by Kelly Tuttle who is employed by Adams and Reese Law Firm over the weekend. Kelly brought a trunk load of donations that the firm raised for our shelter babies. They chose to support CARA last year, also. We cannot thank these incredible folks enough for thinking of our babies in this very special way. It definitely takes the community to do what we do here, and we couldn't make it without the support of awesome people like these. Adams and Reese group, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your donations and support mean the world to us and the sweet babies we care for. We are ever so grateful!

02/10/2015 --Check this kid out -- Gabriel Freedman asked for shelter donations for his 11th birthday and look what all he brought us! WOW!! Thanks so much Gabriel! All of us at CARA hope you had the best birthday and we appreciate you so much!!

Kudos -- Zac Tullos

02/04/15 -- CARA friends and supporters, THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you for your heartfelt donations of Kuranda beds! Through our Kuranda fundraiser and multiple other fundraisers that started in December, our dreams for our precious babies have come true! Because of every one of you that donated, we were able to order a total of 196 Kuranda beds!!!!!! And that, friends, is HUGE!!!!!! There is just no way for us to tell you all how incredible this is! The putting together of the first big order has been done, thanks to a few very special people, including our awesome friend, Zack Tullos, who has put together 36 beds himself! Wow! We plan to start distributing this first order this weekend and will take photos to share with you along the way. Again, we want to thank every single one of you from the very bottom of our hearts for playing an instrumental role in our mission to get all of our precious pups off of the concrete and onto these comfy beds. The only thing that would make this sweeter is if every one of you could be present as we deliver these new beds to our babies. You may not realize that a new bed is that big of a deal to a shelter dog, but trust me, it is. Our pups get super excited over their new beds. Honestly, it changes their world. And for that, we have you guys to thank. As we always say, we have the BEST supporters on the planet and we never take that for granted. THANK YOU!

Kudos -- Jackson Giant Christmas Tree

01/29/15 -- Special thanks go out today to Jackson Giant Christmas Tree Sales for the generous donation to our fur babies. John Pittman presents the check to Board members Janet Madden (left) and Bertha Gordon (center) in the photo below. Thanks to everyone who bought a tree at the fairgrounds--you helped our animals!

Kudos -- Cotton Land Cruisers

01/27/15 -- For the past 3 years, the Cottonland Cruisers of Mississippi have collected dog food, cat food and cash for the fur babies at CARA. This wonderful group of girls meets monthly to raise money for charities. Groups like the Cottonland Cruisers prove the future is bright! Thank y'all so much!

Kudos -- Tanner girls01/02/15 -- Wow! Little Marley and Presley Tanner just stopped in to deliver an incredible donation for our shelter babies!!! Lea Ann was so honored to accept their donation on behalf of CARA. What a bright spot on this dreary day! Girls, you are amazing!! And no doubt, there's an amazing mon and dad in their world. Thank you so much, Tanner family!

Kidos -- Cindy

12/31/14 -- This big, beaming smile is the smile of a birthday girl who got what she asked for! Our precious friend, Cindy Metzger, celebrated her big '50' yesterday, and rather than get the normal gifts for this milestone, she asked her friends and family to donate food to our precious pups in her honor. And they certainly came through! Cindy and her #1 guys came to the shelter last night to deliver over 1800 pounds of dog food!!! Wow! Now, that's some birthday! There are just no words to express our gratitude for this donation. To have the dog whisperer herself come to the shelter to ensure that our babies eat well for New Year's was some kind of special. Cindy, from the very bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!!!! You are a blessing to humans and dogs everywhere, but to our babies, you are an angel. Thank you so much. We hope that you had a birthday that is as special as you are.

Kudos -- Clinton Jr High 7th Grade Art Class

12/20/14 -- Just look at this!!! These angels are in the 7'th grade Art classes at Clinton Jr. High School. Their amazing teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Wilbourne, does a holiday project with the students ever year that teaches them about giving back to their community. This year, they made over 70 colorful, braided fleece toys for our precious pups, and 30 toys with bells for the sweet cats! How incredibly awesome is that??? We were just overwhelmed at their generosity. It warms our hearts to see kids with a passion for helping the sweet shelter babies. And it took a passion to make this many toys! This sweet teacher deserves a medal. These kids are the future of tomorrow, and a teacher like this one helps to lay that groundwork more than they may even know. To the Clinton Jr. High Art classes, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! We wish every one of you the merriest of Christmases! We invite you all to visit with our shelter anytime!

Kudos -- Maya

12/16/14 -- Precious Maya Freedman celebrated her 9'th birthday last weekend, and Saturday she came to CARA bearing lots of donations for our shelter pets! Wow!! What a kind and generous heart this child has! She didn't want presents for herself, she wanted presents for our babies! There are no words for how intensely heartwarming it is when children show such unselfishness and compassion for the animals. Maya, we hope your birthday was every bit as special as you are. We, and the shelter babies, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you come back and visit with us again in the future!


12/15/14 -- Our very own, Laura Lillard, and some of her friends, had a great idea for Christmas presents this year! Instead of buying for each other, they bought for our shelter pets! How awesome is that! Pictured on the left, Carol Westerfield. In the middle, our super spectacular, Laura Lillard. On the right, Dawn Brewer. Ladies, you ROCK!

Kudos -- The Dew Kids

12/09/14 -- Last weekend we were visited by some amazing children. Emily and Jacob Dew came by to visit, showering our precious babies with Christmas donations! Just can't say enough good about children who are raised to appreciate the amazing feeling that comes from helping those in need. Emily and Drew, while you helped tremendously in our efforts to care for our shelter animals, you also helped to restore our faith in humanity, as you reminded us of all that is still good in our world. Thank you both, so much, for coming to CARA and spreading good will. We hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Kudos -- Lori Morse

10/26/14 -- Have you ever participated in a "Random Act of Kindness"? Well Lori Morse did the other day and guess who she chose? CARA! Lori said "I was invited by my friend and I couldn't think of a better way, or a better place or better people to show my random act of kindness to". Thank you Lori...we appreciate it so much!

Kudos -- Pam from Salvation Army

10/26/14 -- From one non-profit to another! Pam Washington from the Salvation Army recently dropped in and brought LOTS of shredded paper. Thanks Pam for thinking of us and our shelter babies at CARA!

Kudos -- Flowood Elementary

10/25/14 -- We are so lucky to have the support of our Community. Recently donations were gathered by the wonderful kids and staff at Flowood Elementary! Thank you so much for thinking of our sweet shelter pets!

Kudos -- Good Shephard Church

10/19/14 -- We are so grateful for the support of our surrounding community! We can't do what we do without you! The women at Episcopal Church of Good Shephard in Terry, MS, recently collected donations on our behalf. Pictured is Kathy Hardy.

Kudos -- MDS Construction

10/18/14 -- We'd like to give a HUGE Shout Out and Thank You to Curtis and Melissa Smith of MDS Construction. These PAWESOME folks repaired the damage to our building from the accident caused by the drunk driver. They worked through the night to get our building safe and secure. Curtis and Melissa were there for us as they have been many times before. They're dedicated animal lovers and supporters that we can count on. We just can't thank them enough!

Kudos -- Volunteers

10/14/14 -- Natalie, Melinda, and Amanda volunteered all day at CARA yesterday! The puppies were clean and played with all day. These ladies were awesome! They did laundry, bathed Audrey, took puppies out in play groups and lots more. For these reasons and so many more, we love our volunteers! Thank you so ladies so much for the much needed help!

Kudos -- Lake Trace and North Lake NA

10/14/14 -- Last Tuesday the Lake Trace and North Lake neighborhood associations in north Jackson joined forces for a National Night Out that included a food drive for CARA! These compassionate neighbors donated approximately 1200 pounds of pet food plus cat litter and supplies. Thank you from all of us at CARA!

Kudos -- Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Law Firm

09/21/14 -- We were visited by some amazing girls from the Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Law Firm's Jackson office. Pepper, Tiffany and Brighton came bearing some fabulous donations for our shelter babies! We were told that employees there pay $5, or whatever amount they choose, to wear jeans to work one day a month, and they choose a charity to support with their donations for that month. They even have a name for this, and it's SWAM, Staff With a Mission. And, the firm puts in a donation, too! What an awesome way to support local charities! We are so grateful that these incredible folks chose CARA babies to support this month! As you can see, they brought some great donations and a very nice monetary donation. Thank you all more than words for choosing CARA for your mission this month! We and our shelter pets are so grateful to you all.

Kudos -- Olivia

09/16/14 -- This precious girl, Olivia Kent, recently celebrated her birthday, and once again, chose to put the focus of her special day on the shelter animals. What an angel she is to the shelter babies! We are so graceful, Olivia, for this very special donation! We thank you, and the shelter babies thank you! You are a super star in our eyes. We hope you had an amazing birthday!

Watson Quality Ford

09/02/14 -- Noel Daniels (left) and Matt Watson (right) of Watson Quality Ford delivered a truckload of donations to CARA today from the "Pack a PIckup for a Pup" donation drive during the month of August. Sharon Sowell accepts the donations on behalf of CARA. Many thanks to everyone who donated and to Watson Quality Ford for hosting the drive!

MS Agility Demo Dog Group

08/11/14 -- We were overwhelmed and humbled this morning to receive 20 new Kuranda-style, modular dog beds!! Many thanks to the Mississippi Agility Demo Dog Group for the PVC pipe and labor to assemble the beds and to Bob Moran of Appearance Awning & Canvas, Inc. for donating and sewing the fabric. Pictured below are Marsha Jones (MAD Dog Group), Sharon Sowell (CARA) and Connie Campbell (MAD Dog Group). Thanks to these special people, 20 dogs will sleep better tonight!!

Kudos -- Volunteers

07/22/14 -- We would like to take a minute to salute 2 of our hard-working shelter volunteers--Rachel Salassi and Sarah Criddle. Most Saturday mornings you will find these volunteers bathing dogs who are going to community events that day. This is a invaluable service that frees up the CARA staff to focus on their regular duties. The pups appreciate it, too! Thank you, Rachel (left) and Sarah (right)!

Kudos -- Lily's B-day

07/19/14 -- Lily Frances Garner celebrated her 5th birthday by collecting donations for CARA! We are so thankful that one so young has such a big heart for animals. Thank you Lily!

Kudos -- Mutual Credit Union

07/16/14 -- How can we begin to thank the wonderful folks at Mutual Credit Union for the donation drive they did for CARA throughout the month of June? The generosity of everyone who donated money, pet food and supplies has overwhelmed us. THANK YOU to everyone who participated and to the folks who organized the drive. In the photo below, we have (left to right) Cassie Sucharski (MCU), Valerie Hicks (CARA), Denise Cantrell (CARA), Stephanie Newsome (MCU), Linda Evans (MCU) and Deborah Lang (MCU).

Kudos -- Hallmark Christmas in July 2014

07/14/14 -- Many thanks to Hallmark in Renaissance for inviting CARA to join them in their Christmas in July celebration last Saturday. We appreciate all the food and cash donations. Pictured below (left to right) are: Jenny Burroughs (Hallmark); Denise Cantrell (CARA) with Blaire; Santa with Baron; Dana Vasquez (Hallmark) and Jo Ann Coleman (Hallmark).

Kudos -- Briarwood Pet Shop

06/06/14 -- Valerie Hicks, CARA's Chairman of the Board, takes inventory of the very generous dog food donation from Briarwood Pet Shop & Kennels in Jackson. Many thanks to our friends at Briarwood for caring about homeless animals.

Kudos -- McKayden

05/25/14 -- Though yesterday was a fabulous day in the shelter, this was definitely one of the highlights of our day. Precious McKayden was celebrating her 9'th birthday, and was so excited to bring her 'birthday presents' to the shelter.  McKayden has dreams of being a veterinarian when she grows up. We second that idea! This precious girl has a heart of gold, and meeting her yesterday was most definitely our pleasure.We are so proud to have this family's support here at CARA. McKayden, thank you SO much from us and from our babies for the special donations you made yesterday. That is more help to these sweet babies than you know. The pups send a loud 'Woof Woof' in thanks! Happy Birthday from all of us at CARA!

Kudos -- Kate

05/13/14 -- We were blessed to be visited by Kate Baker last Saturday, who was celebrating her 11'th birthday! Beautiful girl, with a beautiful heart. She asked for presents for our babies instead of herself. Kate, young people like you are our hope for the future. Our light at the end of what is sometimes a very dark tunnel. We can't thank you enough for thinking of our babies in such a special way! We are hoping that you had an incredible birthday, just as incredible as what you did for our shelter pets. You ROCK, sweet girl!

Kudos -- Jazzlyn

05/10/14 -- We were graced today with a visit from little Jazzlyn Nordin, who celebrated her 7'th birthday. Instead of thinking of herself, she thought of our precious babies. These are the things that make our hearts smile. Children like Jazzlyn know that they are helping our babies when they choose to do this. What they don't know is that they give us so much hope for the future when they give so unselfishly. Jazzlyn, we hope you had an awesome birthday, just as awesome as you are! Thank you so much for thinking of our precious babies.

Kudos -- UMMC

05/05/14 -- Many thanks to Dana Tucker and all our friends at UMMC for the much needed donations. These UMMC folks celebrated National Pet Awareness Month in April by collecting donations for local shelters, including CARA. We very much appreciate their generosity toward homeless animals.

Kudos -- Hollywood Feed

05/01/14 -- Many thanks to Will Rainey and all the great folks at Hollywood Feed in Ridgeland, MS for packing the SUV this morning with dog and cat food donations. Our sweet fur babies will be eating good!!

Kudos -- Banfield

04/25/14 -- CARA would like to thank Christy and Shannon at Banfield Pet Hospital for inviting us to their open house. We enjoyed the visit and appreciate the donations. CARA adopters will soon be getting Banfield coupons in their adoption bags!

Kudos -- Alex

04/06/14 -- Alex Burks is a great friend to CARA, and gives us incredible hope for the future. Yesterday he came bearing donations for our shelter babies. No, this is definitely not his first trip to do this, but this time, he put out a plea to his neighborhood to help the shelter animals. And they responded with food donations, newspaper and cash donations. Alex, you are very special to us, and we are so happy to have you on the CARA team!!


03/31/14 -- Lake Trace and North Lake neighborhoods in north Jackson collected 700 pounds of dry dog food plus canned food, treats, and monetary donations over the week-end. Jimmy Stiglets, Lake Trace Homeowner's Association President, is shown below presenting Laura Lillard, Lake Trace resident and CARA Board member, with the donations collected. Thank you, Lake Trace and North Lake neighbors, for your kindness to homeless animals.

Happy Tails -- Dot Miller

03/16/14 -- Try this on for awesome! Dot Miller turned 77 years young last week, and how fabulous that she requested donations for our shelter babies for her birthday!! Dot is also the grandmother to Ophelia, our senior dog that was adopted last year. This sweet lady is an inspiration in more ways than one. Dot, we think you are the bombdiggity and hope you had an incredibly Happy Birthday!


03/08/14 -- We want to give a big thanks to Kylie! Kylie came by the shelter today to bring us donations that she requested in lieu of birthday presents! Kylie, and others like her, give us great hope for the future. Add to that, the fact that we are so grateful to her for the donations! Happy 11'th Birthday, Kylie! Our babies THANK YOU!

Kudos -- Rainbow Grocery

03/07/14 -- CARA would like to thank the folks at Rainbow Co-op in Fondren and all their patrons who donated to the February "Rainbow Round Up". Shown below are (l to r): Laura with CARA, Jessica with Rainbow (and Cinnamon), Gonzo with Rainbow, and Denise with CARA (and Spice). We continue to be humbled by the support we receive from our community.

Kudos -- Easily Amused in Ridgeland

03/05/14 -- EASELY AMUSED in Ridgeland recently celebrated their birthday with a Groove is in the Art Party. The proceeds from the sample painting sale went to CARA!! Thank you Bridget McCart, Owner and Amy McCart, Manager for making this happen and to all the attendees who bought the paintings. Pictured are Denise Cantrell, CARA Vice Chair-Spokesperson accepting the donation from Amy McCart, Store Manager. Stay tuned, CARA will be announcing details of a CARA night at Easely Amused coming soon!

Kudos -- Ava

03/01/14 -- Our sunshine for the afternoon! Little Ava Schuetzle just turned 8 years old, and for her birthday wish, she wanted to help the animals of CARA. What a sweetheart she is!!! Ava, we thank you so much for your compassion for our babies! We thank you and our babies thank you! We hope your birthday was as awesome as you are!

Kudos -- Avery

02/22/14 -- We had a very special visitor at the shelter today. Her name is Avery Cornette, and she came bearing donations for our shelter babies. For her 6'th birthday, she had no interest in her own wants, as what she wanted for her birthday was gifts for the shelter pets. As you can clearly see, Avery is a beautiful little girl, but her greatest beauty is found in her heart. Her passion for the animals is remarkable. We were so happy to be visited by this precious angel today. To Avery's parents, fantastic job Mom & Dad! You are raising one special little lady, and it shows through her love and compassion for the animals, as well as in many other ways. Avery, we thank you so much for thinking of our babies on your special day! Putting them first in your heart shows us exactly how special you are. And knowing that you are our future puts a great big smile on our face. Happy 6'th Birthday, Avery!! We hope your birthday was every bit as special as you are!

Kudos -- Alex

02/15/14 -- So we have two sources of much needed sunshine this morning. Looks like we have been blessed with a beautiful day, and then the visit from 12 year old Alex Burkes. Today is this awesome young man's third trip to the shelter with donations! He saves his own money, then goes and loads up with food and treats for our babies. What a great feeling to know that he, and others like him, are the future for the animals! And right now, their future is looking bright! Thank you so much, Alex!

Kudos -- Ruby

02/15/14 -- What a day of promise and reminders of all the goodness that still exists in our world... Just when we thought we had been blessed today by more preciousness than was possible, in walked little Ruby, yet another gift from above. Ruby was far more concerned with making sure our shelter babies had things they needed than she was with receiving gifts for herself on her 6'th birthday. It is so amazing how when God sees that we are becoming a little overwhelmed with the many difficult situations that we deal with here, he sends these precious children to renew our faith in humanity, to remind us that there is still much good in our world. These children do just that. They lift our spirits, they give us hope for the future. Ruby, your visit just completed our day, sweetheart. We thank you so much for showing so much love and compassion for our babies. You are an angel in every sense of the word. Thank you for your unselfishness in thinking of these babies before yourself. We hope your birthday was as awesome as you are! And our shelter pups? Well, they send you a big WOOF WOOF!

Kudos -- Abbi

02/15/14 -- Oh my goodness!! Another ray of sunshine!! Little Abbi just celebrated her 8'th birthday and asked for donations for our precious babies in lieu of presents for herself. From the looks of the donations, I'd say Abbi is a very loved little girl. Abbi, you are a precious angel, and proof of all that is good in our world. We hope you had a fabulous birthday! We, and our babies want you to know that you ROCK!! Thank you so very much

Kudos -- Tractor Supply Richland

02/04/14 -- Thank you, Tractor Supply in Richland, for the generous dog food donations! Staff member Susanne Blaumuller is eager to help get the donations into the shelter. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful partners in the community.

Kudos -- Tractor Supply Clinton

02/01/14 -- Heartfelt thanks go out to Tractor Supply in Clinton for the generous donations we received at the shelter yesterday. Janet Madden (left) and Hollie McClelland take inventory as Erik Norman unloads his truck.

Kudos -- All Seasons Event

01/25/14 -- CARA would like to send a big THANK YOU to All Seasons Events for once again donating a portion of the proceeds from the Christmas trees sales at the fairgrounds to CARA. Paige Pittman (left) with All Seasons Events is shown below presenting the check to Valerie Hicks, CARA Board member. Thanks to everyone who bought your Christmas trees from these great folks.


01/17/14 -- These are the things that make us go 'Wow'!!! This is a photo of two families, the Ray family (from our area) and the Pearman family (visiting from Chattanooga). These two families went in together and brought much needed supplies to the shelter recently. In the midst of their visiting together during the holidays, it was this important to these special families to make the trip out to purchase and deliver all of these donations to help us take care of our precious babies. Now this is what we call incredible supporters!!! Thank you guys so much for your donations and the visit. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you! Great kids, by the way!

Kudos -- Alix

01/09/14 -- Thank goodness for the children of our future! Alix Ebner celebrated her 12'th birthday recently. Instead of asking for things for herself, she asked for supplies for the shelter babies. We are so touched when precious children choose the animals over themselves. It shows us that all is not lost in this turned around world we live in. It gives us hope for the future and a renewed faith in humanity. Alix, we certainly hope your birthday was as special to you as it was to us. You are one incredible young lady, and we are proud to have you as a friend of CARA and a supporter of our babies. And to your parents, we know where this kind of passion starts, and we thank you for that. Great job, mom and dad! Thank you, Alix!

Kudos -- Jackson Academy

12/17/13 -- The Lower School and Preschool Jackson Academy students raised $3,200 for CARA this semester through the sale of spirit ribbons during football season! Thank you to everyone who participated in this special fundraiser. Your love for homeless animals has touched us deeply.

Kudos -- Anna Payton GST #6190

12/13/13 -- Please meet little Anna Payton, 2nd grader with Jackson Academy. Her Girl Scout Troop #6190 donated food, treats and made blankets and toys for the cats. With precious ones like these, we know the future looks bright for our animals. Thank you so much, Anna and Troop #6190!!! Merry Christmas to this awesome Girl Scout Troop!!! You certainly made Christmas brighter for our babies!!

Kudos -- Melissa

12/07/13 -- Sweet Melissa (a former CARA sweetheart) brought loads of Christmas goodies to her pals at CARA! Thank you, Melissa, Angie, and Anne!


11/25/13 -- Mary Wilson and Peggy Pevey of Clinton stopped by Big Lots today and found these great fluffy throws for $3.00 each. They picked up 25 of them for the fur babies. Thank you both for helping us keep our dogs warm on these cold nights!

Kudos -- Millsaps MBA Group Behavior Class

11/12/13 -- Many thanks to the Millsaps MBA Group Behavior class for coordinating a dog food and cat litter drive for the CARA fur babies! Pictured below are (left to right): Alex Lawson, Lisha Woodard, Taylor Munn, Beth Thomas, and Matthew Koury. Y'all rock!

Kudos -- Eddie Outlaw

11/08/13 --Eddie Outlaw, co-owner of William Wallace Salon, celebrated the second anniversary of his 40th birthday by sponsoring a food drive for CARA! Thank you, Eddie and everyone who donated, for this kind and generous act for our fur babies. Happy birthday from all of us at CARA

Kudos -- MS Association of Student Nurses Convention

10/19/2013 -- Sydney and Shiloh loved all the attention at the MS Association of Student Nurses' annual convention. Thanks to Haritha Abbott, First Vice President, for inviting CARA to talk to students about volunteer opportunities.

Kudos -- St. James Church

10/17/2013 -- Today we were visited by Iris Isaacs, who brought donations from the St. James Church, children's offering. We were presented a check for $478.00, dog food, treats and bedding. We are so grateful for these donations! They are greatly needed, and most appreciated. Thank you so much, St. James Church! We are really blessed with your support.

Kudos -- Girl Scout Troop #5604

10/13/2013 -- A big THANK YOU to Girl Scout Troop 5604. These sweet girls picked Gerald, our CARA rabbit, as their project and some of the troop and their moms brought him lots of goodies as well as a donation to the Shelter yesterday. They were a great group and we hope they come back to visit us again soon. Thanks Molly, troop leader, for coordinating the visit to CARA!

B.S.A Troop 15

10/09/13 -- Heartfelt thanks go out to B.S.A. Troop 15 who completed an Eagle Scout project of building 4 benches for Bree's Bark Park! These benches will be much used over the coming years. Pictured below: Top row: Michael McKeown, Daniel Majors, Thomas Mozingo (Lead Scout). Bottom row: Cooper Harris, Robert Mozingo, Rebecca Mozingo. Not pictured: Tommy Boxx, Alex Boxx, Alex Dunn.

Kudos -- Eaton Corp

09/29/13 -- If it looks like Christmas in this photo, that's because it was just like Christmas! The Eaton Corporation had a drive for CARA, and WOW!!!! Just look at the stuff they collected! Those awesome folks donated over 500 pounds of dogfood, not to mention the tons of catfood, litter, cleaning supplies, linens and toys! I can't imagine what we would do without loyal supporters like these guys. Their support means everything to us, and to our shelter babies. Megan Albright and Tracy Tatum, thank you so much for delivering your SUV packed with all of these donations!! I still can't figure out how you got all of this in that vehicle! Eaton Corporation, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kudos -- Jackson Academy

09/20/13 -- The students at Jackson Academy held a dog food drive for CARA as part of their Homecoming festivities. Both CARA and the Mustard Seed were honored as beneficiaries of Homecoming Week fundraisers. Thank you, Jackson Academy, for your kindness to homeless animals. Go Raiders!!!

Kudos -- McNeely Plastics

09/19/13 -- In response to CARA's Wednesday Wish List asking for large plastic garbage bags, McNeely Plastics in Clinton has donated an 8 month supply to CARA!! Staff members Jerome (left) and Troy (right) assist Melanie of McNeely Plastics in unloading the first rolls of bags. Heartfelt thanks go out to McNeely Plastics!

Kudos -- Captiol City Roller Girls

09/01/13 -- Many thanks to the Capital City Roller Girls for raising money for the CARA fur babies! Terri Smith, Summer Smith and Alyssa Dunaway presented the check to CARA Board member Cristy Bullock Saturday at the shelter.

Kudos -- Bradley, Arant, law firm

08/30/13 -- A big thank you to the Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Law Firm for holding a raffle to benefit CARA. Pictured are Christy VanHorn, Diana Virgil & David Moss presenting the check along with some dog goodies to CARA Board Member Denise Cantrell. Thanks to everyone that participated!

Kudos -- Outback

08/24/13 -- We want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and shared the day with us last Saturday for our annual Dog Days of Summer event! Guys, you did it again!!! You bombarded us with much needed donations of food and supplies for our shelter babies! You guys donated almost 5,000 pounds of food!!!!! WOW!! You all are the best supporters on the planet!!! Outback's Steve Grantham, once again, made arrangements to have all of these donations delivered to the shelter! Steve, you and your guys ROCK!!!!!! Many, many thanks to everyone! You're the GREATEST!

Kudos -- Truitt Memorial Baptist Church in Pearl

08/13/13 -- We were blessed with a visit from Truitt Memorial Baptist Church from Pearl, Ms. last weekend! They came bearing many donations for our precious shelter babies, and some precious children! We talked, toured and spent some fantastic play time with one of our precious puppies. This little guy was so excited with all of the attention he got! Well, come to think of it, the kids were pretty excited to spend time with him, too! We are so happy that this awesome bunch of folks chose to visit our shelter, and we thank you guys soooo much for all the donations!!! You are an incredible group of people, and we hope you will come by for a visit with us again in the future! The animals send a big THANK YOU!

Kudos -- United Methodist of Clinton Day Care

08/12/13 -- Last weekend we were visited by First United Methodist Church Daycare of Clinton, Ms! Wow! What fun that was!! The kids brought donations for the shelter animals and took the grand tour! Not sure who enjoyed that the most! However, probably the most fun was had by the children when they got to spend time playing with Hope Grace, one of our precious puppies that is hoping to find her own family soon. On that one, I truly can't tell you who had more fun, the children or little Hope Grace. I can tell you that we learned that day that our little girl is ALL about kids!! Sandy Atkins and Lauren Embry, thank you so much for including a visit to CARA in the children's itinerary for this summer! The children are our future, and that of the animals, and anytime we get a chance to have a hand in educating our children, we love it! Thank you all so much for the donations, also! We hope you come back to visit us and our babies again in the future!

Kudos -- Jim and Brenda Collette

08/09/13 -- We were paid a visit last Saturday by one of our favorite families, Jim and Brenda Collette, and precious Delta. The Collettes met Delta at an event last summer, and fell in love with her instantly. It was so sweet to meet this big guy, who wouldn't strike you as being so softhearted about a little dog, fall so head over heels for this little girl. Besides, according to Brenda, he was the one who said after the loss of their last dog, that there would be no more. Well, little Delta knew just the right moves to completely change his mind, and have him wrapped around her little paw! As you can see, little Delta is living the good life as a little princess! While at the shelter, Jim commented on how hot it was in the building, as our AC has been acting up. Actually, he asked me why we didn't turn the air on. I explained that we were going to have to get someone out to check the unit for us. The Collettes had been gone from the shelter for all of about 2 hours when he came back toting this air conditioner! Were we ever so glad to see this! Jim and Brenda, we just want to thank you for everything. We thank you giving our precious little girl a dream life. We can see just how happy she is. And we thank you for being so kind with your donation of the air conditioner. And yes sir, we have put it to good use! Thank you so much for all of the great things you are to CARA!

Kudos -- Repeat Street

08/07/13 -- CARA would like to thank the folks at Repeat Street in Ridgeland for their generous donation to our fur babies. Pictured below are Jack Welch (CARA), Michele Austin (R.S.), Melissa Graves (R.S.), Rick Terry (CARA), Karen Hughes (R.S.), Bertha Gordon (CARA) and Parker Wilkinson (R.S.). Check out the awesome inventory in this store and tell them CARA sent you!

Kudos -- Woody Spencer

07/31/13 -- Woody Spencer has completed his Eagle Scout project: 4 benches for Bree's Bark Park! Woody's sister Molly, and their dog, Jake, are enjoying one of the benches. From all of us at CARA, thank you, Woody, for this wonderful gift that will last for years to come.

Kudos -- Maggie Bonds of Hometown Hardware

07/31/13 -- We were recently visited by Maggie Bonds, of Hometown Hardware in Flora, Ms.! They had been taking up donations for CARA, and she delivered those donations herself! Maggie, it was great to meet you and give you the tour of the cattery! We can't thank you enough for thinking of our precious babies with these donations. Maggie would like for everyone in their area to know that they are always taking donations for our shelter babies. We would like for you to know that Maggie and her family are very special, and we would love for you to visit their store. Thank you to all who took donations to Hometown Hardware, and thank you, Maggie, for coming to visit! You all are awesome!

Kudos -- Rigby and Ann Summerhill

07/28/13 --  The beautiful dog in these photos is named Rigby, and her incredible mom's name is Amy Summerhill. And this is their story. Rigby was owned originally by someone else. Her owner took her, as just a baby, to the vet to be euthanized, because she suffered from Rickets and she was not eating. The vet, being much smarter than the owner, chose not to honor his request. Enter Amy Summerhill, Rigby's angel. Amy had never been much of a dog person, that is, until the day that she met Rigby. Amy fell in love with this precious girl, and chose to adopt her. She wanted Rigby to know what it is to be loved and cherished, as she had obviously not known before. Amy is the principal at Lakeside Presbyterian Dayschool, and Rigby is her assistant. Rigby spends a lot of time at the school, and with the children. Rigby now lives the life of a princess, as you can clearly see! This beautiful girl recently celebrated her 1'st birthday. For her party, parents of the students brought dogfood as presents, as they were told that Rigby would like to donate to the many babies who are homeless and waiting patiently to be adopted. You see, this sweet girl knows how it feels to be on the unwanted list. She wants to do her part to help her fellow brothers and sisters here at the shelter while they wait, hopefully, to be adopted and loved the way she is by her wonderful mom. We think that Rigby and Amy are some kind of special. Actually, we know that they are. They are bright stars on our roster. Amy, thank you so very much for seeing the potential in Rigby, for knowing that she deserved so much more, and for seeing to it that she gets it. You are truly an angel. Rigby, we love that you thought of the shelter babies on your special day! You are such a beautiful girl, and we surely understand the pride your mom has in you. You are a princess so worthy of that love and pride. Thank you so much for thinking of our special babies on your special day. We hope that you had the best birthday that a girl can have!

Kudos -- Cowboy

07/28/13 -- Yeah baby!! Our wonderful, incredible, awesome, volunteer extraordinaire, Cowboy, is at it again!!!! You know, we have to wonder, what did we ever do without this man??? Every time we turn around, he is working on something, sometimes things we had not even realized yet that we needed. Cowboy, you are a huge blessing to us, and to our precious babies. We are so grateful for you!

Kudos -- Mayberry

07/17/13 -- Big kudos to little Kelsie Mayberry for selflessly choosing to donate to the shelter babies on her 5'th birthday! Yep, Kelsie didn't want presents for herself, only donations for the animals. What a kind and loving thing to do, sweet girl! We, and the animals, thank you so very much! We also hope that you had an awesome 5'th birthday!

Kudos -- Birthday kids

07/14/13 -- We are always so humbled by the children that step up for our babies. There's a lot of great parenting going on in this world that sometimes seems so lacking. These children are completely selfless. When they could be all about themselves, they are more concerned for the shelter babies. We are more appreciative than we can say. Kids like these give us the fuel we need to keep pushing on. In photo on the left, is Mathers (far right). For her 10'th birthday, she requested donations for the babies. In photo on the right, are Cole and Jay (in uniforms). For their 7'th birthday, they, too, requested donations for our babies. Mathers, Cole and Jay, we hope you all had a fantastic birthday! We thank you so much, and the animals thank you so much! You are AWESOME children!!

Kudos -- Sam's Club

07/07/13 -- CARA would like to thank the Walmart Foundation and, specifically, Sam's Club #8271 on Ridgewood Court Drive in Jackson, for awarding CARA a $1000 grant to help us care for our babies. Please join us in thanking Sam’s Club for their generosity toward homeless animals!

Kudos -- Revell Hardware

06/24/13 -- Kari Thomas, an employee of Revell Hardware in Clinton, Ms., brought cat and dog food to the shelter today. Revell Hardware, thank you so much for your support and kindness towards our babies! We thank you, and they thank you!

Kudos -- Neshoba Folks

06/20/13 -- We would like to send out our gratitude to a very special group of folks in Neshoba County for their generous donation of much needed fans for our babies. Francine Andrews and Pam Springer organized, through their Facebook pages, one being Neshoba's Homeless Animals, the requests and donations. We sincerely thank Pam and Francine, along with Stan Smith, Frances Sciple, Marcy Roberts, Debra Stribling, Lisa Jones and Dave Hollub!! Your compassion for our babies is amazing! Thank you all so much!

Kudos -- Skylea Pople

06/11/13 -- Skylea Pope used money she received for her 13th birthday to buy cat food, cat litter and supplies. What a thoughtful gift for our fur babies! Happy birthday, Skylea, and thank you for your kindness to animals.

Kudos -- Great Scott Putting on the Dog

06/08/13 -- Thank you to Great Scott, Manship Wood Fired Kitchen, Julep, Campbell's Bakery, Inky the Clown, Corvett Club, Arts and Crafts vendors, everyone who donated to the silent auction and everyone who came today for making Putting On The Dog a great event for CARA.

Kudos -- Libby Story

05/25/13 -- Many thanks to Libby Story in the Renaissance for featuring CARA dogs during May and for hosting Saturday's Meet and Greet. Both the dogs and the volunteers had a wonderful time.

Kudos -- Ann Somer & Mark Westbrook

05/825/13 -- More progress at Bree's Bark Park! Have y'all noticed the sidewalks are going up? Many thanks to Ann Somers and Mark Westbrook for their leadership during the construction phase.

Kudos -- UMC Pet a Pup Day

05/21/13 -- Thanks to Dean Jerry Clark at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for organizing “Pet a Pup Day” to help students de-stress during exams. The CARA pups thoroughly enjoyed their outing on this beautiful day. Fox (pictured below) got plenty of attention!

Kudos -- Woody Spencer

05/20/13 -- For his Eagle Scout project, Woody Spencer decided to build 4 benches for Bree's Bark Park! Woody is pictured below with Ann Somers, CARA Board member who designed the dog park. Thank you, Woody, for helping us continue to build Jackson's first off-leash dog park. Your benches will be enjoyed by dog lovers for many years to come.

Kudos -- Jeep Assoc. and Joe Usry

05/17/13 -- CARA would like to thank the Central MS Jeep Association and Joe Usry Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep for sponsoring “Go Topless” Day last Saturday. Two truck bed loads of dog food were donated to CARA during this event! Pictured below are (left to right): Chris Limes, Michael Cullen with Fox, John Ward (Club President) with Possum, Mike Laird, Jack Welch (CARA Board Chairman), and Benjamin Davenport.

Kudos -- Murphy USA Gas Stations

05/14/13 -- We were recently visited by Lynn Givvin, district manager of Murphy USA Gas Stations, and managers. They came to the shelter to volunteer time and efforts. Not only did they volunteer valuable time, they also surprised us with a new lawnmower! How awesome is that?? Lynn Givvin and crew, thank you guys so much for donating your time to help out here at the shelter, and thank you so much for the lawnmower! It was needed, and we are so grateful to you all!!! Please come and visit with us again sometime!

Happy Tails -- U.S.S. Haise

05/11/13 -- The local Star Trek fan club, U.S.S. Haise, brought a generous load of donations to CARA today. We think these fans are out of this world! Thanks so much from all of us at CARA.

Kudos -- Sta-Home

05/10/13 -- Gina Truelock of Sta-Home delivered a truck full of food and supplies from employees to CARA today. Denise Cantrell, Vice Chair, attended the Sta-Home banquet yesterday on behalf of CARA. Thank you, Sta-Home, for your generosity to our animals!

State Farm Contest

05/05/13 -- State Farm agents Tonia McKenzie (left) and Jane Klinck (right) presented a check for $25,000 to Board members Jack Welch and Laura Lillard at Bree's Bark Park today. CARA is very grateful to the State Farm Youth Advisory Board and to everyone who voted for us last month in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist.

Madison Ridgeland Honor Society

5/04/13 -- For the month of April's service project, the Madison Ridgeland Academy National Honor Society chose to collect items for CARA. What an incredible group of students! As you can see, they collected tons of stuff for the shelter! We were just in awe at the many donations. Included in the group and in the photo is our very own Hope Henry. Hope is TK'S Adopt-A-Leash mom. I'm not sure who appreciates Hope the most, TK or us, though if he could speak the human language, I'm just sure he would say that he does! MRA National Honor Society, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are one awesome group of students, and we are ever so grateful to you, as are all of the shelter babies!

JA Junior Class

4/29/13 -- Today is "Jackson Academy Junior Class Day" at CARA! The service project chosen by the Juniors was a workday at Bree's Bark Park. These industrious young people cleared the back third of the dog park of limbs, pine cones and other debris that could potentially harm the dogs. They also presented CARA with $1000 they raised themselves to pay CARA's operating expenses for today. Thank you so much, Juniors. Y'all rock!

Kudos -- Girl Scout Browie Troop #7621

04/28/13 -- Recently, we were visited by Girl Scout Brownie Troop #7621 from East Rankin. They were working on an animal badge. Folks, this visit was incredibly fantastic! We had a discussion about the shelter, and the many aspects of running a shelter of our size. We discussed many things, and then the girls took a tour of the shelter, ending with another discussion of what all they had learned during their visit. There are no words to tell you how awesome the time spent with these girls was. I have got to give major kudos to the parents of each of these girls. They were so interested in learning about what we do, and so unbelievably well behaved. I wouldn't trade anything for their visit with us. To know that they are our future is such a blessing. It gives us great hope for the future. And on top of everything else, they brought us donations. We are so grateful for their choosing CARA to visit to work on this badge. I truly hope to see these precious girls again, as it was a highlight of my weekend. Troop #7621, every one of you girls ROCK!!! As do your parents and your troop leader. I hope to get the chance to visit with you girls again in the future.

Kudos -- Girl Scout Troop 5589

04/18/13 -- Thumbs up to Girl Scout Troop 5589. They collected all kinds of supplies and goodies for our fur babies at CARA. We at CARA think that all of these girls rock!!

Kudos -- Kannon

04/17/13 -- Given that the children are our future, I'd say things are looking pretty good lately! Beautiful Kannon Cowart celebrated her 5'th birthday, and as you can see in the photo, our shelter babies benefited greatly from her birthday! The most amazing thing about these birthdays lately is the young ages that some of these children are. It is just incredible that at their ages, they feel the need to so unselfishly and wholeheartedly give of themselves the way they do. All I can say is that these children have the most awesome parents. Parents who teach the importance of giving and helping those in need. Our faith in humanity is restored every time we meet one of these little angels. It really gives us much hope for the future. Kannon, we hope you had super fabulous birthday! Thank you so much, sweetheart, for thinking of the animals in such a huge way.

Happy Tails -- Tripp

04/16/13 -- These precious children with their compassionate hearts are so amazing! Tripp Mooney recently celebrated his 6'th birthday, and he was more concerned with helping our sweet babies than he was with getting things for himself. These selfless children are just incredible. We live in such a material and selfish world, and seeing these precious children exhibit this compassion and love for the animals is just remarkable. And so very heartwarming. It brings a big smile on our hearts and on our faces. We are so grateful to the wonderful parents who teach their children these virtues, as we know it all starts at home. Tripp, we sure do hope you had a fantastic birthday!! You sure made our shelter babies happy!

Happy Tails -- Natalie

04/16/13 -- One of our sweet CARA supporters, Natalie Pace, had a birthday party for her cat, Blackie. Blackie was all in favor of letting all the guest bring food and money for our sweet fur babies at CARA. She delivered all the goodies today. Miss Lorna, one of our great long time volunteers, was very excited to see all the goodies that were collected. You rock Natalie and Blackie!

Kudos -- Zach

3/25/13 -- What a terrific young man Zach Smith is!! For his 5th birthday, his wish was for donations for CARA's babies. He is shown here with his sister Dory. Thank you so much Zach for thinking of these babies on your special day.

Happy Tails -- Amy's Hallmark

03/19/13 --  The Renaissance Colony in Ridgeland celebrated their 5th anniversary.  To celebrate Amy's Hallmark is currently doing a donation drive to benefit CARA.  Supporters can bring a bag of dog food or cat litter and receive 20% off their total purchase.  This offer is exteneded through March 23.  We appreciate these types of events so much!  Thank you Amy's Hallmark!

Kudos -- David Fonchee

03/18/13 -- Do y'all like CARA's new facelift? Thanks to our wonderful volunteer, David Fonchee, CARA's entrance has a new look. We appreciate all you do for our fur babies, David!

Kudos -- Ginny

02/28/13 -- Ginny celebrated her 11'th birthday recently, and instead of thinking of herself, all she thought about was the CARA shelter babies! She asked for monetary donations from all of her friends and family to help with the support of our babies. Ginny, young people like yourself renew our faith in humanity and give us hope for the future. We can't thank you enough for your support and consideration for the sweet animals we have at CARA. What a huge heart you have!!! Many thanks to your wonderful parents, also, for instilling in your beautiful heart the love and passion for God's creatures. We thank you, and all of our babies thank you!

Kudos -- CARA Employees

02/25/13 -- Give a round of applause to the CARA shelter employees for a job well done in the rescue of these 5 puppies dumped out in the road into traffic down from the shelter. These folks always, without fail, come together in the most incredible way when a situation presents itself, and they do whatever they have to in their quest to handle business. And they do it so well. Though it was heartbreaking to see those innocent babies thrown away, and then chase, in traffic, the very truck that dumped them, it was heartwarming to see everyone pull together to catch and get those babies to safety.  To the incredible CARA employees, nobody does it better.

Kudos -- Gary Wagley

02/24/13 -- On behalf of our CARA Board of Directors, and our CARA family, we would like to pay tribute to the memory of the very special man in this photo, Mr. Gary Wagley. He was a wonderful friend and devoted supporter to our organization, who shared in our passion for God's small creatures. We know that he was presented with a golden pair of wings, as he was the definition of a true angel during his life here on earth.Please continue to keep watch over us, as we continue to strive to meet our mission and goals.

Kudos -- Ms.Snider's Class McWillie

02/20/13 -- From all of us at CARA, THANK YOU to Ms. Snider and the students of McWillie Elementary School for all the donations you recently collected! We are so encouraged to see how many young people truly care for homeless animals.

Kudos -- Emily and Anna

02/16/13 -- Need another example of how bright our future is looking with some of the children of the younger generation? Just check out these two sweethearts! Emily Williamson and Anna James recently celebrated their 14'th birthdays together. Instead of presents, they asked for donations for our shelter babies. Wow, just how incredible is this? You know, I say it every time, and I just can't say it enough. This is a direct result of great parenting. Kids like these have been taught what's really important in life. Things like compassion, giving of oneself, speaking for those who can't, the list just goes on and on. Hats off to all parents who instill these qualities in their children. Girls, we were so happy to meet you both today, and your dads. We are so thankful for all you did for our sweet babies, and the babies, well, they thank you the most. Happy 14'th Birthday, Emily and Anna!

Kudos -- Tantalizing Tan Brandon, MS

02/15/13 -- Tantalizing Tan in Brandon held a raffle and took up donations for CARA.  From Emily at TT "CARA raffle went great!!! Thanks for everyone who donated!!! Also, thanks to CARA's own Rick Terry for coming to pick up the donations!!  I'm so happy to announce that we have a winner and that person is Laura Morgan!! Congrats Laura!!I'm so blessed to have such great customers that love fur babies as much as me I can't imagine a better birthday than this!!!! I hope everyone has a great day and thanks to all who participated in this great cause!!!

Kudos -- Charles Jenkins

02/11/13 -- Once again, Charles Jenkins has created a lovely pet drawing for CARA to offer as a fundraiser. Prints are being offered at the shelter for a minimum $50 donation. Come get yours today! Thank you so much, Charles, for your love and support of the CARA fur babies.

Kudos -- SADD Club Clinton High School

02/11/13 --  CARA would like to thank the students in the SADD Club at Clinton High School. Hank Beasley, adviser of the club, delivered food that they had collected for our sweet fur babies. Mr. Beasley and his family are former CARA adopters. They adopted Barney, a Bichon, from us. We at CARA think the SADD Club at Clinton High is "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- B-day

02/09/13 -- There aren't many things that warm the heart as much as seeing children who feel so much love and compassion for the animals. After all, they are our future. As is the case with these three precious children. The two younger siblings (names not posted at Mom's request) followed the lead of their big brother, who has in the past asked for donations for the animals in lieu of birthday gifts. It is always amazing to me that in a day and time such as this there are so many children who would rather see the animals receive the gifts instead of themselves. With what we do and what we see at CARA, we sometimes begin to feel as though humanity is slipping too far in the wrong direction. Precious children who have such a strong passion and desire to help, putting the animals before themselves, gives us a renewed faith in humanity. There are some wonderful parents out there, and to all of them we are so grateful.

Kudos -- Rhy Hemphil

02/08/13 -- Thumbs and Paws up to Rhy Hemphil. In lieu of gifts for his birthday, he asked all of the party goers to bring a donation for CARA. Thanks to you Rhy and to everyone who attended your party.

Kudos -- Abbi Mims

01/28/13 -- Abbi Mims requested for her 7'th birthday that her friends not buy her presents, but instead make a donation to the shelter babies at CARA. We were all floored by the donations she brought in last Saturday! This little girl's heart is absolutely beautiful. No doubt, she is part of the next generation of animal lovers and protectors. Abbi, we can't begin to thank you enough for your generosity, nor your parents for the incredible job they have done in raising you. You are our future, and when looked at in that light, it is very bright. Thank you, sweetheart!

Kudos -- Covenant Youth Group

01/26/13 -- HUGE THANKS to the awesome Youth Group at Covenant Presbyterian Church for this amazing CARLOAD FULL of donations to CARA!!! We delivered it to them Saturday evening, and they were beyond thrilled and thankful for you guys!

Kudos -- Romney McLeod

01/25/13 -- For her 8th birthday, Romney McLeod ask her guest to bring donations for all the sweet fur babies at CARA. We at CARA think that Romney is "PAW"TASTIC. Pictured with Romney is her cousin, Eliza Burnham.

Kudos -- Beta Sigma Phi

01/22/13 -- Jane Lyon and Dorris Campbell, of the Xi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, brought donations that their chapter gathered for our precious fur babies. We at CARA think you ladies are "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- Cayden Wells

01/21/13 -- In lieu of gifts for Cayden Well's birthday he collected donations for the sweet fur babies at CARA. This was in memory of their sweet lab, Summer, that went over the Rainbow Bridge 3 weeks ago. He is hoping that this will help with the healing process and help CARA take care of all the sweet fur babies while they wait on their 'fur"ever home with lots of love and forever memories.

Kudos -- Rug Place

1/09/13 -- CARA would like to thank the Rug Place on Lakeland Drive for ongoing support to our furbabies. In addition to matching all donations left at the store (up to $50/person), they also donate rugs which provide cozy napping spots for the cats.

Kudos -- David Fonchee

1/06/13 -- Our beloved friend and supporter, David Fonchee, is at it again! This time, he is making wooden beds for many of our dogs. We received so many wonderful dog beds for our babies during the Christmas holidays, and we have been trying to figure out the best way to use these beds without them being chewed up or getting messed up on the concrete. Well, once again, David took it upon himself to find the solution! Yesterday he made and brought to us three wooden bed frames. He made them to fit the sizes of the the beds. They are beautiful, each one with a different style headboard! This guy just never ceases to amaze us. Also amazing, is the fact that I was able to talk him into letting me make his picture with two of them, as he is not real big on taking credit for the awesome things he does for us. David, you are the definition of an earth angel. We could never thank you enough for all of the incredible things you do for our shelter babies. We are really blessed to have you as a member of our CARA famly.

Kudos -- Justin Mayfield

1/05/13 -- Justin Mayfield, student at Northwest Rankin High School, spent today with us getting in some volunteer hours. This is not Justin's first time to get his hours from CARA. We really enjoyed having him today. He is an incredible young man. In this photo, he is taking Franklin out for a walk and exercise. Thanks for all of your help today, Justin!

Kudos -- Lauren Brown

12/30/12 -- Since November, Lauren Brown has been putting up flyers asking for donations for the animals. Her neighbors, family, and friends generously donated food and supplies. Thank you Lauren for being so kind and thoughtful. 

Kudos -- Alyssa Cranford

12/24/12 -- Alyssa Claire Cranford asked for donations for the animals for Christmas. Today she dropped off her donations of dog and cat food along with cat litter. Pictured with Alyssa Claire is her Pop. Thank you, Alyssa Claire for having such a big heart and thinking of the animals.

Kudos -- Mayrant and Wilkie Gonwa

12/24/12 -- Meet Wilkie and Mayrant Gonwa. These young ladies dropped off cleaning supplies for the shelter. Your donation will be put to good use. Thank you so much, Wilkie and Mayrant, for thinking of CARA.


Kudos -- Sherry Walker Lacey

12/23/12 -- Sherry Walker Lacey came by the shelter yesterday and brought many goodies for the cats, and we are so grateful to her! Folks, we are just overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from our friends and supporters!

Kudos -- Pittman Family

12/21/12 -- Ashley and Crymes Pittman, and children, surprised us today with a huge stack of dog food! They decided this year that instead of buying presents for their friends, they would instead buy bags of dog food to donate to the shelter babies. They then sent cards to their friends letting them know that they had donated a bag of dog food to CARA in lieu of giving presents this year. How awesome is that? We are just being humbled day after day this year with the goodness and love people are sharing with our babies. We are so very blessed to have such an incredible support system. Thank you so much to the Pittman family, and to so many others who have brightened the holidays for our precious animals.


12/20/12 -- These four awesome ladies are angels to our employess at CARA.  Not only did they bring us a fabulous meal but also Christmas gifts specific to the needs of our employee's and their families.  Alisa, Emily, Julia and Angie, I really wish that there were adequate words to express our gratitude and the gratitude of our employees. When I tell you ladies that you made Christmas for these folks, I sincerely mean that. With all of our hearts, and with everything inside us, we thank you. Because of you ladies, many parents can rest easy now in the knowledge that their children will have a great Christmas.

Kudos -- New Stage Theatre

12/17/12 -- On behalf of the Board, staff, volunteers and fur babies of CARA, THANK YOU to New Stage Theatre for the generous donations. We very much appreciate New Stage's support of CARA and Rascal.

Gray Daniels Adopt a Pet

12/17/12 -- CARA would like to send a BIG thank you to Gray Daniels Toyota in Brandon for hosting a food drive/adoption event for CARA last Saturday. Heather Fain of Gray Daniels is pictured with Denise Cantrell of CARA.  As you can see, the truck was loaded with goodies for our fur babies!

Kudos -- Jeff and Tommy

12/16/12 -- We, at CARA, are so touched by the many friends and supporters that have performed so many acts of kindness this holiday season to help us to help the many shelter babies. Last night, Jeff Johnson and Tommy Clark hosted a wine party, calling it the Bottles and Barks. Today, they visited the shelter, bringing with them the many donations that they received at last night's party. We were completely overwhelmed! What a huge donation of food, blankets and dollars! Hope you guys enjoyed your party as much as our babies will enjoy the benefits from it! You both are incredibly awesome, and we sincerely thank you. You guys are angels in disguise.

Kudos -- Brenda Carson

12/16/12 -  Special thank you to Brenda Carson and Doodle Bug for their wonderful donation of dog/cat food and blankets.  We couldn't do what we do if we didn't have great people like Brenda Carson supporting us! 

Kudos -- Carol Ann Fortenberry

12/16/12 -- Carol Ann Fortenberry, of Girl Scout Troop # 5825, made a very special delivery to the shelter. This was their community service project for Christmas. We are so grateful to these fine young ladies for thinking of our babies in such a special way! Unfortunately, by the time I made it to the front with my camera, most of what they brought had already been taken back. Thank you so much, Troop #5825!!

Kudos -- Taylor Hawks

12/14/12 -- All of the folks and fur babies at CARA think that Taylor Hawks is fantastic. Instead of asking people for birthday presents, she asked them to bring donations to all the sweet fur babies at CARA.

Kudos -- Environthon Team at Raleigh High School

12/14/12 --  Thumbs and paws up to the Envirothon Team at Raleigh High School. They worked hard to raise $200.00 for all of the sweet fur babies at CARA. All of us at CARA think the Raleigh High School Envirothon Team is "PAW"TASTIC.

Happy Tails -- National Property Managers Association

12/14/12 -- We at CARA think the folks at National Property Managers Association are "PAW"TASTIC. Reed McAtee and Steve Tucker came by the center today to drop off the generous donations from all the great people at NPMA.

Kudos -- Magnolia Speech School

12/14/12 --  Thumbs and paws up to the boys in Miss Tammy King's room at the Magnolia Speech School. They came by CARA today to drop of donations they had collected and to tour our facility.

Kudos -- Outback Steakhouse

12/08/12 -- CARA would like to give a big THANK YOU to Steve Grantham, owner of Outback Steakhouse in Jackson. Steve presented a generous donation to Denise Cantrell, CARA Spokesperson, for the Outback Giveback Week (Nov. 5-9, 2012). Next time you are at Outback Steakhouse, please thank them for being so kind to CARA!

Kudos -- Riley

12/07/12 -- Thumbs and Paws up to Riley Parham. On her fifth birthday she decided to tell all of her friends to bring donations to CARA instead of a present to her. She came to the shelter today to deliver all of the donations.


12/07/12 -- We were thrilled to be the recipients of a surprise visit from Cyrus and Isaiah (both CARA alumni) last Sunday! The boys came for a visit with their human siblings, Anna, Ashley and Daulton, and of course, Mom & Dad! Not only did they come for a visit with us, but they came bearing blankets and toys that the human kids made for the CARA dogs and cats!  We are so thankful to this family for ALL they do for our babies!

Kudos -- Girl Scout Troop 5520

11/30/12 -- Thank you Girl Scout Troop 5520 for picking CARA as the beneficiary of your next fundraising event.  We appreciate your support!

Kudos -- Bertha Gordon

11/25/12 -- This one of CARA's greatest angels, delivering supplies for the precious babies. I would say that it looks like Christmas has come early, but this angel helps out tremendously all year long. We couldn't fit all the things she brought in one picture! Bertha Gordon, you such a great blessing to us and the babies, and we love you so much for all you do.

Kudos -- Heather Perry

11/23/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Heather Perry. She came by the shelter today to bring our sweet fur babies some christmas presents. She brought them a buggy full of dog food, cat food and litter.

Kudos -- Allie

11/20/12 -- Allie Milner had a birthday today. The birthday girl and her friends rolled up to CARA in a limo. They came to deliver donationa of pet supplies and money. We at CARA think that Allie and her friends are "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- Fat Cake Guy in Flowood

11/19/12 -- Many thanks to the Fat Cake Guy in Flowood for donating this delicious red velvet custom cake for the Cattery Re-dedication Saturday. It was purr-fect!

Kudos -- Shirlene and Charlie

11/17/12 -- Shirlene Gill and Charlie (formerly Pork Chop at CARA) stopped by to deliver a lovely Christmas gift to our fur babies. Sharon Sowell is shown accepting the gift in the photo below. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Kudos -- Eliza and Mary

11/13/12 -- How is this for a passion for the animals? These girls, Eliza Black and Mary Reagan Barnett, St. Andrews students, sold lemonade from their lemonade stand all summer and brought all proceeds in to CARA to donate to the animals!!!! And let me tell you, it was a chunk of money!! These girls are very special, and we, and the animals, are so grateful to them. Another animal loving generation in the making.

Kudos -- Bravo Charity Month

11/06/12 -- CARA would like to thank Broad Street, Sal and Mookie's and Bravo for honoring CARA as the Charity of the Month in October! Board members Jack Welch and Laura Lillard are shown accepting the checks from Liz Lancaster (far right).

Kudos -- Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile

11/05/12 -- CARA would like to thank Oscar Mayer and Hollywood Feed for making this fun event possible. Kids of all ages enjoyed seeing the Weinermobile.

Kudos -- MS Dept of Rehabilitation Services

11/01/12 -- The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services selected CARA to be their charity of choice to increase awareness of animals in need around the state. They stopped by the center today to present us with a monetary donation and much needed supplies. CARA would like to thank all of you at Mississippi Dept. of Rehabilitation Services for your generous gift. Pictured is Cameron Stubbs, Lorin Oliver, and Wes Tabor.

Kudos -- The Bike Crossing

10/27/12 -- CARA would like to THANK the Bike Crossing, the Bikes 4 Barks Planning Committee, sponsors, and participants for an amazing charity cycling benefit, Bikes 4 Barks! After expenses CARA was given a check for over $8000.00. Thank you to everyone that helped with this ride.  Most of the dogs that came to visit the day of the ride have been adopted. When you are looking to get a pet please think of these rescued animals that need a home so badly. Next year we will be bigger and better. 

Kudos -- Rachel

10/13/12 -- CARA would like to give a big thank you to Rachel for asking for donations for the animals instead of gifts for her 8th birthday. Pictured with Rachel is Roscoe, CARA alumni. Her family adopted him last year. Thank you Rachel for thinking of the animals. Happy Birthday!

Kudos -- Tim at Micro-Printing

10/09/12 -- Many thanks to Tim at Micro-Printing and Blueprint in Jackson! Two laminated boards have been donated to help CARA promote Bree's Bark Park. We so much appreciate all the local support for our fur babies.

Kudos -- St. Lukes

10/05/12 --  Thanks to the folks at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Fondren for inviting CARA to their annual Blessing of the Pets.

Kudos -- St. Andrews Students

10/05/12 -- Kudos to Rev. LaFon and the students of St. Andrews for blessing Micah and Caleb during their Blessing of the Pets ceremonies this week. Thanks.

Kudos -- Claire

10/05/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Claire Conn. Instead of Claire's friends bringing her gifts for her birthday, she asked them to bring a donation to CARA. We also got to visit with our former CARA fur baby, Roger, who the Conn family adopted.

Kudos -- Pure Barre

10/03/12 -- Pure Barre in Highland Village raised $362 for CARA during their recent Pure Give event. Many thanks to Elizabeth Busching (pictured) and Heide Hograte with Pure Barre and to everyone who participated in Pure Give. We appreciate what you do for our fur babies!

Kudos -- Stone Stogner

10/01/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Stone Stogner. Instead of asking his friends to bring a gift for his birthday he asked them to bring money so he could donate it to the animals at CARA. Today, he came by the center to present all $225.00 of it!! It was so sweet for him to think of all of the animals instead of himself. We at CARA think that Stone is "PAW"TASTIC!

Kudos -- David Fonchee

9/29/12 -- Thank you to David Fonchee our awesome supporter for generously donating his time and materials to build a beautiful deck with benches and flowers for the entrance to the shelter. We love it and it's so inviting. Thank you David.

Kudos -- American Title

9/29/12 -- CARA would like to thank Bruce Cohen, Mike Bonfiglio, and Bill Russell with American Title for generously donating an AC unit for the sick cat room in the cattery. We greatly appreciate your kindness and support.

Happy Tails -- Holy Savior Catholic Church of Vicksburg

9/27/12 -- CARA thinks that Holy Savior Catholic Church of Vicksburg is "PAW"TASTIC. They graciously donated some much needed supplies to the shelter.

Kudos -- Kara Rose

9/17/12 -- All of the fur babies and staff would like to thank Kara Rose Taylor for all of the donations that she brought to the shelter. For her birthday, she asked all of her friends to bring a donation to CARA instead of a gift for her. All of us at CARA think that Kara Rose is "PAW"TASTIC! Pictured is Kara Rose on the right and her sister, Maci, on the left.

Event -- Rollin Thru THE PARK

9/15/12 -- On behalf of everyone with 2 and 4 legs at CARA, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Clarke Meredith, Jeff Huffmaster, all the folks at Express Audio, and all the sponsors, participants and attendees of the Rollin' Thru the Park car, truck and bike show in Pearl. Clarke is shown with Jack Welch and Denise Cantrell of CARA presenting the CARA trophy at the end of the event.

Horney Toad Rescue Event

9/13/12 -- CARA would like to thank Buffalo Peak Outfitters and Horny Toad for hosting this lovely benefit for CARA. Special thanks also to Fondren Cellars, Crazy Cat Bakers, Bravo, Merrell, Patagonia and everyone else who made this event possible. Almost 1000 pounds of dog food and cat litter were collected. There was even a marriage proposal at this event!" Thanks.

Kudos -- Yogn Frut

9/03/12 -- Yogn Frut Frozen Yogurt on Hwy. 80 East in Clinton graciously donated 6 pints and 14 quarts of yummy frozen yogurt to the employees at CARA. It was so nice to have something cold on a hot day at work. Thanks again Yogn Frut.

Kudos -- Jay Long of Heroes and Dreams

8/30/12 -- Thumbs and Paws up to Jay Long of Heroes and Dreams and his sweet fur baby, Buster. For his birthday, Buster asked everyone attending to bring supplies for CARA. All of us at CARA think Jay and Buster are "PAW"TASTIC.  Pictured is CARA'S one and only Jack Welch, who volunteered to make the delivery of all the wonderful gifts.

Kudos -- H & P Leasing INC

8/28/12 -- All of us at CARA would like to give a thumbs and paws up to H & P Leasing, Inc. for donating a storage unit for all the food that was collected at the Dog Days of Summer event.

Kudos -- Gannett Foundation

8/27/12 -- CARA would like to thank the Gannett Foundation for a grant award of $2500 toward the construction of Bree's Bark Park, an off-leash dog park that will be built on CARA property. CARA Spokesperson, Denise Cantrell (far right), accepts the award on behalf of CARA.

Gigi Carter and Bree

8/25/12 -- Gigi and Kevin Carter donate $15K to CARA for a first class, off leash dog park next to the shelter on CARA property.  The Park will be named Bree's Bark Park after former CARA pup, Bree, who the Carter's adopted last year.  Click here to keep up with our new project!

Kudos -- Aimee

8/19/12 -- CARA would like to thank Aimee Herd for her donation from making and selling bracelets for the furbabies. What a thoughtful and kind young lady. Pictured with Aimee is Cristy Bullock, CARA board member. Two paws up for Aimee!!

Kudos -- David Fonchee

8/11/12 -- CARA would like to thank David Fonchee for volunteering his time and generously donating the materials for the wonderful enclosure for the AC unit on the cattery. And today is his birthday!! David adopted our special needs cat, Emma, a few months ago. The finishing touches will be done in a few days.

Kudos -- Outback Steakhouse

8/07/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Steve Grantham and Melvin Wade of Outback Steak house. They are two of CARA'S generous supporters. Pictured is Melvin Wade delivering us some much needed dog food for our sweet fur babies.

Kudos -- Nancy Hawk

8/05/12 -- CARA volunteer, Nancy Hawks, celebrates a milestone birthday Monday. Instead of receiving gifts from her loved ones, Nancy has asked for donations to CARA instead. Thank you, Nancy, from your two-legged and four-legged friends at CARA! And happy, happy birthday!

Kudos -- Resevoir Wine and Spirits

8/04/12 --Lauren (left) with Delta and Katy with Jo-Jo enjoyed the adoption event at Reservoir Wine & Spirits, a CARA drop-off location in Ridgeland. Let's show our drop off-locations how much we appreciate them by supporting them! Thank you Reservoir Wine & Spirits!

Kudos -- Clinton United Methodist

8/03/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Clinton United Methodist Church for their generous donation of dog and cat food, toys and money. All of our fur babies and staff think you guys are "PAW"TASTIC !

Kudos -- CARA volunteers

8/03/12 -- Thanks for helping out at Cara. Great job! Volunteers: Jaylen Taylor, Nyah White, and Lauren White. Thanks to you all.

Kudos -- Alex

7/29/12 -- Alix Ebner requested donations for CARA instead of presents for her 10'th birthday. Along with her brother, Baker, & her friend, Kallen, they came by the shelter on Saturday to present her birthday donations!!!! Thank you, Alix, for showing such generosity towards our precious babies!

Kudos -- Ross & Yerger

7/24/12 -- Scott Bingham with Ross & Yerger presents Susanne with a donation check for the CARA fur babies. Thank you from all of us at CARA!

Kudos -- Maggie Meeks

7/22/12 -- Maggie Meeks recently made a birthday donation to CARA. From all of us at CARA, including our fur babies, we thank you!

Kudos -- Sam's Club

7/20/12 -- CARA would like to thank the Walmart Foundation and, specifically Sam's Club #8271 on Ridgewood Court Drive in Jackson, for awarding CARA a $1000 grant to help us care for our babies. Please shop at businesses which support CARA, like Sam's Club!

Kudos -- Whitney Rigdon

7/18/12 -- Whitney Rigdon, one of CARA's volunteers, spent two hours working with McAllister. In no time, he was obeying her commands. Thumbs and paws up to Whitney for being such a good and patient teacher.

Kudos -- Mayrant and Wilkie Gonwa
7/17/12 -- All of us at CARA say thumbs and paws up to Mayrant and Wilkie Gonwa for bringing pur fur babies some nice fluffy beds and lots of wonderful dog toys. We all think the Gonwa family is "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- Sam of Williams Sonoma

7/14/12 -- Special thanks to Sam of Williams Sonoma for bringing the dogs homemade treats! Williams Sonoma offered cooking classes for dog treats today at Renaissance shopping center, Christmas in July event.

Kudos -- Jeremy from Amy's Hallmark Renaissance

7/14/12 -- Kudos to Jeremy, Manager of Amy's Hallmark, and the Renaissance shopping center for inviting CARA to Christmas in July.

Kudos -- Pete and Eddie

7/14/12 -- Check out the new cat condos!! Thanks to the Chase Community Giving contest and our loyal supporters, we were able to purchase the condos. A special thank you to Pete and Eddie for their hard work putting the condos together today. As you can see in the pictures the cats are so comfy and love their new pads.

Kudos -- Drury and Nancy

7/12/12 -- Drury Stevens and his mom, Nancy, adopted Austin three years ago from CARA. Today is Austin's birthday. In honor of this sweet fur babies birthday, his family brought donations to the center. Thumbs and paws up to the Stevens' family.

Kudos -- Bandit's Family

7/11/12 -- Samantha, Trevor, and Kyle, whose family gave Bandit a "fur"ever home, have returned with a donation to the shelter.They made arts and crafts items and sold them to make money for all of our wonderful fur babies. All of our fur babies and staff think you guys are "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- Anna Claire

7/10/12 -- Paws and thumbs up to Anna Claire Middleton. She used her own money to buy food for the fur babies at CARA. All of our fur babies and staff say that Anna Claire is "PAW"TASTIC.

Kudos -- Whitney Rigdon

6/29/12 -- Thumbs and paws up to Whitney Rigdon. She made a Kool Aid Stand to raise money for all of our fur babies at CARA. She has also volunteered to come and help socialize some of our puppies. All of our fur babies and staff think that Whitney is "PAW"TASTIC!!

Kudos -- Ashley Fortenberry

6/23/12 -- For Ashley Fortenberry's birthday she asked for donations for the animals instead of gifts!! Pictured with Ashley are Codey Armstreet and Shannon Fortenberry. Thank you so much Ashley for being so thoughtful and Happy Birthday to You!

Kudos -- Wal-mart Clinton

6/19/12 --  Special thanks to the Wal Mart in Clinton for providing CARA with this opportunity.  Need a kid's or adult bike for the summer? For a minimum $50 donation ($30 for kid's bikes), CARA can fix you up. Stop by the shelter to get yours.

Kudos -- Fondren Muse

6/18/12 --  Mary Amelia McCree, owner of Fondren Muse, is preparing to open a high end consignment store that will donate a percentage of each sale to CARA.  Fondren Muse will open in its renovated location (3413 N. State St.) later this summer, probably by the end of July. Check out more on the web at www.FondrenMuse.com.  Thank you so much for making CARA a part of your store.

Kudos -- Russ

6/17/12 -- Many thanks to Russ (shown) and Karen for fostering precious Pandora and others. Don't you love her rhinestone collar?  We love our fosters!

Kudos -- Great Scott

6/10/12 -- CARA really appreciates everyone who came out to support us at Putting on the Dog. Special thanks to our presenter, Great Scott, and to Rooster's/Basil's, Campbell's Bakery, the MS Corvette Club, Mix 98.7 / Y101, the Stress Therapy Clinic, Tow Mater, Jackson Jumpers, Mountain Pure Water, the Jackson Fire Dept. and all the Silent Auction donors. Also, we couldn't have done it without the shelter staff and the CARA volunteers. We are humbled to have such overwhelming support in our community.

Kudos -- Home Depot

6/07/12 -- All the fur babies and people at CARA would like to give a paws and thumbs up to Angie Hickingbottom and all the people at the Home Depot District 93 for donating 6 industrial fans and four $25 gift cards. Now all of us fur babies will be able to stay cool during these hot Mississippi summers.

Kudos -- Fans

6/07/12 -- Special thanks to Dj and Nathan Clark, Clark Web Works, for providing a  industrial fan for the shelter. We now have enough fans to keep our fur babies cool this summer! New CARA volunteer Rick Terry is shown below bringing in the fan.

McAlister's Event

6/05/12 -- CARA would like to thank McAlister's in Maywood Mart and everyone who is coming out today to make donations for CARA in exchange for VIP meal vouchers. So far we have collected over 300 pounds of dog and cat food plus cash donations. The promotion continues until 9:00 p.m. tonight! Shown below are Walley Deer (far left) and Ricky Russell of McAlister's with Denise Cantrell, CARA Board member.

Kudos -- Pamela Brooks, Mike Allen, and all of the great people at MDOT

6/01/12 -- All of CARA'S fur babies and staff would like to thank Pamela Brooks, Mike Allen, and all of the great people at MDOT for the wonderful donations that they brought to CARA.

Kudos -- Central Jeep Event

5/26/12 -- The Central MS Jeep Association teamed up recently with Joe Usry Jeep to sponsor Go Topless Day, a fundraiser for CARA! Pictured below with donations are (left to right): Ben Davenport (Central MS Jeep), Noel Daniel and Lloyd Williams (Joe Usry Jeep), Jack Welch (CARA) and Billy Bieliauskas (Central MS Jeep). Thanks so much to both organizations for honoring CARA!

Kudos -- Community Trust

5/21/12 -- CARA would like to give a big THANK YOU to Community Trust for their generous donation of financial support, food and newspapers. It is greatly appreciated.

Kudos -- St. Richard Catholic School Girl Scout Troop 7538

5/18/12 -- Many Thanks to St. Richard Catholic School Girl Scout Troop 7538 for their generous donation of dog food, toys, treats, and money.

Kudos -- Morgan

5/12/12 -- Many heartful thanks to Morgan Keys for thinking of the animals at CARA on her birthday.

Kudos -- Sarah and Caroline

5/07/12 -- Meet sisters Sarah and Caroline. They know how hot it can get during the summer at the shelter and wanted to help so they donated a pool for the dogs to play in when they go out during the day. Thank you so much for thinking of the animals.

Kudos -- Jay Long

5/06/12 -- Thank you to Jay Long for inviting CARA to Heroes and Dreams Comics and Collectibles "May the Force Be With You" event. We had a great time and greatly appreciate your continued support.

Kudos -- Gigi and Lexi

5/06/12 -- Many, many thanks to Gigi and Lexi for their very generous food donation.

Kudos -- Isabella

5/01/12 -- Isabella Thompson is 10 years old; she raised $61.00 for CARA by selling pictures she drew. The picture shown is one of two pictures she made for CARA and she also donated the other pictures she had left. Thank you, Isabella, for your kindness to animals!

Kudos -- Amber

4/30/12 -- Amber Williamson, a senior at Florence High School, raised money for CARA by having a bake sale as her senior project. Thank you so much, Amber, for putting animals first! We know your future is bright and we wish you all the best.

Kudos -- Hayden and Gracie

4/28/12 -- Meet Hayden and Gracie Hooupt. For their birthdays they asked for food for the animals. What a thoughtful thing to do. Happy 6th birthday, Hayden and Happy 8th birthday Gracie. Thank you so much.

Kudos -- Lacy

4/24/12 -- This is Lacy. She asked for donations for the animals for her birthday. Thank you Lacy for being so thoughtful and Happy 11th Birthday to you.

Kudos -- Xenia

4/23/12 -- Meet Xenia. This thoughtful young lady used her birthday money to buy dog food for the animals. Celene gave her a big paws up. Thank you so much Xenia for thinking of the animals and Happy 9th Birthday!

Kudos -- MS Secretary of State

3/30/12 -- Susan Hall Anderson (second from right) and several of her co-workers brought donations to CARA on behalf of the employees of the Mississippi Secretary of State's office. Board member Lea Ann Craig (far left) accepts the donations on behalf of CARA. Many thanks to the kind and generous folks at the Secretary of State's Office!

Kudos -- Davis Aviation

3/26/12 --  Many thanks to the employees of Davis Aviation for the generous dog and cat food donations. Sonya, an employee and avid CARA supporter, is shown with the donations. Your support is much appreciated!  Check them out on the web at http://www.davisaviation.com

Kudos -- Molly

3/25/12 -- CARA would like to thank Molly for the donations she dropped off at the shelter today.  She asked for donations for the animals instead of gifts for her 10th birthday.  Way to go Molly.  Thank you for thinking of the animals.

Kudos -- Annaleigh

3/24/12 -- CARA would like to thank Annaleigh Palmer for her generous donation she made to the shelter.  She has been collected donations all year as her school project by selling bracelets she made.   Annaleigh is shown presenting the donation to Cristy Bullock, CARA board member. Thank you so much Annaleigh for thinking of the animals.  And we love the bracelets!!

Pure Barre Donation

3/21/12 -- CARA would like to thank Heide Hogrete of Pure Barre-Jackson
in Highland Village for the generous donation from her class. We enjoyed
bringing Mr. Rhubarb and Melissa for a visit! Heide is shown presenting the
donations to Denise Cantrell, a CARA Board member. Thanks, Heide!

Check out Pure-Barre on the web at http://purebarre.com/MS-jackson/index.html

Kudos -- Emily

3/21/12 -- Emily Hopson, a senior at Florence High School, made donations to CARA for her Senior Project. Emily is shown below presenting donations to Lynn Shaw, Kennel Manager. Thank you so much for thinking of CARA, Emily!

Kudos-- Donations by Medicomp Physical Therapy

3/14/12 -- Thank you Daniel Tackett, Lake Eiland, Nicole Ellis, and Tracey Morris of Medicomp Physical Therapy for the donation of shredded newspaper, scrubs, and dog food. You are our heroes of the day!

Kudos -- Brownie Scouts

3/13/12 -- Mayrant and Wilkie Gonwa, 2 wonderful Brownie Scouts, were thinking of CARA and brought some Girl Scout Cookies for the staff and toys for the dogs. Thank you so much, girls!

Ridgeland High School Paper Towel Drive

3/06/12 -- Ridgeland High School's National Honor Society conducted a paper towel drive to benefit CARA! Mrs. Leightly is the teacher and the students are Linh Nguyen-President; Tiree Wilson; Alexis Martin; Jimmy Swenson; Piero Bracamonte; Rodney Kipchumba; Lisa Ann Parr; Deonte Buckner; and Celeste Ballard. Thanks so much, y'all!!

Hull Portraits Fundraiser

2/24/12 -- CARA sincerely thanks Hull Portraits for sponsoring a fundraiser for us. The pet photos were amazing! Thanks!  Check out Hull Prortraits on the web at www.hullportraits.com.

Kudos -- Icing on the Cake

2/12/12 -- CARA would like to thank Lanita Banaka, Taylor Banaka and Jessica Elder of Icing on the Cake in Brandon for donating the delicious birthday cake for Francis' Celebration of Life event. Pictured below are Jessica and Taylor. Thank you from all of us at CARA!!  Check out Icing on the cake by visiting their web site www.icingonthecakems.com.

Kudos to All Seasons Events

1/25/12 -- Heather Covington of All Seasons Events stopped by the shelter today to present a check to CARA for Christmas tree sales. If y'all remember, All Seasons generously donated $1.00 to CARA for every tree sold. Thanks to everyone who bought a tree and special thanks to All Seasons for their generosity! Lynn accepted the check on behalf of CARA.

Meagan helps out regularly at CARA

1/22/12 -- Meet Meagan. She has been coming to the shelter and helping clean in the cattery and socializing with the cats. She and Pearl have become good friends. Thank you Meagan.

Anna Claire received donations for CARA instead of presents for her 12th birthday

1/15/12 -- For her 12th birthday, Anna Claire asked for donations for the animals. What a wonderful way to help the animals. Thank you so much Anna Claire and Happy Birthday to you.

Rachel donated money she had saved.

1/15/12 -- Rachel made a donation to the animals from money she had saved. She is pictured with CARA volunteer, Valerie. Thank you so much Rachel for thinking of the furbabies.

Ishan volunteers at CARA to help socialize and train Stanley

1/15/12 -- Meet Ishan. This young man is working with Stanley on basic commands and socializing him. As you can tell by the picture, they have become good friends. Thank you Ishan.

Mark Salter (tree climber) rescues cat on Christmas Eve

12/24/11 -- Once again our Cat Hero/tree climber extraodrinaire comes to the rescue. You might remember a few weeks ago Mark Salter rescued Tiger who had been high in a tree for days. Well, here it is Christmas Eve and we call Mark, who is at his mother's house. The response we got was, "Sure, I'll be right there!". And he was. Within 10 minutes of arriving, Mark had Pumpkin down the tree & safely in the arms of his owner, Beth.  Thank you, Mark!

The Rug Place -- CARA Angel Tree

12/22/11 -- Many thanks to Coleen, Sonya, and Keefee for hosting a Pet Angel Tree at The Rug Place. Your customers were so generous.  Find The Rug Place online Click Here.

Hollywood Feed -- CARA Angel Tree

12/22/11 -- Blythe, Brandon and Tiffany sponsored a Pet Angel Tree at Hollywood Feed. Thanks for all the wonderful presents from your customers.  Link to Hollywood Feed Online

Briarwood Pet Shop CARA Angel Tree

Brenda and Donna at the Briarwood Pet Shop hosted another Pet Angel Tree. Thanks for the donations from your customers.  Briarwood Pet Shop on Facebook

William Wallace Salon Cara Angel Tree

12/22/11 -- Thanks to Leigh, Lindsey and everyone at William Wallace Salon for sponsoring a Pet Angel Tree. CARA appreciates you.  William Wallace Salon on Facebook

MS Insurance Dept

12/18/2011 -- Donna Cromeans of the MS Insurance Department stopped by the shelter to make a holiday donation of food and supplies on behalf of Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney and Dept. Employees.  Thanks for thinking of CARA!

East Flora Elementary

12/18/2011 -- Special thanks to the 2nd and 3rd grade students at East Flora Elementary School for making pet beds, blankets and dog treats for our fur babies. Their teacher, Ashley Hinton, was awarded a competitive grant from the Junior Auxiliary of Madison County to finance the purchase of the materials. Ashley helped the students make the beds, blankets and even the dog treats (from a special recipe). The staff and the residents of CARA very much appreciate this gift of love!

Lanier High School

12/15/11 -- On behalf of Lanier High School, Betty Davis and 2 students present Shelter Director Janet Madden with a food donation. Thank you, Lanier High School students for thinking of CARA!

Magnolia Speech School

12/15/11 -- Many thanks to the Magnolia Speech School's 4H and Boy Scout students for bringing holiday donations to CARA.  We appreciate you!

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

12/14/11 -- The staff of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, under the leadership and in honor of Donna Morgan, Chief CRNA, presented a holiday donation to CARA today. We are so grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity to our fur babies! Donna Morgan and Ken Rainey are shown with CARA Assistant Shelter Director Hollie McClelland.


12/03/11-- CARA thanks Alisa Berry and all the folks at CasaBella who support CARA in so many ways. During the holiday season CasaBella hosted Pet Photos with Santa, offered dog and cat ornaments for donations to CARA, and collected food and blankets. THANK YOU from all of us at CARA!!  Check out their site at http://casabellainteriors.vpweb.com/

Central Holmes Christian School

11/30/11 -- Student Council Sponsor Melanie Davis brought 42 Student Council members from Central Holmes Christian School in Lexington to CARA today. The students brought pet food, supplies, cash, and laminated dog bone tags. What an impressive group of young people! Thanks so much for caring for our precious animals.

William Wallace Salon

11/15/11 -- Justin McPherson, co-owner of William Wallace Salon, is presenting CARA Board member Laura Lillard with a donation to CARA. For his 40th birthday Eddie Outlaw, salon co-owner, asked for donations to CARA instead of gifts. What a generous act!! Thanks to everyone at William Wallace Salon for your continued support of CARA.  Check out their page on Facebook.  William Wallace Salon on Facebook

Kudos to Abigail Pittman for her donations

11/11/11 -- Abigail Pittman celebrated her 11th birthday on 11/11/11.
Instead of asking for presents for herself, she collected dog food and cash for CARA.
What a thoughtful and generous act! Thank you so much from all of us at CARA.

Bezaleel and Arthur Bezaleel and Arthur

10/22/11 -- Meet 12 year old Bezaleel. He has been coming every weekend and working with Arthur. So far he has taught him to sit and stay. This socialization is invaluable for the animals. Thank you Bezaleel for taking the time in making such a big difference in Arthur's life.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Bezaleel's loving work with Arthur, he was adopted last week, 10/27/11!
From Arthur's new mom, Elizabeth: "Last week I adopted Arthur and took him home! I've renamed him Bear. After a few hours, Bear was accepted by the other dogs in my family. As you can see from the picture, he has gotten very good at sitting (especially when I have a treat in my hand). He can also shake and lay down. I am now going to move onto new tricks since he has learned that one so fast. I want to say thank you for the new little guy in my life. I would not have Lee Roy (adopted in June 2007) or Bear in my life if it wasn't for CARA."

Thank you, Elizabeth and Bezaleel, for giving Arthur a new life!

Kudos to Samantha for her donations.

10/17/11 -- Meet 12 year old Samantha. Over the past months, Samantha would take her allowance and put half in a savings account and the other half buy food for the animals. She recently completed her reading list from school and her dad asked what she wanted for her reward...you guessed it, food for the animals. What a remarkable young lady. Thank you, Samantha from all your four legged friends at the shelter.

Richland School Students

Richland School Students

10/13/11 -- Students in Ms. Monroe's class at Richland Upper Elem. sponsored Pennies for Pets at their school. Pennies raised were donated to CARA (Community Animal Rescue & Adoption). Mrs. Burns class raised the most pennies by pounds receiving a pizza party, and second place was Mrs. Kilgore's class receiving an ice cream party. A $510.00 check was presented to Mrs. Janet Madden, shelter manager at CARA. Pictured Ms. Monroe's class presenting check to Mrs. Madden and Mrs. Burns' class is also pictured with Mrs. Madden.